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How to Get to Magic Kingdom From Art of Animation?

Walt Disney World has plenty of whimsical sights to see, and the magic stretches all the way from the thematic hotels and resorts to the immersive theme parks.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort brings the enchanting worlds of animated films like Finding Nemo, Cars, and The Little Mermaid to life. 

At Magic Kingdom Park, dreams really do come true with the park’s mystical rides, spectacular shows, and classic Disney characters. 

Art of Animation’s artistic accommodations and Magic Kingdom’s magical amenities are the perfect pairing, but traveling between them takes a little planning.

To get to Magic Kingdom from Art of Animation, visitors can take Disney transportation, a rideshare or taxi, or drive themselves. Parkgoers using the Walt Disney Bus Service or a Disney Minnie Van are transported directly to the entrance to Magic Kingdom. Otherwise, guests can park or be dropped off at the Transportation and Ticket Center, then board the monorail or a ferryboat to Magic Kingdom.

This article describes the transportation services offered by Walt Disney World, provides info on driving from Art of Animation to Magic Kingdom, and discusses which mode of transportation is the most convenient.

Does Disney World Provide Transportation From Art of Animation to Magic Kingdom?

A blurred photo of the interior of a bus focusing on the stop button.

The Walt Disney Bus Service and Disney’s Minnie Van Service transport guests directly from Disney’s Art of Animation Resort to the Magic Kingdom in approximately 15-20 minutes.

The distance between the resort and Magic Kingdom is around 7 miles (11.3 km), so it’s safe to say that walking is not a good way to travel between them.

Walt Disney World Bus Service

The Walt Disney World Bus Service provides an accessible free ride directly from the Art of Animation Resort to the entrance of Magic Kingdom Park. 

The bus stop is near the front of the resort, and the shuttles run every 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the time of day and crowd sizes.

Bus service begins 45 minutes before the gates open and stops an hour after they close.

Parkgoers will need to travel lightly as no luggage or alcohol is allowed on Disney World’s buses; however, essential carry-ons like strollers are permitted but must be folded and tucked away from the aisle.

Disney Cast Members operate the buses, so support is readily available if guests have questions or require assistance.

For interactive maps and more details on the bus service, visitors can refer to the Walt Disney World website or the “Get Directions” feature in the My Disney Experience App.

Disney’s Minnie Van Service

Disney’s Minnie Van Service is as clever as it is convenient – visitors love the red and white Minnie Mouse-themed vans driven by helpful Disney Cast Members.

The polka-dotted Minnie Vans can comfortably accommodate a family of six and provide up to two complimentary car seats. 

Wheelchair access is also available.

This quirky vehicle is offered through the Lyft app and is the only rideshare service authorized to drive guests directly into Magic Kingdom.

When ordering a Minnie Van, guests select “Art of Animation Resort” as their pickup location and “Magic Kingdom” as their destination. 

Once confirmed, riders can select the Minnie Van service as their vehicle type.

Minnie Vans operate daily from 6:30 am to 12:30 am; however, hours are subject to change without notice. 

For more information on Disney’s Minnie Van Service, guests can visit Disney World’s official website or refer to the Lyft app.

Can You Drive From Art of Animation to Magic Kingdom?

Driving from the Art of Animation Resort to the Magic Kingdom might be more convenient for some guests.

It takes about the same amount of time as the buses or Minnie Vans; however, guests driving their own vehicle or using another service (like taxis or Uber) can’t access the gates of Magic Kingdom directly.

The closest eager parkgoers can get by private vehicle is the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC), where they have to transfer to Disney’s in-park transportation services. 

The Magic Kingdom parking lots and the authorized drop-off point for taxis and Uber are near the TTC, so getting there is relatively convenient. 

Guests already paying for parking at Art of Animation can park in Standard Parking for free and utilize the car locator feature in the My Disney Experience app to keep track of their parking spots.

This feature uses Location Services to record guests’ parking details at participating locations.

How Do You Get to Magic Kingdom From the Transportation and Ticket Center?

Photo of Disney Ferryboat.

Once parked or dropped off at the Transportation and Ticket Center, guests can choose between two modes of transportation to get to Magic Kingdom: ferryboat or monorail.

While these services only account for part of the way, they offer a memorable start to any Walt Disney World experience.

Walt Disney World Ferryboats

Guests headed to Magic Kingdom can set sail on a Disney Ferryboat while nostalgic Disney music hums through the breeze. 

The ferryboat to Magic Kingdom arrives every 15-30 mins at the TTC’s marked pick-up point, and visitors can map their journey by using Disney’s mobile app or visiting the official website.

While on the ferry, guests can take in views of Bay Lake, the Seven Seas Lagoon, Crescent Lake, and Lake Hollywood from the top or bottom deck.

Parkgoers should help keep the boat buoyant by only bringing the essentials – strollers are permitted but must be folded and stowed away.

Like on the buses, luggage and alcohol are prohibited.

For the safety of everyone, hours of operation are subject to water and weather conditions.

Walt Disney World Monorail Service

Soar sky-high to Magic Kingdom in Disney’s futuristic monorail service from the station in the Transportation and Ticket Center. 

The Express Monorail to Magic Kingdom operates every few minutes starting half an hour before the earliest park opening until an hour after the latest park closes. 

Riders must leave all glass containers behind before zipping off, and Cast Members are always available to address any questions or concerns.

What Is the Most Convenient Way to Get From Art of Animation to Magic Kingdom?

Deciding the most convenient way to get from Art of Animation to Magic Kingdom depends on guests’ preferences and whether they have a budget or strict itinerary.

Low-Budget Transportation Options from Art of Animation to Magic Kingdom

Options like the bus service, ferryboats, and monorail are free to use whether guests are staying at a Disney hotel or just visiting the park.

The difference is that the ferryboat and monorail require getting to the TTC first, which might come with a cost.

If budget is the biggest concern, taking the bus from Art of Animation to the Magic Kingdom may be the best option.

Itinerary-Friendly Transportation Options from Art of Animation to Magic Kingdom

While the buses are free, they can have long lines during peak periods, adding time to the 15-20 minutes it already takes to get to Magic Kingdom from the Art of Animation Resort.

Guests with reservations or jam-packed itineraries may want to arrive at the bus stop early or choose another service.

Disney’s Minnie Van Service does come at a fee, calculated in the Lyft app. 

On the plus side, it might provide a faster pickup time. 

Parties with wiggle room in their budget and a preference for their own space might like the ambiance of their own van and driver. 

Guests who drive themselves could save some money (not counting gas), but they will still have to use the monorail or a ferry to get to the park – which won’t save them any time.

Otherwise, parkgoers could call a taxi or order an Uber, but these options cost extra and only take them half the way.


Parkgoers headed to Magic Kingdom from the Art of Animation Resort can take a Disney bus, hire a taxi or rideshare, or drive themselves.

Disney’s Bus and Minnie Van Services offer direct trips from the resort to the park.

Other methods like driving or rideshares not affiliated with Disney will require guests to travel part of the way by boat or monorail.

Deciding which option is best will depend on guests’ preferences, budget, and scheduling.