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Can You Leave Disney World and Come Back?

Disney World is a lot of fun, but it’s a lot to take in at once. 

You may need a break during your visit to leave the park, whether it’s to get something to eat, run an errand, or even return to your hotel room for a nap. 

You can leave Disney World and return the same day without any problems. Currently, Disney requires guests to make reservations for the days they wish to attend the park. As long as you have a reservation and the park isn’t at capacity, you can come and go as you please during your visit.

Before you leave the park, just double-check and make sure it isn’t near capacity so you can reenter when you choose to return.

Can You Leave Disney And Come Back Without A New Reservation?

People walking towards the castle at Disney World

You do not need to make a new reservation if you leave Disney World and return on the same day. 

As long as you have a reservation at a Disney World theme park, you can make multiple trips in and out. 

The only exception would be if the park hits maximum capacity; however, this is rare and not usually something to worry about.

Do You Have To Do A Health Scan To Return To A Disney Park The Same Day?

No. Disney no longer requires guests to do a health scan before reentering the park. 

While Disney still has many protocols in place to ensure the health and welfare of its guests, they have phased out the requirement for temperature checks at the gates.

Can You Leave One Park And Go To Another?

People entering and leaving Tomorrowland at Disney World Orlando

If you have a Park Hopper pass, you can leave one Disney World park and enter another. 

With the Park Hopper Option, you can visit as many parks as you want, as many times as you want, in a single day. 

Don’t forget you’ll need your MagicBand or Disney World admission card to get into the next park. 

The rules for park hopping are fairly strict, so double-check the website or contact Guest Services for the most up-to-date information.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the Park Hopper option, you won’t be permitted to move between parks in a single day.

What Is The Latest You Can Reenter A Disney Park?

You can leave and reenter Disney Parks up until they close for the evening. 

You will not be able to enter a Disney park after it has closed, and cast members will be standing at the gates preventing reentry. 

Just be aware that different Disney Parks can close at different times. 

Some parks stay open later than others, and sometimes guests staying at certain Disney World Resorts are given extra Magic Hours (which is a perk allowing them more time at certain parks). 

Because the parks close at different times depending on the season and/or day of the week, refer to the park calendar so you don’t miss your chance to get back to the park.

How Do You Reenter A Disney Park?

Pink Disney Magicband on a white table

If you want to reenter a Disney Park, it’s a very simple process – all you need is your ticket card or MagicBand. 

There’s no need to get your hand stamped or have a receipt printed when you leave the park because access is done through the scanning devices at the gate. 

Since you should have already entered the park at the time of your reservation, reentry is just a matter of swiping your card (or band) at the gates again.

If you lose your card or MagicBand, you’ll need to have it replaced at Guest Services before reentering the park of your choice. 


It’s definitely possible to leave Disney World and come back as often as you want during your day at the park.

You must make a reservation for your first arrival at the park, but that reservation is valid for the entire day, so you can exit the park and return whenever you feel like it.

I recommend checking out the park calendar for the date of your visit, so you know the operating hours at the park(s) of your choice. 

If you do leave, when you get back to the park, just scan your MagicBand or Disney ticket card at the gate, and you’re good to go.