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What To Wear To Disney World? (5 Things To Consider)

Guests visiting Disney World in Orlando, Florida, experience the magic in the subtropical climate of the Sunshine State.

Because Florida weather can be hot, humid, or rainy on any given day, some parkgoers need advice on what to wear for a day at the parks.

Guests should wear weather-appropriate comfortable clothing when visiting Disney World. Often this means good shoes for walking and lighter clothes like t-shirts and shorts. During the winter and spring, visitors might want to wear pants and bring long-sleeved items like jackets or sweaters for the cooler evenings. It rains quite a bit in the summer, so hot days might have periods of showers requiring raincoats or ponchos. 

Parkgoers also need to adhere to Disney’s dress code and should plan their outfits around their itinerary – they should consider the attractions they’ll visit, where they’ll be dining, and how long they’ll be at the theme parks.

This article helps make trip planning a little easier by explaining Disney’s policies and recommending the best things to wear when visiting Disney World.

Things To Consider When Deciding What to Wear to Disney World

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Between the variable Florida climate and the multiple things to do at Disney World, it’s not surprising that visitors are confused about how to dress for a day at the parks.

Luckily, both the season and guest itineraries can help parkgoers map out the perfect outfits for their trip to Disney World.

1) Weather and Seasons at Disney World

When it comes to Florida weather, expecting the unexpected is the name of the game, and guests should download a reliable weather app to know what’s coming.

Yes, summers in Orlando are usually hot and humid, and the winters are so mild that it’s a popular destination for snowbirds from all over the world. 

However, because the climate is somewhat unpredictable, it’s important to understand seasonal variability when deciding what to wear to Disney World.

Winter at Disney World

Winter in Florida typically stretches from December to February.

During these months, afternoons at Disney World can still be quite warm, averaging about 73ºF (23ºC), but the temperatures can drop to 53ºF (12ºC) in the mornings and evenings. 

For this reason, it’s best to wear layers of clothing that can be easily removed, such as t-shirts and comfortable pants with hoodies, sweaters, or jackets. 

These items can be lighter in early December and February and cozier in January when the weather is the coolest.

When packing for the parks, guests should bring items that fit into backpacks or can be tied around the waist.

Since there’s always the chance of hot days in the winter, throwing in a pair of shorts can also be a good idea.

Just note that bags cannot be larger than 24” long x 15” wide x 18” high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm). 

Sandals aren’t the best footwear in the winter months (except maybe in mid-late February), so visitors are usually more comfortable in socks and shoes such as sneakers, tennis shoes, or boots.

Spring in Disney World

March, April, and May are typically great months weather-wise for Disney World.

Orlando gets significantly warmer during these months, but it’s not as scorching hot as in the summer, with temperatures averaging 83ºF (28.5ºC) during the day.

Since March is still on the cooler side, guests are encouraged to bring long-sleeved items to layer with; however, all three months boast excellent weather for t-shirts, shorts, dresses, and bathing suits.

Guests should bear in mind that while tempting, walking around in a bathing suit at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom is not allowed. 

However, at the Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach water parks, wearing a bathing suit under clothes (or having it ready in a bag) is more than okay. 

It’s always recommended to wear suitable shoes for walking long distances, but in the spring, parkgoers can opt for lightweight footwear or supportive sandals (like Tevas or Birkenstocks).

Guests wearing shorts or dresses might want to bring pants or leggings along, just in case the evenings get cool.

Summer in Disney World

It’s no joke that Orlando summers are sizzling hot.

By June, Disney World can already reach highs of 91ºF (33ºC), and July and August can see temperatures of 94ºF (34ºC) and up.

For this reason, visitors should consider wearing hats, sunscreen, and light-colored clothing (because darker colors attract heat!)

It’s also not a bad idea to wear cotton or moisture-wicking fabrics, as it’s impossible not to sweat when walking around in the heat and humidity.

While comfortable walking shoes are always recommended, the summer weather might also call for good-quality sandals to roam around in.

Guests rarely need long sleeves or pants when visiting Disney World in the summer – this season is all about tanks, tees, and shorts. 

That said, the summer in Orlando is also the rainy season, which comes with the need for raincoats or ponchos.

Guests can purchase umbrellas and rain ponchos in the park, but it might be cheaper to bring one from home.

Fall in Disney World

The daytime weather in September and October tends to be similar to the early summer, requiring the same lightweight and rain-friendly attire.

Mornings and evenings in late October can be cooler, so bring thin hoodies, light jackets, or sweaters.

Additionally, for parkgoers under 14 – there’s good news! 

Kids get to ring in the spooky season with an appropriate Halloween costume.

November in Orlando brings layering back into the mix, so guests should plan for cooler mornings and evenings and warmer afternoon temperatures.

2) Itinerary

What guests plan to do at Disney World often affects what they wear.

Parkgoers should download the My Disney Experience App for more information on attractions and dining experiences and to arrange their itineraries.


If a group plans to hop on thrilling rides, loose clothing or accessories might not be the best option, as these items can get caught or blown off during the ride.

Guests wearing dresses or skirts should also wear a pair of shorts underneath to avoid any mishaps.

Rides like Kali River Rapids or Splash Mountain are fun and exciting, but they are also very wet, so visitors may want to consider wearing waterproof coats or ponchos – or clothes they don’t mind getting soaked in.

Dining Experiences

While most dining experiences at Disney World have a casual atmosphere, some fine dining restaurants may require a more upscale dress code.

Guests visiting these fine dining establishments might want to wear an outfit that is both comfortable and appropriate for the venue or pack a change of clothes.

Length of Visit

For families visiting Disney World all day and well into the evening, comfortable clothing will be essential.

Guests should wear shoes that have been broken in for lots of walking, have warmer layers for when the sun goes down (if needed), and wear clothing that can withstand the day without causing discomfort or distraction.

What Can’t You Wear to Disney World?

Disney World’s Park Rules cover attire policies and include the following:

  • Wearing proper attire like shirts and shoes at all times
  • Not wearing clothing that drags on the ground
  • Acknowledging that clothing with multiple layers is subject to security searches
  • Guests 14 or older are prohibited from wearing costumes unless otherwise specified for a particular event
  • Masks worn by guests under 14 cannot obstruct vision, and the eyes must be fully visible
  • Refraining from wearing attire that is inappropriate, offensive, or that could detract from the experience of other visitors.

Parkgoers should also remember that Disney Security reserves the right to deny admission to any guests who do not respect these policies.

Parkgoers should review Disney World’s official website for a full breakdown of prohibited items, guest courtesy, and attire policies.

What Are The Best Items to Wear at Disney World?

A woman is wearing sunglasses, Minnie ears, and a white t-shirt with Minnie Mouse printed on it.

As mentioned, the best clothes to wear to Disney World are comfortable and protect guests from the weather.

With that in mind, Disney World is one of the only places where parkgoers can express themselves and their love for Disney in a welcoming and appreciative environment.

Therefore, visitors may wish to consider Disney-themed clothing that adds a little magic to their outfits, including t-shirts with beloved characters, Mickey Mouse ears, or Disney Jewelry.

To browse Disney merchandise ahead of time, guests can use the My Disney Experience App to explore Disney shops.


At Disney World, guests should wear clothing that is safe, comfortable, fun, weather-appropriate, and family-friendly.

Before heading to the parks, visitors will want to consider the weather forecast and their itinerary and ensure that whatever they wear follows Disney’s attire policies.

Disney World is also the perfect place to have fun with clothes and wear Disney-themed pieces that enhance the experience.

To shop for Disney attire, plan an itinerary, or even stay knowledgeable on weather updates, parkgoers should download the My Disney Experience App.