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What Should You Wear To Disney World In March?

Disney World attracts visitors throughout the year, but several events occur in the spring, often drawing many visitors to the theme parks. 

While it’s fairly straightforward to dress for the winter and summer months, March weather in Florida can be challenging to predict.

Visitors traveling to Disney World in March should prepare for all kinds of weather and temperatures. Parkgoers should pack rain gear and clothing for layering, such as short-sleeved shirts paired with a jacket or sweater. Dressing in layers allows guests to be warm enough on cool mornings (and evenings) without overheating once the day warms up.

The change from the dry to the rainy season in Orlando can lead to some pretty crazy weather and fluctuations in temperature. 

Dressing for Disney World in March can be tricky, so this article covers what visitors may need for a fun day at the parks.

What Is the Weather Like at Disney World?

Pond surrounded by trees and purple flowers with the Disney World castle in the background

Orlando, Florida, offers pleasant temperate weather throughout the year. 

Temperatures range from 51ºF to 70ºF (10ºC to 21ºC) during the winter and from 71ºF to 91ºF (22ºC to 33ºC) in the summer. 

Winters have cooler temperatures with little rain, but the days are short. 

Summers have the most daylight but typically the muggiest weather, with frequent pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoons. 

Visiting Disney World in March allows parkgoers to enjoy longer days and warmer weather than in the winter months, with less rain and more comfortable temperatures than in the summer.

Average Temperatures and Rainfall in March

Average March temperatures range from 56ºF to 80ºF (13ºC to 27ºC). 

As the month progresses, temperatures increase consistently, and by the end of March, the average high is around 80ºF (27ºC), and the average low is around 61ºF (16ºC). 

There is little rainfall in March, with an approximately 25% chance of precipitation on any given day. 

As such, guests may experience rain during their trip, but it’s much less likely than from May to September. 

How Should You Dress for March Weather at Disney World?

Spring temperatures in Orlando vary widely from one day to the next, and even though the chance of showers is relatively low, that doesn’t mean it won’t rain.

With that in mind, dressing for March weather at Disney World can be a bit challenging. 

Visitors should bring clothing that they can layer to keep them comfortable at any temperature and a raincoat or poncho for potential rainfall.

Layering Is Important at Disney World in March

Being prepared for a wide range of temperatures can mean the difference between a comfortable and an uncomfortable day at Disney World.

Guests should choose outfits with multiple layers and wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes that are good for walking long distances.

Mornings and evenings are usually chilly, so visitors usually wear long pants and a jacket or sweater to protect them from lower temperatures.

Riding certain attractions in the morning (or after the sun sets) can be miserable without appropriate clothing, especially on faster rides that generate wind, such as rollercoasters. 

Additionally, Disney World offers water transportation on ferries and other small watercraft. 

The air is typically cooler over the water, which is a nice break from the heat in summer. 

In March, however, this temperature difference can be unpleasant, so riders should dress warmly when traveling by boat.

By midday, the weather in Orlando can be too warm for an outer layer, so visitors should wear a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt under their jacket or sweater – some guests even bring shorts to change into!

It’s also recommended to keep your outer layer with you, just in case it gets cloudy and daytime temperatures drop. 

Guests without proper clothing can always find Disney-themed items at one of the retail shops in the parks.

At the end of the day, not having warm enough stuff is a great excuse to buy a fun souvenir.

Prepare for Rain and Water Rides

Nothing makes Disney World visitors more uncomfortable than being wet on a chilly day. 

Although rain in March isn’t guaranteed like in the summer, packing a poncho or raincoat is a smart idea, regardless.

That’s because, at Disney World, rain isn’t the only way visitors can get wet. 

Some of the attractions at the theme parks, such as Splash Mountain, result in riders getting wet or even soaked. 

Wearing a poncho or raincoat on these rides can help guests stay comfortable and avoid getting cold.

Why Visit Disney World in March?

People dancing during a parade at Disney World.

March is a fantastic time of year to visit Disney World, and guests can enjoy events and activities throughout the month.

Many K to 12 schools and post-secondary institutions have Spring Break in March, so while the parks can be busy, there’s plenty to do and a lot of fun to be had. 

For example, two of EPCOT’s classic events, the Flower and Garden Festival and Garden Rocks Concert Series, occur in March, providing a new and exciting experience for parkgoers of all ages.

More sports-oriented visitors enjoy the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, which hosts several elite sports championships throughout the month. 

EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

During March, EPCOT hosts its Flower and Garden Festival, which transforms the park into a colorful treat for the eyes and a fragrant treat for the nose. 

Imagineers create topiaries of beloved Disney characters and display gorgeous arrangements of flowers throughout the park.

A festival at EPCOT would not be complete without a treat for the tastebuds, so the exquisite (and exclusive) Outdoor Kitchens are open solely for this event. 

Visitors can also indulge in a special menu crafted for the EPCOT Garden Graze, which offers guests creative culinary creations inspired by nature.

During the Garden Rocks Concert Series, famous singers and bands, both new and old, perform at the America Gardens Theatre in the American Adventure Pavilion. 

Visitors can rock out or move to the beat in thirty-minute segments before resuming their adventure at the festival or in the park.

ESPN Wide World of Sports 

The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex offers elite athletes and sports teams a place to host training events and championships.

Disney Spring Training for boys and girls baseball and softball starts in March, and Cheerleading Championships also take place during the month. 

Parkgoers can watch these sporting events by purchasing tickets at the Sports Box Office in the complex.


March is one of the best times of year to visit Disney World – the weather is pretty good, students are on break, and parks like EPCOT offer fun events for visitors of all ages. 

When visiting Disney World in March, guests should plan to wear layers, including clothing for warmer weather underneath a jacket or sweater. 

Temperatures can be chilly in the mornings, evenings, and on cloudy days, so bringing multiple items may help keep you comfortable.

It’s always best to wear closed-toed shoes (like sneakers) that are good for walking around all day, and regardless of the season, park guests should have a poncho or raincoat on hand.

You never know when it’ll rain in Orlando, even in March when it’s usually dry.