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Where is Will Call located at Magic Kingdom?

Even with all of the convenience apps and ways to purchase tickets to Disney World, some guests will still need to visit a Will Call booth to pick up their tickets. 

Finding the booth at Magic Kingdom can be confusing since you aren’t right at the entrance gate from the moment you get into the parking lot. 

The Will Call booth at Magic Kingdom is located directly next to the turnstiles at the entrance gate. Look on the right-hand side of the entrance as you go into the park. To get here, you’ll need to ride a boat or the monorail from the Ticket and Transportation Center. 

Getting to Will Call at Magic Kingdom

Sign of the Ticket Sales office and Will Call booth at Disney World

If you need to pick up physical tickets at the gate, make changes to your tickets, or need to visit a guest service booth at Disney World, Will Call is one of the best places to go. 

Getting there at Magic Kingdom can be confusing for many people, mostly because the park is separated from its parking lot. 

Whether you drive or get a ride to Magic Kingdom, you’ll end up at the Ticket and Transportation Center. The park is situated on the other side of the lagoon from this area. 

Guests can not walk or drive to the park entrance gates, a policy that is meant to help preserve the magic of the park. 

At the Ticket and Transportation Center, you’ll need to either get on the monorail or ride a ferry boat over to Magic Kingdom. 

Up a walkway and beyond more ticket booths, you’ll find the entrance to the park. 

Look to the right-hand side of the entrance gate turnstiles. There should be a will-call booth that also serves as their Guest Relations hub. 

For guests staying at any Disney Resort Hotel, Will Call is also available at the “Lobby Concierge” counter. You can pick up tickets or make changes before leaving your hotel. 

Will Call Booths are typically open from 9 AM to 9 PM Eastern Standard Time, however, Disney Guest services remain open from 7 AM to 11 PM.

How Do You Link Will Call Disney Tickets to My Disney Experience?

Screenshot of Disney World website showing the page to sign-in or register to the My Disney Experience app

Some people find out about the convenience apps Disney uses to better guests’ experiences after they’ve made their vacation plans

All Will Call tickets can be linked to the My Disney Experience App so you won’t need to bring the physical tickets to the park. 

Using either an online browser or the mobile app, you’ll want to log into your account to link tickets.

From a computer browser, find the “My Plans” tab. From here, hover over “Park Tickets” and then select “Link Tickets.” 

When requested, you can use either the Will Call confirmation number or the ticket ID number on the tickets to link your account with those tickets. 

From the mobile app, tap the three horizontal lines in the lower-left corner. 

Then tap the “Tickets and Passes” button, followed by the “+” to add tickets. Select “Link Tickets & Passes,” then use your Will Call confirmation number or ticket ID number to link the tickets. 

For either method, you’ll need to assign the ticket to a member of your party, but then you’re ready to head to the park. 

Once assigned, the tickets cannot be transferred to another person so be sure about their assignment before confirming this step. 

After that is done, you can use the application to make the necessary theme park reservations for each person in your travel group.

The application will guide you through the simple process to link tickets with your reservations. 

What is Disney Genie?

Disney Genie is a free planning application for your time at the parks, which also offers paid services that give guests plenty of perks. 

The free version of Disney Genie allows you to create personal itineraries, suggest attractions, and give tips to guests. 

The tips can vary from where to eat or how to save time waiting in lines. 

The app can also build an itinerary and map out your day for you. Simply use the “My Day” tab and put in all the things you want to do during the day. 

The app will make a schedule for you to make sure you hit everything on your checklist and will suggest other things you might enjoy. 

The app also serves as a map, guide for height restrictions on rides, and makes reservations at restaurants. It centralizes everything into one app. 

The paid version, Disney Genie +, coast $15 per day, per person. 

The major upside for the app is that it has replaced the old Fast Pass system at Disney World. 

Guess can now reserve time slots in Lightning Lanes for rides, skipping the normal queue and getting onto attractions faster. 

The app also features audio guides for rides, which can be a fun thing to listen to while you’re waiting in line. 

How early can I get into Magic Kingdom?

Sun peeking behind the castle at Magic Kingdom in Disney World Orlando

Magic Kingdom has a posted opening time of 9 AM, however, the park usually opens up Main Street USA to guests up to an hour before the scheduled opening. 

This is an ideal time to shop for items you might need throughout the day or get some photos before the park gets too crowded for the day. 

Getting to Magic Kingdom early enough also allows guests to see the park’s opening ceremonies, which is a small parade and celebration on Main Street that happens each day as the park opens. 

8 AM is the earliest you’ll be able to get into Magic Kingdom, but you still need to get over the park and through security. 

Arriving at the Ticket and Transportation Center around 7:00 AM or 7:30 AM should give you plenty of time to get into the park as early as possible. 


If you need to pick up Will Call tickets or visit a Guest Services booth at Magic Kingdom, you can find the booth on the right-hand side of the entrance gates just before entering the park. 

Guests staying at Disney Resort Hotels can also check at their “Lobby Concierge” counter to pick up tickets.