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Can You Get Into Disney World For Free on Your Birthday?

Visiting Disney World is always an exciting experience, but when you get to go on your birthday, it’s a real treat. 

Unfortunately, you can’t visit Disney World for free on your birthday, and there are no special discounts on the price of admission. You can, however, enjoy some fun birthday freebies once inside the park. These free birthday perks can be redeemed from Disney cast members and many of the shops and eateries in the park.

While Disney is known for making guests feel welcome and helping them celebrate special milestones, the park doesn’t usually offer free admission for any occasion. 

Does Disney Offer Discounts On Your Birthday?

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Disney does not offer any discounts for birthdays. 

If you plan to visit Disney World on your birthday, you’ll still need to pay the current ticket price. 

You can, however, find discounted tickets by shopping online, using a travel agent, using discounts included with travel club memberships, or by booking vacation packages that include discounted tickets.

Does Disney World Offer Free Fast Passes On Your Birthday?

Disney World does not offer free fast passes on your birthday, but you can still get them once inside the park. 

Downloading the Disney World app is a great way to reserve fast passes so you can enjoy your favorite rides faster and see more of the park during your visit. 

You can also get extra fast passes by booking your stay at selected Disney World Resorts.

Can You Stay At A Disney World Resort For Free On Your Birthday?

You cannot stay at a Disney World Resort for free on your birthday. 

While some resorts may offer special birthday freebies, they do not offer free stays or birthday discounts. 

If you (or a family member) are celebrating your birthday at one of the Disney World Resorts, let the hotel staff know. 

They may offer you a free Happy Birthday button to wear and will be able to point you towards the birthday perks offered inside the Disney parks. 

Does Disney World Offer Any Freebies On Your Birthday?

If you want to score some birthday freebies at Disney World, you can likely take advantage of one (or more) of the following items offered to guests celebrating their special day.


If you’re celebrating your birthday at Disney World, be sure to get a Celebration Button from a cast member or Guest Services. 

These buttons are free for people of all ages, and they’re also available for other special milestones. 

When you proudly wear your button, everyone – including your favorite Disney characters – will know it’s your day and will wish you a very Happy Birthday.

It also makes a nice souvenir to commemorate the day.


Cupcakes with Minnie Mouse themed frosting design

Disney World offers many free treats and meals for those celebrating their birthday. 

You can stop by Club Cool in Epcot to get a free Icee or visit Starbucks for a free drink. 

Sprinkles offers a free cupcake, and Shula’s Steak House offers a free entree. 

Other food treats include a free sandwich from Earl of Sandwich, free chocolate from Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop, and surprise treats from some vendors.


If you wear your birthday button or let a cast member know it’s your birthday, they may offer you some free Disney stickers. 

Not all cast members carry stickers, but many do, and it never hurts to ask. 

You can always check if different cast members have other stickers too.

If you find yourself with duplicates, you can also ask cast members to trade with you, and by the end of your visit, you’ll have a cute collection of stickers to keep as a souvenir. 


Believe it or not, if you inform cast members or Guest Services staff that it’s your birthday and you’re celebrating it in the park, you may be lucky enough to get a birthday card signed by Mickey himself. 

These are a little harder to locate than the famous Mouse, but sometimes a friendly cast member will notice your button and offer you one on the spot. 

If you aren’t offered a card, you can also ask for one, but there’s no guarantee a cast member will have one readily available. 

Special Treatment

Person in a Pluto costume looking at the camera and waving to say hello

When it’s your birthday, and you wear a button or something obvious like an “It’s My Birthday” t-shirt, you are more likely to get noticed by cast members and offered special treatment. 

Some people have received free Disney items, special tours of show sets, and even special meet and greets that included extra time with the characters for a more personal and memorable experience. 

The perks can vary from person to person, so keep in mind that not everyone will be offered these extra special circumstances, and even if you request them, you could be denied.


While Disney World doesn’t offer free or discounted admission for birthdays, many other birthday freebies are available once inside the park. 

Let Disney cast members or Guest Services know if you’re celebrating a birthday (or any other special occasion) at the park. 

They’ll be more than happy to offer you the free perks available or will point you in the direction to find more.