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How to Cancel Universal Orlando Annual Pass?

A Universal Orlando Annual Pass is a great way to experience the parks, but sometimes, guests cannot take advantage of the benefits enough to justify the cost.

Unfortunately, guests cannot cancel a Universal Orlando Annual Pass before its expiration date. An Annual Pass is valid for one year after the initial visit and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Additionally, passholders using FlexPay are automatically renewed at the end of one year and must cancel their Annual Passes in writing.

This article will explain the cancellation process for Universal Orlando Annual Passes, the rules for Annual Passholders, and how to know when an Annual Pass expires.

Can I Cancel My Universal Orlando Annual Pass?

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Unfortunately, Annual Passholders cannot cancel their Universal Orlando Annual Pass before it expires, regardless of whether they pay in full or opt for FlexPay monthly payments.

Universal Orlando Annual Passes are valid for one year after the first use and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Those who wish to cancel their Annual Pass early should contact Universal Orlando’s Guest Services for further information.

Although passholders cannot cancel their Annual Passes within the first year of membership, Guest Services will be more than happy to address their concerns.

How Do I Cancel My Universal Orlando Annual Pass?

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Universal Orlando Annual Passes either expire 12 months after the first visit or are automatically renewed, depending on how they are paid for.

Universal Orlando Annual Passes Paid With FlexPay

Universal Orlando Annual Passes paid with FlexPay are automatically renewed 12 months from the date of purchase.

At that time, the amount paid each month readjusts to one-twelfth of the Annual Pass price.

To cancel the automatic FlexPay renewal, send a renewal cancelation letter to Universal Orlando either by email at [email protected] or by mail:

Universal Orlando Resort

ATTN: Annual Pass/FlexPay Dept.

1000 Universal Studios Plaza Orlando, Florida 32819

Cancelation notices should be submitted at least 30 days before the next annual billing cycle begins and can take up to 15 days to process.

We recommend submitting cancellation letters at least six weeks before the pass automatically renews to avoid unwanted credit card charges.

That said, passholders who wish to cancel their passes can do so whenever they’d like, including immediately after purchase.

The pass will be valid for 12 months, but the monthly payments will stop once Universal processes the cancelation request.

If guests have any further questions or concerns, they can call the Universal Orlando Annual Pass Department at 1-888-5-FLEXPAY (1-888-5-3539729).

Universal Orlando Annual Passes Paid In Full

Universal Annual Passes paid in full do not automatically renew.

Once activated, the pass expires after 12 months unless it’s renewed.

Guests who decide to renew and pay in full again will receive 20% off the current retail price and may want to consider upgrading their passes to take full advantage of this discount.

Can I Remove People From My Universal Orlando Annual Pass?

When signing a Universal Orlando Annual Pass contract, guests can use only one credit card to complete the transaction.

Once an Annual Pass has been purchased, guests cannot remove anyone included in the contract.

Once the initial 12-month contract ends, Annual Passholders can update it and make changes.

How Do I Know When My Universal Orlando Annual Pass Expires?

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Universal Orlando provides several ways to determine when an Annual Pass expires.

To find out when your Universal Orlando Annual Pass expires, you can:

The easiest way to check Universal Orlando expiration dates is to look at the Annual Pass – it should have the expiration date on it.

If it does not, guests can use the Annual Pass to access their account through Universal Orlando Pass Lookup and look up their information online.

To use Universal Orlando Pass Lookup, type in the Visual ID or Passholder ID and Last Name from the back of the Annual Pass.

While visiting Universal Orlando, passholders can stop by the Universal Orlando Annual Passholder Lounge and talk to a concierge about their account.

The UOAP Passholder Lounge can be found in Studio Styles on Hollywood Boulevard at Universal Studios Florida.

Another way to find the expiration date is to call Guest Services directly, as they can access account information and answer any questions.

Passholders calling Guest Services must be able to provide basic information about the account to receive information over the phone.

Guests can also find their expiration date in the confirmation email they received after purchasing their Annual Passes.

Should I Renew My Universal Orlando Annual Pass?

People purchase Annual Passes to Universal Orlando, expecting to take advantage of all the cool perks that come with it.

However, unexpected events happen in life which can change future vacation plans.

The most important thing to remember about Universal Orlando Annual Passes is they’re good for one year after the first visit and do not expire until they’ve been used once.

Additionally, Annual Passes pay for themselves after 3-5 visits (depending on the pass), and for many parkgoers, that covers one trip to Universal Orlando.

Guests planning to visit the theme parks once a year for more than three days definitely benefit from the perks of an Annual Pass and should consider renewing them.


Buying a Universal Orlando Annual Pass is an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy the theme parks multiple times a year.

Occasionally, however, Annual Passholders cannot use their passes to their full advantage and want to know their options.

Unfortunately, guests cannot cancel their Annual Passes during the initial 12-month contract, and Annual Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Passholders using FlexPay can cancel their monthly payments in writing after their twelve-month contract by contacting Universal Orlando via e-mail or by mail.

Annual Passes paid in full do not automatically renew and expire 12 months after the first visit.