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TikToker Floored During Raptor Encounter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Character experiences are always exciting, but they’re even more thrilling when your meet and greet involves a prehistoric carnivore with sharp teeth. 

Thankfully, TikToker @timeless.spider takes one for the team to show us that these encounters are magical enough to have you floored — literally!

Up Close and Personal

Joel, aka @timeless.spider, is an avid science fiction and fantasy fan. In his bio, he addresses himself as a Whovian (a fan of the Doctor Who television series) and a Marvel and Star Wars “nerd.”

It’s no surprise we found @timeless.spider at Islands of Adventure’s Jurassic Park, a theme park inspired by the science fiction novel and movie franchise. 

Here, this brave influencer was kind enough to reveal an interactive experience with 3.3 million viewers, including his 23.7k followers. 

During a character encounter with Jurassic Park’s beloved raptor, Blue, @timeless.spider dodges several close calls between himself and the curious dinosaur. 

In the video, we watch as Blue is immediately intrigued by @timeless.spider. She attempts to nip, nuzzle and lunge her way closer to the TikToker, ultimately sending him tumbling to the ground. 

An Authentic Universal Experience

Blue’s chilling behavior and eerie roars aren’t the only elements that made this meeting so authentic. The comments quickly gave props to the Universal cast member supervising the event.

Her laughter, guidance, and shrieks of caution were so genuine it’s no wonder we witnessed Joel go through a rollercoaster of emotions. No need to hop on the VelociCoaster any time soon! 

That said, we agree with one viewer who mentions that this emotional turbulence created not only a magical moment but also the perfect photo op. 

The biggest takeaway from this clip is that Universal Studios certainly knows how to deliver the most cinematic and immersive experiences. 

Ultimately, @timeless.spider assures us in his caption that his meet and greet with a raptor “didn’t go well,” but we beg to differ!

Luckily, the Londoner escaped the encounter with both his ears (as @jurassicworld puts it in a top comment), a good laugh, and a viral video.