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Can You Renew Universal Studios Annual Pass?

A Universal Studios annual pass allows access to the park multiple times in a year at a heavily discounted price.

If you’re a frequent visitor to the park you’re probably wondering if you can renew it. We’ve checked out Universal’s policy and found the answer for you. 

An annual pass for Universal Studios can be renewed the same month it expires by visiting the park website, calling the park customer service number, or visiting the box office inside the park. Passes that were purchased with FlexPay will automatically renew before they expire. 

An annual pass is good for exactly one year from the date you first use it.

If your pass has expired or if the expiration date is near, you will want to renew your pass so you can continue to access the park and enjoy all the pass perks.

If you plan to visit a Universal Studios park more than once, you can save money by purchasing a new annual pass or by renewing your existing pass.

How Do You Renew A Universal Studios Annual Pass?

A Universal Studios annual pass can be renewed in one of four ways. 

You can visit the Universal Studios website for the park of your choice and navigate to the annual pass renewal section. 

You can log in to your account and use your current pass information to renew your pass in just a few minutes. 

You can also visit the park’s box office and renew your pass in person. Another option is to call the park’s customer service number and renew your pass over the phone.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew A Universal Studios Annual Pass?

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The cost to renew a Universal Studios annual pass depends on the type of pass you have and whether or not you plan to upgrade to a different type of pass

Every park has different annual pass levels available for different prices. 

The renewal price is the same as the original pass price, but if you pay in full, you may receive a discount. 

You can find the annual pass renewal prices for Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Japan, and Universal Studios Orlando on each park’s website.

What Perks Come With A Universal Studios Annual Pass Renewal?

When you renew your Universal Studios annual pass, you get the same perks that were available with the original pass, as well as many extra perks that may be available for the upcoming season. 

Special discounts, free parking, and invitations to special park events are just a few of the perks you can expect with an annual pass. 

Some parks also add on extra months to the pass term or offer a discounted rate for renewing.

What Are The Payment Options For A Universal Studios Annual Pass Renewal?

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When you renew your Universal Studios annual pass, you have the option to pay for it in full with a debit or credit card online and over the phone. 

If paying at a park, you can use cash or a credit or debit card. The cost of the pass can be split up into monthly payments using the FlexPay option.

If you purchased the original Universal Studios annual pass with FlexPay, it will automatically renew each year when it expires. 

If you do not want the pass to renew, you will have to contact FlexPay in writing to cancel the pass before it renews.

How Often Do You Need To Renew An Annual Pass?

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Your annual pass needs to be renewed the same month it expires. 

A pass is good for one year from the date you first use it. It will expire at the beginning of the next month of the following year. 

If you used FlexPay to pay for your original annual pass, it will renew automatically, and you will not have to do it yourself.

Will My Universal Studios Annual Pass Renew Automatically?

Your Universal Studios annual pass does not automatically renew unless you have purchased the pass on FlexPay. 

If purchased with FlexPay, a pass will continue to renew year after year. 

You will have to request to cancel the renewal by contacting Pass Holder services in writing. It can take up to 15 days from the date the notice is received to cancel the pass. 

If you do not cancel the pass, it will continue to charge the card on file each month until the card expires or written notice of cancellation is received. 

If you make the payment for the pass in full, it will not automatically renew, and you will need to renew the pass online, over the phone, or by visiting a park.


Renewing your Universal Studios Annual Pass ensures you get to continue enjoying all your pass benefits. An annual pass needs to be renewed each year. 

You can renew your pass online, at one of the parks, or over the phone. If you use FlexPay, your pass will automatically renew.