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How To Link Old Magic Band to New Tickets?

Magic Bands are one of the most convenient things you can use at Disney World.

Once linked to your account, they allow guests to pay at registers in the resort, serve as digital tickets, and have other available perks.

Another great thing about them is you can always link new tickets to your account and use the same Magic Band across multiple vacations. 

To link new tickets to your Magic Band, log into your Disney account and verify that the band is still active and linked to your account. If it is, any tickets you purchase and link to your account will automatically be linked to that Magic Band.

Linking an Old Magic Band

Pink Disney Magic Band on a white table

To link new reservations or tickets to a Magic Band you have lying around, you’ll first need to log into the My Disney Experience App or open a web browser and access your Disney account.

The next thing to do is make sure you’re Magic Band is active or add it to your account if it isn’t connected. 

To add a Magic Band to your account, go to the “MagicBand” tab in your account. 

Check to see if the band’s 12-digit code is listed on this page. If it isn’t go ahead and add it using the “+” on the page and enter the code on the Magic Band. 

All Magic Bands that are attached to your account will be listed on the “MagicBand” page in the My Disney Experience app. 

Search the page for the 12-digit code on the Magic Band you want to use and verify that it says “Active” above the code. 

If it says “Inactive” above the code, you can click on the button that says activate to bring it back online. 

If it says active above the band’s code, all of your new ticket purchases and reservations should automatically be linked to the Magic Band you wish to use. 

This is because all Magic Bands remain active in your My Disney Experience app and any tickets you link to your account should immediately be linked to all active Magic Bands. 

To link new tickets to your account, you’ll first need to go into the My Disney Experience app or open a web browser and log into your Disney account. 

Whether you’re online or in the app, you’ll need to visit the “My Reservations and Tickets” tab, then click on “Link Tickets.” 

From here you can enter the Will Call Confirmation number on your tickets or enter the ticket’s ID number. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Magic Bands, like tickets, can not be transferred to another person. 

This means that once it has been activated and linked to a Disney account, you’ll have to go through Disney’s IT department to un-link the Magic Band from your account.

Another person can not use your Magic Band. 

The touch-to-pay services, park tickets, and any other entitlements linked with your Disney account are only useable by the person’s account to which the Magic Band is linked. 

You can use Magic Bands across multiple vacations. They will always remain active in the account of the person who has linked them. 

There isn’t a limit on the number of Magic Bands that are allowed to be linked to an account. 

You can have one of every color and match the Magic Band you intend to use for the day with your outfit if you so choose. 

How Long Do MagicBands last?

The battery life of the Magic Bands is expected to last around two years.

Some will last longer while others will fail before reaching that milestone. 

The extended battery life of Magic Bands makes it possible to use them across multiple vacations. 

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Are Disney MagicBands Worth it?

Screenshot of the Disney MagicBand Website showing the benefits of getting a MagicBand

Magic Bands are one of the most convenient things to add to your Disney World trip. 

They hold all the data for your trip, including park tickets, dining reservations, and park reservations, and act as your room key for Disney Resort hotels. 

Since they’re linked with your Disney account, they can also be used to pay at registers. 

Linking a credit card to your Disney account also links it to your Magic Band. This can be turned off for specific bands or limits for spending can be set.

That feature comes in handy for any children using a Magic Band!

Magic Bands can be purchased in nearly any gift shop around Disney World and cost about $20. 

Magic Bands aren’t necessary for your trip. All of the features available with the Magic Band can be accessed by the My Disney Experience app. 

The bands are worth it if you want a cool, wearable souvenir. If the bands’ main goal isn’t to keep them, you’re probably better off just using the app on your smartphone for free. 

The price of the Magic Bands covers more than a day of Disney’s Genie +, which may be the better purchase. 

Most notably, this feature gives guests access to the Lightning Lanes that have replaced Fast Passes which means shorter lines for rides. 

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What is Replacing MagicBands?

Man in a hoodie showing his phone screen

While Disney did intend to phase out Magic Bands and replace them with their mobile app, Magic Bands are still available to purchase as of 2022. 

The Magic Band + goes on sale in the summer of 2022 for both Disney World and Disneyland, but the current Magic Bands will still be available. 

The Magic Band + comes with a Disney voice assistant and can interact with merchandise and places inside the park like the color-changing Mickey ears. 

Magic Bands are no longer complimentary for guests to Disney World and must be purchased. Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels and annual pass holders. 


Linking new tickets to an old Magic Band is incredibly easy. Make sure your Magic Band is linked to your Disney account and is “Active.” 

Then, any time you link new tickets to your Disney account, they will automatically be linked to all active Magic Bands on your account. 

Old Magic Bands can be used across multiple vacations, though their features are also available on the free Disney mobile app.