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Can You Buy Disney World Tickets at the Gate?

Before you can hop on your favorite rides and get autographs from all your favorite Disney characters, you have to get your tickets for the park. 

Disney is known to offer the best ticket deals on its website, but if you aren’t an online shopper, there are other options to get you into the park. 

You can buy Disney World tickets at the gate by visiting the park’s box office. This option is available for anyone who didn’t order tickets online, decided to visit at the last minute, or simply prefers to buy the tickets in person.

How Do You Buy Disney World Tickets At The Gate?

Entrance gate to the Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

Buying tickets at the gate is easy. 

The box office is located right outside the entrance to the park, so you just arrive as you normally would, purchase your tickets from a teller, and then head on inside. 

When you’re in the box office, let the Disney staff member know which type of tickets you want, and then have them ready to scan at the gate.

The Disney World box offices accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash. 

If you plan to buy a season pass or a Florida Resident ticket, you will be asked to show your ID when purchasing your pass or ticket. 

Is It Cheaper To Buy Disney World Tickets At The Gate?

Most of the time, it is not cheaper to buy Disney World tickets at the gate, and it’s often much more affordable to buy them online. 

Online ticket pricing can be up to 20% less than the gate price, depending on the time of year. 

Disney also runs special promotions and deals online, which may not be available when purchasing your tickets at the gate. 

Because it’s so convenient (and often cheaper) to buy your tickets online, there are very few reasons to purchase them at the gate.

Can You Buy Disney World Tickets Online?

Screenshot of Disney World website showing the page to purchase tickets

Yes, you can definitely buy your Disney World tickets online. 

It’s also highly recommended as online ticket prices can be much lower than the price at the gate. 

When you visit Disney’s website, you’ll see the many different ticket options (and many deals) to help you save money.

There are usually online promotions, specials, and even coupons you can use. 

Additionally, you can take advantage of military discounts, AAA discounts, and resident discounts when buying your tickets online.

Shopping for tickets online also gives you the time to compare different passes, perks, and prices to see which combination is the best fit for you.

Can You Buy Tickets Online And Pick Them Up At The Gate?

One of the most convenient things Disney offers is the option to pay for your tickets online and then pick them up at the gate

This way, you can take advantage of online pricing and special deals and pay for the tickets securely online. 

Once you arrive at the park, head to the box office – you’ll have to show your ID and the credit card used to buy the tickets to have your passes printed there.

Picking up prepaid tickets is a good option if you don’t have access to a printer or are afraid you might misplace tickets printed beforehand. 

Can You Buy Disney World Tickets Through The App?

Woman using her phone while holding a credit card

You can buy Disney World tickets using the Disney app. 

If you are planning a trip to Disney World, you may want to download the Disney app on your smartphone. 

It will give you plenty of information about the park including the wait times at various rides and attractions. 

You can also order your tickets online quickly and easily. 

If you’ve already been to Disney World and have the app, getting new tickets is a simple process. 

Also, when you buy your tickets through the app, you can link them to your Disney MagicBand. 

MagicBands are convenient because they’re a wristband you can use to enter the park. 

You won’t have to carry around your card or tickets, leaving you to enjoy the park stress-free.

Can You Buy Disney Tickets At A Disney Store?

No, you can’t buy your Disney World tickets at a Disney Store near you. 

However, you can purchase Disney gift cards at the store and use them to buy your Disney World tickets online. 

Gift cards are convenient if you don’t want to use a credit card for online ticket purchases. 

You can use cash to buy as many gift cards as you need and then use them to pay for your tickets online. 

Can You Buy Disney Annual Passes At The Gate?

If you plan to visit Disney World more than once in the same year, buying a Disney Annual Pass may be advantageous. 

Annual Passes can be purchased online or at the gate. 

There are different levels of passes, each with its own benefits and restrictions, so you’ll want to take your time to choose the right one. 

Like single admission tickets, it can be more affordable to buy your Annual Passes online.

Check out Disney’s website to see what promotions and deals are available for you.

What Discounts Are Available For Disney World Tickets At The Gate?

There are not as many discounts available at the gate as there are online, but some are available in both places. 

If you are a member of AAA, you can show your AAA card at the box office to benefit from this membership. 

Disney also offers deals for members of the military, but to receive this discount, you may be required to show your military ID. 

If you are curious about other discounts, you can always ask before purchasing your tickets. 

The offers and discounts available online are usually not available at the box office, but it never hurts to check before making your purchase.