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RUMOR: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Will Close Permanently in 2025

Rumors are circulating that Universal Orlando Resort might be closing the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit rollercoaster by 2025. Located at Universal Studios Florida, this attraction, known for its age and waning popularity, could be nearing its final run. A significant indicator supporting these rumors is the recent reduction in the coaster’s music selection.

Originally, the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit allowed guests to pick from over 30 songs, enhancing their ride experience with personal music choices. However, as of September 2023, the selection has dramatically decreased to just five songs, one from each genre:

  • Classic Rock / Metal: “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance
  • Rap / Hip-Hop: “HUMBLE.” by Kendrick Lamar
  • Club / Electronica: “Sandstorm” by Darude
  • Pop / Disco: “Waterloo” by ABBA
  • Country: “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” by Shania Twain

Although the secret song list remains accessible, the reduced official selection has left many guests disappointed, hinting at possible plans for the ride’s discontinuation.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, which debuted in 2009, is now over 15 years old. Typically, roller coasters are designed to last 15-20 years before requiring significant refurbishments like complete re-tracking. The past few years have seen Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit plagued with operational downtime due to weather conditions and technical issues, leading to frequent closures and high maintenance costs.

Further challenges include complaints about the ride’s roughness, with some guests describing their experience as “one and done.” Notably, there have been lawsuits filed against Universal Orlando by guests claiming injuries from the ride.

The coaster occupies a unique space in the park, which has seen recent changes including the introduction of Minion Land. This has shifted the thematic location of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit from Production Central to the New York section of the park—a mismatch given its Hollywood-themed name.

With the opening of Epic Universe in 2025, Universal Orlando may seize the opportunity to refresh its attraction lineup. This timing aligns with the potential closure of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, providing space for new developments.

While the closure of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit remains speculative, the convergence of guest feedback, legal issues, and operational challenges suggests that its days might be numbered. As Universal Orlando prepares for future expansions, the fate of this rollercoaster will be a topic of interest among park enthusiasts and visitors alike.