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Which Disney World Park Is the Biggest?

Out of all the Disney Parks around the world, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is the largest. 

Disney World’s magic extends nearly 25,000 acres (39 square miles/101 km2) – half of which is covered by its four theme parks and two water parks, as well as dozens of hotels, shopping, and dining venues.

The biggest Disney World park is Animal Kingdom, home to seven (7) themed areas that occupy over 580 acres (234.7 ha) of land. Each section hosts multiple attractions, including eight (8) rides, four (4) shows, three (3) character experiences, and four (4) Play Disney Parks. Animal Kingdom also has 27 shops and 33 dining experiences and is a fully operational animal conservatory and zoo, housing around 2000 animals from 300 different species. 

This article reviews all the elements of Animal Kingdom that make it the biggest Disney World Park. 

Follow along for more information on Animal Kingdom’s areas and attractions, if it’s possible to navigate the park in a day, and how it compares to other theme parks at Disney World.

How Many Themed Areas Are at Animal Kingdom?

People hiking through a trail in the World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Currently, seven (7) themed areas make up Animal Kingdom:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • DinoLand U.S.A.
  • Discovery Island
  • Oasis
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch
  • Pandora – The World of Avatar

These zones divide Animal Kingdom into immersive worlds where guests can hop on rides, grab a bite to eat, meet Disney characters, shop, and explore.

How Many Rides Are at Animal Kingdom?

Despite being the largest park in Disney World, Animal Kingdom has only eight (8) rides.

1) Avatar Flight of Passage

In Pandora – The World of Avatar, Flight of Passage takes guests on a mesmerizing flight through the Pandoran landscape aboard a banshee.

With Disney’s 3D magic, this ride makes for a daring dash that kids, teens, and adults will enjoy.


In DinoLand U.S.A., embark on a prehistoric mission to save a 3.5 ton (3500 kg) Iguanodon before the infamous meteor strikes Earth.

Riders can expect thrills, small drops, darkness, and some frightening themes, but despite this, this time-traveling expedition is intended for the whole family.

3) Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

Found in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest is a must-ride roller coaster.

Venture through a Tibetan village and climb snowy Himalayan peaks while narrowly escaping the wrath of an anti-social Yeti. 

Guests can expect a backward plunge into darkness as they twist and turn on the rickety track.

Expedition Everest is also the tallest ride at Animal Kingdom, reaching a height of 199.5 feet (60.8 m). 

4) Kali River Rapids

Animal Kingdom’s Asia is also home to Kali River Rapids, a thrilling water ride that’s sure to cause a splash.

Here, riders are tossed around by the chaotic push and pull of whitewater rapids in a luscious Asian Jungle.

Guests will encounter gushing geysers, waterfalls, and a soggy 20-foot (6.1 m) plunge.

5) Kilimanjaro Safaris

Located in Africa, Kilimanjaro Safaris whisk guests away on an 18-minute guided tour through an African savanna.

Parkgoers trek through 110 acres (44.5 ha) of terrain and encounter 34 species of animals roaming free, including giraffes, zebras, elephants, and lions.

These safaris also have an after-dark expedition where visitors witness the unique nocturnal behaviors of the animals.

6) Na’vi River Journey

The Na’vi River Journey takes place in Pandora – The World of Avatar.

This slow boat ride takes riders deep into Pandora’s bioluminescent rainforest as they sail across a glowing river, entering caves and basking in the presence of exotic plants and creatures.

Guests can also connect with the natural world of Pandora by chanting tunes with the Na’vi Shaman of Songs.

7) TriceraTop Spin

Guests of all ages encounter the TriceraTop Spin in DinoLand U.S.A.

Riders are invited to take a flying dinosaur for a whirl on this 4-person triceratops gondola.

8) Wildlife Express Train

The Wildlife Express train in Africa takes visitors on a 7-minute behind-the-scenes ride across the Savanna.

Guests get a closer look at some of Animal Kingdom’s animals as they take a 1.2-mile (1.9 km) journey to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

How Many Shows Are at Animal Kingdom?

Multiple people outside of the Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom produces four (4) elaborate and enchanting shows for its visitors.

1) Donald’s Dino-Bash!

To celebrate his feathered ancestors, Donald Duck throws a party to commemorate his prehistoric relatives.

Parkgoers can join the guest list and attend the party in DinoLand U.S.A.

2) Festival of the Lion King

One of the biggest shows at Animal Kingdom is the Festival of the Lion King.

In this Africa-based performance, guests can expect classic songs, pageantry, and puppetry inspired by Disney’s The Lion King.

3) Finding Nemo: The Big Blue… and Beyond!

DinoLand U.S.A. also hosts Finding Nemo’s underwater stage show packed with puppets, singers, and plenty of other performers.

4) It’s Tough to be a Bug!

Located on Discovery Island, this 3D film and live show allow guests to experience the life of an insect with characters from Pixar’s A Bug’s Life.

How Many Character Experiences Are at Animal Kingdom?

There are three (3) official character experiences located in Animal Kingdom.

1) Disney’s Animal Kingdom Entertainment

Guests can wave at the world-traveling Mickey and Minnie Mouse as they float along the Discovery River with other Disney favorites and make appearances throughout Animal Kingdom.

2) Donald’s Dino-Bash!

Some other attendees at Donald Duck’s dinosaur appreciation party include Daisy, Pluto, and Chip ’n Dale.

3) Meet Favorite Disney Pals at Adventurers Outpost

Come face to face with Mickey and Minnie Mouse as they dock at their exploration headquarters on Discovery Island before their next voyage.

Guests can take pictures with the couple and see some of the souvenirs they’ve brought back from exciting trips.

How Many Play Disney Parks Are at Animal Kingdom?

Photo of Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom.

Guests can participate in hands-on experiences throughout the four (4) Play Disney Park attractions in Animal Kingdom.

1) Conservation Station

At Rafiki’s Planet Watch, visitors can explore Disney’s conservation efforts by partaking in activities such as:

  • Seeing how Disney cares for its animals at the Veterinary Treatment Room
  • Observing how meals are made at the Nutrition Center
  • Heading over to the Amphibian, Reptile, and Invertebrate Windows
  • Witnessing what Disney’s resident scientists are working on at the Science Center  

2) Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

In Animal Kingdom’s Africa, visitors can hike through the tropical forest to see gorillas, zebras, hippos, and other animals in this self-guided tour.

3) Maharajah Jungle Trek

Parkgoers can take a look at some tigers, among other wild animals, on this self-guided trail tour in Animal Kingdom’s Asia.

4) Tree of Life

The true pulse of Disney’s Animal Kingdom comes from Discovery Island’s Tree of Life, which harmonizes guests with all living things. 

This iconic monument stands 145 feet (44.2 m) tall, and its sturdy trunk contains carvings depicting over 300 animals.

How Many Shops Are at Animal Kingdom?

There are 27 unique shops at Animal Kingdom stocked with thematic Disney memorabilia for guests to take home.

Guests can visit Disney World’s official website for a complete list of Animal Kingdom’s shops. 

Visitors can also download the My Disney Experience App to browse merchandise and make online purchases.

How Many Dining Experiences Are at Animal Kingdom?

Two women and a man are laughing and eating at a restaurant.

There are 33 delectable dining experiences at Animal Kingdom.

For the full spread of dining options, parkgoers can check out Disney World’s official website.

Otherwise, guests can use the My Disney Experience App for restaurant directions, browsing menus, or booking reservations.

Can You Experience All of Animal Kingdom In One Day?

Since it is the largest park at Disney World, it can be tricky to experience all of Animal Kingdom in one day.

Luckily, the My Disney Experience App makes it easier for guests to squeeze in as many attractions as possible if a multi-day visit isn’t possible.

The app has features that craft a personalized itinerary based on guests’ interests, provides quicker access to popular attractions and dining, and includes a tip board that tracks wait times.

Which Disney World Park is the Second Biggest?

Photo of the Spaceship Earth and Mickey Mouse topiary at the entrance of EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival.

EPCOT unfolds over 300 acres (121.4 ha) of property, making it the second biggest park at Disney World.

Guests who can only fit a few parks into their visit but want to cover the largest areas should add EPCOT to their itinerary.

Which Disney World Park is the Smallest?

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the smallest park at Disney World, built on only 107 acres (43.3 ha) of land.

While this park is the oldest and the smallest, it is arguably the most famous, as it is home to the beloved Cinderella Castle.

However, despite their size differences, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom tend to compete for the title of “most popular Disney park.”


The biggest Disney World Park is Animal Kingdom taking up 580 acres (243.7 ha) of space with its rides, attractions, and amenities spread over seven (7) themed areas.

Together, these areas hold eight (8) rides, four (4) live shows, three (3) character experiences, four (4) Play Disney Parks, 27 shops, 33 dining options, and about 2000 animals.

The best way to experience all that Animal Kingdom offers is to plan an itinerary using the My Disney Experience App.

Guests who want to visit another large park should consider EPCOT, the second biggest at Disney World.

While Magic Kingdom is the smallest Disney World park, its popularity is comparable to Animal Kingdom, making its iconic attractions also worth visiting.