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Can You Be Dropped Off at Magic Kingdom?

Vacationing at Disney World is expensive, so saving money wherever you can is always advised.

Magic Kingdom is the most popular Disney World park and sees the most visitors each year. 

Parking fees can add up quickly over multiple park visits, but is it possible to avoid these fees by having someone drop you off at Magic Kingdom?

There is a dropoff area next to the ticket center at Magic Kingdom, but you can’t be dropped off right at the entrance. This is because guests are not allowed to drive to Magic Kingdom directly. Instead, you’ll need to ride the ferry or monorail from the transportation center to reach the park. 

Getting to Magic Kingdom

Entrance building to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World Orlando

One of the easiest ways to get to Magic Kingdom is to drive there yourself. The parking lots have plenty of room to accommodate guests but aren’t free to use for the day. 

Locals can have family members drive them to Magic Kingdom and drop them off for the day. 

The guest pick-up/drop-off area for Magic Kingdom is located right next to the Ticket and Transportation Center. 

From here, it’s a short walk to hop on the ferry or monorail that will take you the rest of the way to the park. 

Be sure to have whoever is doing the drop-off let a cast member know they are dropping off guests. 

They will direct your driver to the appropriate drop-off area and won’t try to charge them for parking. 

Uber, Lyft, and cabs can all also take you to Magic Kingdom. They will be directed to the same pick-up/drop-off area next to the Ticket and Transportation Center. 

There are other options for getting to Magic Kingdom. 

If you stay at any of the Disney Resort hotels, you’ll have access to a free shuttle service that runs to each park. 

The monorail that runs between the parks and Disney hotels is the most famous one, but buses and shuttles are also viable options. 

Aside from the normal ferry, guests staying at the Wilderness Lodge, Polynesian Resort,  Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, and Grand Floridian Resort can opt to take a water taxi from the hotel to the entrance of Magic Kingdom.

Many of the resorts are set up with walkways that lead to the parks. This way you can walk straight from the hotel to the Disney theme parks.

Guests staying elsewhere in the Orlando area should check with their hotels for transportation options. 

Many hotels are connected to bus networks that run to the many theme parks in the area, including Magic Kingdom. 

What does it cost to park at Magic Kingdom?

Aerial view of Disney World parking lot with the castle far away in the background

Parking vehicles at any Disney World theme park will cost guests $25 per car, per day for standard parking. 

You’ll either be directed to an open parking space by an attendant or will need to follow signs to the proper lot. 

Guess can also opt for preferred parking spots that are closer to the entrances and are more accessible. These spots cost around $45 per car, per day. 

Alternatively, guests staying at resort hotels can leave their vehicle at the hotel and take another form of transportation to the parks. 

Hotel parking costs $15, $20, or $25 per night, depending on the level of the resort. 

Value hotels are the cheapest, followed by moderate hotels, and deluxe/luxury resorts are the most expensive.

Can You Leave Magic Kingdom and Come Back?

You can absolutely leave any Disney park and come back later in the day as long as you still have your ticket that is valid for that day. 

It’s quite common for guests to come in the morning, leave for a bit, then come back in the evening. 

This kind of schedule is the best way to avoid the worst of the heat in the summertime.

Each time a guest enters the park, they are subject to the same security measures. 

This includes bag checks, temperature scans, and ticket validation. 

You don’t however need to make separate theme park reservations, buy extra tickets, or purchase any ticket add-ons to leave and return to the parks. 

How Early Should I Get to Magic Kingdom?

Sun peeking behind the castle at Magic Kingdom in Disney World Orlando

There isn’t particularly a bad time during the day to head to Magic Kingdom. 

It tends to stay busy at all hours of the day, but getting to the park early does have a few advantages. Magic Kingdom opens at 9 AM, but guests can get into the park as early as 8 AM.

The first and biggest advantage of visiting the park in the morning is that it isn’t too hot yet. 

Throughout much of the year, Orlando reaches daily highs of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The morning tends to be much cooler and more bearable. 

Early arrivals can also get in line for the biggest attractions first. 

Instead of waiting an hour to get on the ride you’ve been eyeing, doing it first thing in the morning can completely get rid of the wait time.

Each day at Magic Kingdom, there’s a special opening celebration that occurs right when the park is set to open. 

It’s a spectacle many guests miss out on because they arrive later or have never heard of it. 

Ideally, you’ll want to be in the entrance line before the 9 AM opening time. 

If you need to take a break and leave the park for a while, don’t worry, since you can always come back later in the day. 


Guests and ride services can drop you off at the Ticket and Transportation Center outside of Magic Kingdom. 

From here, you’ll need to ride either the ferry or the monorail to reach the park’s entrance gates. 

Being dropped off can save guests quite a bit of money since parking fees add up quickly over a full vacation. 

Check for transportation options from your hotel to Disney World parks, as most of the Orlando area offers some options to get there.