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What To Do If You Lost Universal Studios Annual Pass?

If you’ve lost your Universal Studios Annual Pass, you can replace it by visiting any ticket booth at the Universal Studios Theme Park you got it from.

Just bring valid photo ID to confirm your identity and be prepared to pay a $10 replacement fee.

This replacement method applies to both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando.

Unfortunately, even though it is more convenient, you cannot replace your Annual Pass online.

Now that you’ve misplaced your pass, you may have some questions about its validity, worth, or other terms and conditions that apply. 

The following article answers some common questions about the Universal Studios Annual Pass for both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando. 

Hopefully, it’ll cover all the details you need.

Can I Get a Refund for My Universal Studios Annual Pass?

Universal Studios describes their theme park passes as non-transferable and non-refundable. No one can have fun at your expense once you lose your pass, but you aren’t entitled to a refund.

Can I Pause My Universal Studios Annual Pass Subscription?

You can’t pause your Universal Studios Annual Pass Subscription. If you lose your pass, you might choose to cancel it, but it’s better to replace it if you’re a regular at the park.

Should I Upgrade My Universal Studios Annual Pass?

You might ask yourself if the perks are worth it now that you’ve lost your pass.

If you’re a frequent park visitor and looking for more benefits, you can simply upgrade to a better pass instead of replacing it.

It’s worth pointing out that upgrading is more economical if you have around a month left on your current pass. 

Otherwise, it’s better to replace it at its current level and wait until your subscription is renewed to upgrade.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your Annual Pass:

1. Food Discounts

Cars parked outside of Mel's Drive-in in Universal Studios Orlando Florida

It’s no secret that food at theme parks can be pretty expensive, so this perk can come in handy if you’re a regular guest at either Universal Studios location.

Discounts do not apply to alcoholic beverages, gratuities, or applicable taxes. 

Universal Studios Orlando:

If you hold a Seasonal or Power Annual Pass, you’re aware that there are no discounts on food and drinks at the in-park restaurants or Citywalk.

With the Preferred Annual Pass, you get a 10% discount at all Universal Orlando-owned and operated restaurants and carts and select food and beverage locations at CityWalk. 

The Premier Annual Pass gives you a 15% food discount at select CityWalk shops and restaurants and all Universal Orlando-owned and operated restaurants and carts.

Universal Studios Hollywood:

The California Neighbor Pass and the Silver Annual Pass at Universal Hollywood don’t offer discounts on their in-park restaurants; however, all Pass Members receive up to 15% off at select CityWalk shops and restaurants.

If you’re a Gold or Platinum Annual Pass Holder, you receive a 15% discount on in-park food and beverages.

2. Merchandise Discounts

Depending on how big a fan you are of select Universal movies, this benefit may or may not apply to you.

For most people, the primary reason for visiting any Universal Studios theme park is to experience their favorite movie moments in real life. 

If so, you’re likely to walk away with a keepsake or souvenir.

At Universal Orlando, the Preferred and Premier Passes are, once again, the only passes that offer merch discounts: 10% off with a Preferred Pass and 15% off with a Premier Pass.

These Pass Holders also receive the option to purchase exclusive merchandise.

With the Gold and Platinum passes at Universal Hollywood, you receive a 15% discount on selected merchandise, but some restrictions apply.  

3. Hotel Room Discounts

If you prefer staying on-site during your visit to Universal Studios Orlando, all four Annual Passes offer discounts at varying degrees on room rates.

Depending on availability, you can save up to 30% at Premier and Preferred hotels or up to 25% at the Prime Value and Value hotels, but restrictions apply. 

If the hotel room discounts are your primary reason for getting an Annual Pass, upgrading to a pricier one might not make much difference (unless you include the food discounts).

Unfortunately, there are no hotel room discounts for Annual Pass Holders at Universal Studios Hollywood.

4. Parking Discounts

Parking is one of the most important aspects when visiting any theme park by car.

Universal Studios Orlando:

Entrance gate of Universal Studios

With base parking costing around $25 at Universal Orlando (not to mention the distance from the parkade to the entrance and security), an Annual Pass upgrade can make a big difference.

Upgrading from a Seasonal Pass to a Power Annual Pass guarantees you 50% off regular daytime self-parking.

A Preferred Annual Pass offers free daytime self-parking, while the Premier Annual Pass offers free daytime self-parking and free Valet or Prime-level self-parking.

You may not need Valet Parking, but Prime-level parking puts you next to the entrance, shortening the time through security and getting you into the park quicker.

Universal Studios Hollywood:

With the Gold and Platinum Annual Passes, you receive Free General Parking before 6pm, but there are no additional benefits for Pass Holders (such as Valet Parking or Preferred Parking).

5. Additional Offers and Benefits

Both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood offer their Pass Holders tier-related perks and benefits.

Universal Studios Orlando:

There are no blockout dates on Park-To-Park Admission at Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure when upgrading to a Preferred or Premier Annual Pass. 

The Premier Annual Pass also allows Pass Holders Early Park Admission, though there are blockout dates with the Preferred Pass.

With the Premier Annual Pass, you’re offered a free Express Pass every day after 4 pm, allowing you to bypass lines and get to your favorite rides in no time.

It also gets you one Free Halloween Horror Nights ticket.

The Power Pass and above provide Pass Holders with admission to select Special Events and Concerts (e.g., Mardi Gras).

All four Annual Passes offer discounts on select Theme Park and Special Events Tickets. 

Note: When upgrading to the Preferred Pass, it’s easier to make up the $50 or $100 difference from the lower tiers with the bigger discounts offered. 

However, with the Premier Annual Pass, you’ll have to determine whether its more significant price difference is worth it.

Universal Studios Hollywood:

At Universal Studios Hollywood, the number of days you have available to visit the park depends on the tier of your Annual Pass.

There are no blackout dates for the First Visit at any Pass level, but blackout dates apply for all tiers except for Platinum Pass Holders for return visits.

Platinum Pass holders receive Universal Express access after 3pm, and a free Halloween Horror Nights ticket (but restrictions apply).

All four tiers receive Invitations to Special Events, discounts on General Admission for Friends and Family, Sweepstakes Opportunities, and discounted Halloween Horror Nights tickets.

Upgrading from Silver to Gold could be beneficial just for the discounted parking if you’re a frequent park visitor. 

Going for Platinum will get you the most perks – you’ll just have to decide if you use the park enough to warrant the extra cost. 

Should I Renew My Universal Studios Annual Pass?

Person holding a Universal Studios ticket with the park as background

It depends.

If you had a great time during your visits and feel like the perks of an Annual Pass are worth it, you can choose to replace your pass and renew it if the billing period is almost over.

You shouldn’t renew your Annual Pass if you haven’t enjoyed your experience and feel like upgrading the pass won’t improve it.

If you’re on FlexPay, you don’t have to think about it, as renewal takes place automatically.

If you’ve paid for your Annual Pass in full and want to purchase a pass for next year, both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood offer current pass holders a discount on their renewals.

I Want To Cancel My Universal Studios Annual Pass

If you’ve paid for your Annual Pass in full, passes are non-refundable or transferable, meaning there isn’t an option to cancel your pass. 

If you’ve purchased your Annual Pass with FlexPay, you agreed to a contract stating you cannot cancel during the first 12-months. 

To cancel your FlexPay Annual Pass at both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood after the first year, log in to your FlexPay portal and disable the auto-renewal option (within year 1) or select the cancellation option (year 2 or later).

You can also contact Universal Orlando through email at [email protected] or send mail to:

Universal Orlando Resort

ATTN: Annual Pass/FlexPay Dept.

1000 Universal Studios Plaza Orlando, Florida 32819

Allow up to 15 days for the cancellation to be complete once you send your notice.

To cancel your FlexPay Annual Pass at Universal Hollywood, you can also call them at 1-866-254-8275 for assistance.


If you lost your Universal Studios Annual Pass, replacing it shouldn’t be a hassle if you’ve got a photo ID and $10.

Losing your pass may have brought up a few questions, but hopefully, you now know what options you have to enhance your experience at Universal Studios.