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Can You Use Disney Gift Cards at Disney World?

Disney gift cards are lifesavers for saving money on your Disney vacation.

You can use them to offset costs on your vacation package and/or to pay for items inside the park.

Yes, You can use Disney gift cards almost anywhere at Disney World. From stores to Disney hotels, these little gems help you save money during your entire vacation. The only locations that don’t accept Disney gift cards are non-Disney hotels and Disney On Ice.

If you’ve been thinking about using them for your next vacation, don’t hesitate to do so.

What Can I Buy With a Disney Gift Card?

Screenshot of Disney Shop website showing the page for purchasing gift cards

You can use a Disney gift card to pay for your vacation, whether that means buying theme park tickets or an entire vacation package, including your room at specific Disney hotels.

But while Disney allows you to pay hotel expenses with your gift card, you’ll still have to provide a credit card when you check in.

You can also buy merchandise and other goodies at Disney Store locations and online at shopDisney.com.

Food and beverages will also consume a significant part of your theme park budget, so getting discounted gift cards can save you a chunk of change around the park.

Most spots not owned by Disney also accept gift cards as a legitimate mode of payment.

If a seller at the park doesn’t accept your gift card, they usually don’t have a card reader, and it’s not because of a set policy.

Can I Use Disney Gift Cards as My Primary Payment Method?


I recommend keeping some cash on you just in case, but you can easily add funds to your gift cards and use them around the park.

You can load up to $1000 per gift card, so if you have multiple cards, you can allocate different expenses to each one to budget efficiently during your visit.

What Are the Advantages of Using Disney Gift Cards as My Primary Payment Method?

1. Money Savers

Coins and paper bills inside a jar

For your gift cards to save you money, you have to get them at a discounted price.

If you have a total budget of $5000 but bought your cards at the regular price, they’re simply another payment method.

But if you got them at, say, 5% off, you get to save 5% across the board, equating to $250 in savings.

That might not seem like much compared to the original budget, but most people won’t turn down an extra $250.

The three best places to get discounted Disney Gift Cards are BJ’s, Target, and Sam’s Club.

The discounts range from 3% to 10%, but I wouldn’t settle for anything less than 4% – chances are you’ll get a better deal at one of the other two stores.

Just note that BJ’s and Sam’s Club are Member-Only clubs, so you’ll have to sign up with them to benefit from these discounts.

2. Organization

Through disneygiftcard.com, you can manage all things gift card-related.

The platform allows you to track every purchase, ensuring you’re staying within your limits.

It also allows you to transfer funds from one card to another, though the total of the two cards shouldn’t exceed $1000.

You have more control over your gift card than cash due to the higher probability of not forgetting a transaction.

And if you lose it, you can report lost it at 1-877-650-4327.

Disney will freeze your lost/stolen card and allow you to transfer the remaining funds to another one.

3. Budgeting

Hands of a person holding a pen and counting cash with a calculator on a wooden table

Because the cards have a limit and make it possible to track everything, you can budget your entire vacation without worrying about overspending.

For example, if you’ve set aside $250 a day for three days at Disney, you can get three gift cards and load them up with $250 each.

That way, you can use one gift card every day and maintain some control over your spending.

What Are the Downsides of Using Disney Gift Cards as My Primary Payment Method?

1. Time-Consuming

It takes a while for stores to process gift card payments.

Compared to cash, a gift card payment can take about two minutes from start to finish.

It’s not much, but with the 10 seconds you take pulling out your money and handing it to the vendor, it’s quite a stretch.

I’m also assuming that you’ll be using your card throughout most of the park, meaning all your payments will take longer than usual.

If a transaction fails, you also have to start the process over with a different card.

The time aspect isn’t something to worry about compared to saving money, but it’s worth pointing out, so you come prepared.

2. Minor Complications

While most stores around the park accept Disney gift cards as payment, the specifics are vague when using them at restaurants.

You may or may not be able to pay using your card, emphasizing the need for a backup payment method.

The same can also happen at a store or two, but dining locations are usually where things can get complicated.

If you want to avoid an awkward conversation with your server, find out if the restaurant accepts gift cards before you sit down and order your meal.

You can also face some issues when putting in a Mobile Order through the My Disney Experience app.

The Mobile Order feature allows you to order food from around the park, but you can’t use your gift card as a primary payment method.

You have to input your gift card number every time you order food through the app.

I don’t think it’s a big deal, but it can get frustrating if you’re in a large group and you’re ordering food.

If you don’t want to fight with the app – or find out the hard way your eatery of choice won’t accept gift cards – plan to use cash or credit to pay for your meals.


When it comes to using them at the park, Disney gift cards have pros and cons.

If savings are your number one priority, you won’t have a problem using gift cards during your vacation.

If you’re particular about the use of your time and effort, you may find it hard to see their value.
Disney gift cards may not be the best payment method available, but they can keep you organized, save you a bit of money, and enhance your overall experience at Disney World.