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TikToker Figured Out How to Bring Disney World Home

Disney magic is in the air, literally!

For many, Disney World is all about nostalgia, and a sense of smell is the most potent memory trigger. 

So, what better way to bask in Disney World memories than catching a whiff inspired by some of your favorite park attractions? 

Influencer Reveals Ultimate Disney World Souvenir

TikToker and esteemed Disney fan @thewessicaway reveals the ultimate tip that allows travelers to take some Disney World magic home.

The Disney influencer has collected approximately 202.8k likes on her content which focuses primarily on Disney World hacks, savings, and tips.

In a clip posted this past March, @thewessicaway takes viewers on a quick and colorful tour through Disney Springs’ Marketplace Co-Op featuring Bowes Signature Candles.


Get them at Disney Springs in the Co-Op. There’s always a rep from Bowes Signature Candles there to tell you which smell matches which hotel or ride. You can even make a custom candle as well. You can also order online at the Bowes signature Candles website. #bowessignaturecandles #disneyonabudget #disneytips #disneysouvenir #disneysecrets #disneyobsessed #disneylocal

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Here, the TikToker shows us that guests can choose from an array of attraction-inspired fragrances. 

These candles mimic scents like the Fiji smell from Soarin’, the burning smell from Pirates of the Caribbean, or the adored aroma from Flight of Passage.

If that weren’t enough, these nostalgic notes come in quaint packaging and are made from natural soy with eco-friendly wicks

In the caption, @thewessicaway dishes that Disney staff is always ready to share which candles represent which ride or hotel. She also mentions that viewers can create their own candles or order the signature scents online.

Making Magical Connections in The Comments

An outpour of excitement flooded the comment section as die-hard Disney World fans immediately recognized and praised the smells promoted in the clip.

Suddenly, TikTokers from all around the world had a space to share their personal experiences and which smells meant the most to them. 

On top of that, the creator and other well-versed Disney goers were able to answer questions posed by eager newbies. Some of these answers included which scents are available in-store and even alternative shops to try out.

All in all, like @thewessicaway, we believe that purchasing a candle from Bowes Signature Candles in Disney Springs makes for one of the most magical Disney World souvenirs. 

Not only do you get to bring a gift directly from Disney World home, but the gift itself lets the Disney atmosphere linger beyond the front gates. 

So, did you ever wish you could light a candle that smells like your childhood or a cherished memory? If so, consider this yet another wish that Walt Disney World can grant.