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How Late Can You Stay at Magic Kingdom?

When you visit Magic Kingdom, you’ll likely want to spend as much time there as possible. 

Magic Kingdom stays open late, and guests can look forward to a fireworks and lights show right before the park closes for the evening. Sometimes guests can even stay later for special events.

Guests are welcome to stay at Magic Kingdom from the time the gates open until the park closes. When Disney offers extended hours, such as Disney After Hours or Early Theme Park Entry, guests can visit for more time, but taking advantage of additional hours requires purchasing special event tickets in advance.

What Time Does Magic Kingdom Close?

Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella's Castle at night

Magic Kingdom typically closes at 11:00 pm, but its hours vary – some evenings, it’s open later, and on others, it closes earlier. 

Periodically, Magic Kingdom offers Disney After Hours, which allows guests more time in the park to experience the many rides and attractions that stay open late.

Does Magic Kingdom Have Disney After Hours?

Yes, Magic Kingdom does offer Disney After Hours on selected dates, but the added time is only available to guests who buy special tickets. 

A Disney After Hours ticket gives guests three hours after the park closes to enjoy Magic Kingdom when it’s less crowded. 

There are shorter lines and reduced wait times so visitors can partake in more rides and attractions in the park. 

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Disney After Hours?

Disney After Hours ticket prices can vary depending on when they’re purchased.

The starting price for an After Hours pass is $129, and numbers are limited, so tickets can sell out quickly. 

As with most things Disney, it’s best to buy these tickets in advance.

As a nice little perk, Disney After Hours also includes food during the event.

Popcorn, ice cream bars, and non-alcoholic drinks are available at various stations throughout the park.

How Early Can You Get Into Magic Kingdom?

Sun peeking behind the castle at Magic Kingdom in Disney World Orlando

Magic Kingdom usually opens at 9:00 am. If you go any earlier, you’ll have to wait outside until the park opens. 

Disney does have Early Theme Park Entry on selected days, which adds early morning hours to the park time. These days are not offered regularly and can vary. 

Disney currently allows guests staying at specific Disney Resorts and Hotels to access Magic Kingdom 30 minutes before the park opens to the public. 

Only certain rides and attractions are available during this time, but it does give visitors a chance to look around and get to where they want to be before the park starts to fill up.

What is the New Light Show at Magic Kingdom?

The current light show at Magic Kingdom is called Disney Enchantment. 

It includes fireworks and various scenes from your favorite Disney movies projected on Cinderella’s castle, and the whole show is set to iconic Disney songs and music.

It’s the last show of the evening at Disney, and when it is over, guests are encouraged to head towards the exit. 

What Time are the Fireworks at Magic Kingdom?

The timing for the fireworks at Magic Kingdom varies depending on the time of year and the operating hours for the day. 

During the fall and winter, when it gets dark earlier, the show can start as early as 6:30 pm. 

In the spring and summer, the fireworks start later, and they typically begin just after dark, about an hour before park closing. 

Does Magic Kingdom Have Fireworks Every Night?

Fireworks display at Cinderella's Castle in Disney World

Magic Kingdom has fireworks every night, weather permitting. 

If the weather is particularly bad, the fireworks could be delayed or canceled. 

Whenever possible, Disney informs guests ahead of time if there are schedule changes to the fireworks and light show.

Does Magic Kingdom Have Parades at Night?

Magic Kingdom only has night parades during certain times of the year and during special events. 

During the day, however, there are multiple parades at Magic Kingdom.

The parades at night are usually lighted parades that feature special characters and decorations corresponding to the holiday or the special event taking place.

You can find the parade schedule on the Disney calendar


Disney World packs a lot into its parks and offers guests quite a bit of time during the day to experience it all.

Visitors to Magic Kingdom can enter any time after the park opens and are welcome to stay until the park closes.

You’ll know it’s near closing time because of the amazing fireworks and light show at the end of each day at Magic Kingdom (when the weather permits).

Operating hours vary by season and by what’s going on at the park. Special events can affect park hours, so double-check the Disney website before booking your tickets.

Occasionally Disney will offer extended hours (Disney After Hours or Early Theme Park Entry) to guests who purchase these perks in advance or stay at selected Disney Resorts.