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How Can You Upgrade Universal Studios Pass?

Visiting an amazing theme park like Universal Studios can be both thrilling and stressful if you’re trying to figure out how to upgrade your pass and don’t know how to do it.

If you happen to have children with you who are eager to get to the next attraction, the stress level can be even higher. 

Luckily, upgrading your pass is an easy fix. When you visit Universal Studios Park, you can easily upgrade your pass to the next level by visiting the park’s Box Office and choosing the upgrade you prefer. 

Not all passes are eligible for upgrades, and each type of pass has its own perks and advantages. The park’s Box Office will have all the answers you need. 

How Can I Upgrade My Universal Studios Pass At The Park?

Universal Studios gate with people lining up at the ticket booths

Upgrading your Universal Studios pass at the Box Office in the park is an easy task. You will need to have your account information and a copy of your current pass card. 

Not all Universal Studios passes can be upgraded. Passes that have been paid in full may be upgraded to a higher level. Passes that are being paid for with Flex Pay are not eligible for an upgrade. 

If you’re using a Flex Pay payment plan and wish to upgrade, you will need to pay off the complete balance of the pass before you can upgrade to a new pass. 

You can upgrade as many times or to as many levels as you choose, but you will need to pay the difference in the price of the passes each time you choose to upgrade. 

How Can I Find Out If I Can Upgrade?

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The easiest way to upgrade a Universal Studios Pass is to visit the website and navigate to the Annual Pass page. On this page, you will find a list of all the different types of passes and some of the perks that are included with each type of pass. 

Simply click on the type of pass you wish to purchase and find out if the benefits are worth the extra costs. 

If you decide that you do want to upgrade, proceed to a Universal Studios park and let a staff member in the Box Office know which pass you want to upgrade to.

What Are The Different Types Of Universal Studios Passes?

There are four different types of Universal Studios, depending on which park you visit. Universal Studios Hollywood offers your choice of a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or California Neighbor Pass. 

Universal Studios Orlando offers your choice of a Premier Annual Pass, Preferred Annual Pass, Power Annual Pass, and the Seasonal Pass. Each pass has its own perks. 


The Platinum Pass costs $479 and is the highest-ranking pass for this park. It has no blackout dates and includes the Universal Express Pass. 

It also includes an entry to Halloween Horror Nights and free parking. The Platinum Pass includes everything the Gold pass includes.


The Gold Pass costs $259 and does include blackout dates. It includes free parking and 15% off various shops, restaurants, and experiences in the parks. 

Other perks include special family and friends pricing, invitations to special events, and sweepstakes entries.


The Silver Pass is $184 and includes access to the park, invitations to special events, and discounts on friend and family tickets. There are many blackout dates with this pass. 

California Neighbor

This pass is only available to California residents and is priced at $149. It includes everything the Silver Pass includes, but it is available at a discounted price for those living in California.


Exterior of the Mythos Restaurant in the Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios Orlando

The Premier Annual Pass gives you access to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida, and there are no blackout dates. 

You can also choose to add an additional park to this pass if you want access to the water park. This pass includes access to special events inside the parks and the best discounts for many of the shops and restaurants at the parks and the City Walk. 

The pass is good from January 1 through December 31 of the same year. The Premier Annual Pass costs $624.99 for the two-park option and $814.99 if you plan to visit three parks. 


The Preferred Annual Pass gives you access to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida, and there are no blackout dates. 

It offers many of the same perks as the Premier pass as well as discounted parking options when available. These discounts and offers are slightly less valuable, though. 

With the Preferred pass, your annual date starts the first time you use it and not on any specific date. The cost of the Preferred Annual Pass is $449.99 for the two-park option and $559.99 for three parks.


The Power Annual Pass offers some of the same benefits as the Preferred Annual Pass but with much less value. There are blackout dates, but this pass also provides access to special ticketed events such as the Halloween Haunt. 

The Power Annual Pass also provides 50% off the everyday parking rate. It extends better discounts at many of the restaurants, shops, and experiences in the park. The pass costs $399.99 for two parks and $509.99 for the three-park option.


Seasonal passes are available for two or three parks and include access to special events inside the park, aside from concerts. 

The pass offers admission to the pass holder lounge, special discounts, and hotel discounts. The Seasonal Pass costs $349.99 for two parks and $449.99 for three parks.

How Can I Renew My Universal Studios Pass?

If you already have a pass and just want to renew it every year, you can easily do so online or by visiting one of the Universal Studios park Box Offices. 

You can use the information from your current or previous pass to provide the information needed to renew your pass.

What Are The Payment Options For A Universal Studios Pass?

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When you choose to buy a pass from Universal Studios, you have the option to pay for it in full with cash, a debit card, or a credit card. 

If you don’t have the money to pay for the pass all at once, you can use the Flex Pay option, which allows you to make payments on the pass each month until it is paid off. Keep in mind that not all passes are eligible for Flex Pay.


Visiting Univeral Studios is a thrilling destination for visitors and thanks to the park’s policies, it’s easy to upgrade your pass during your stay by simply visiting the Box Office. 

There are a vast array of passes available to visitors of Universal Studios so there’s an option to fit every family and special situation.