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Knott’s Berry Farm vs Six Flags: Differences & Which One Is Better?

Los Angeles, California, is no stranger to entertainment, so it’s no wonder its metropolitan area is home to some epic amusement parks.

Some of the most beloved thrills and attractions come from Knotts Berry Farm and Six Flags, and when deciding whether to visit one or the other, there are a handful of things to consider.

The biggest difference between Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags is the intended audience. Knott’s Berry Farm offers a well-rounded experience of entertainment, rides, and kid-friendly attractions the whole family will enjoy. In contrast, Six Flags is oriented toward adrenaline seekers. This park is known as “The Thrill Capital of the World,” hosting over 100 daring rides, games, and attractions.

This article discusses how to get to Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags, the attractions each park offers, their ticket costs, and how they cater to specific groups.

Where Are Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags Located?

Screenshot of a Google Map showing the distance between Knott's Berry Farm and Six Flags.

Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags are both located in the Los Angeles area but are about an hour (by car) from each other.

It’s possible to reach both parks using public transportation; however, getting to Knott’s Berry Farm is more straightforward.

Knott’s Berry Farm’s Location

Knott’s Berry Farm is located about 25 mi (40 km) southeast of Los Angeles – it’s actually closer to Anaheim and Disneyland than it is to Downtown LA.

The address for the park is 8039 Beach Blvd, in Buena Park, CA.

To get to Knott’s Berry Farm from a resort or the airport, travelers can use Anaheim Resort Transit, take a Lyft or Uber, use shuttle services, or hop on the Metrolink Train.

Anaheim Resort Transit to Knott’s Berry Farm

Since most visitors to Knott’s Berry Farm stay at a hotel or resort in Anaheim, they can use Anaheim Regional Transportation (ART) to get to the park. 

Parkgoers can check ART’s website to book their trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.

Taking a Lyft or Uber to Knott’s Berry Farm

Rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber drop guests at Knott’s Main Entrance for easy admission into the park.

Rates per trip will vary, but parkgoers can use the Lyft Fare Estimator or the Uber Fare Estimator to get an idea of how much a ride will cost.  

Shuttle Services to Knott’s Berry Farm

Karmel Shuttle & Extreme Tours offers discounted trips to Knott’s from Anaheim Resort Hotels, Garden Grove & Buena Park hotels, and select airports.

For resort transportation, guests are required to book reservations using Karmel Shuttle’s official website

Airport Transfers can also be booked online from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Orange County Airport (SNA), and Long Beach Airport (LGB).

Metrolink Trains to Knott’s Berry Farm

Luckily, the Buena Park Metrolink station is minutes from Knott’s Berry Farm at 8400 Lakenoll Drive (At Dale Street).

From here, guests can access Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) buses that take them directly to the park’s front gates.

For more information on these services, visitors can head over to the Metrolink website.

Six Flags’ Location

Six Flags has two parks in the Los Angeles area: the Magic Mountain amusement park and the Hurricane Harbor waterpark.

Both parks are located approximately 40 miles (64 km) northwest of LA at 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia, California.

Public transportation to Six Flags requires several stops and transfers, and routes include the City of Santa Clarita’s Free Trolley Service, the Metro Red Line, and the Metrolink train.

Santa Clarita’s Free Trolley Service to Six Flags

Santa Clarita’s trolley service is complimentary and runs seasonally from mid-May until the Labor Day weekend transporting guests to Six Flags from several premier hotels.

Guests can visit the Santa Clarita Trolley Service website for more information on this service and a complete list of participating hotels.

Metro Red Line to Six Flags

Parkgoers can take the Metro Red Line from Downtown Los Angeles to the North Hollywood Station.

From here, travelers can board the North Hollywood 757 Express bus to the McBean Regional Transit Station (MRTC).

From the MRTC, guests can connect to Santa Clarita Transit routes 3 & 7 to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Metrolink Train to Six Flags

Starting at Union Station in Downtown LA, parkgoers can take the Metrolink Train (Antelope Valley Line) to Newhall Station.

From the Newhall station, take either Santa Clarita Transit routes 1 & 2 or 4 & 14 to the MRTC.

From the MRTC, guests can transfer onto routes 3 & 7, which take them directly to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Attractions at Knott’s Berry Farm Vs. Six Flags

Both Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags offer various attractions that guests will love. 

While they have different vibes and target audiences, it’s hard not to have fun at either of these parks.

Attractions at Knott’s Berry Farm

While Knott’s Berry Farm has a few thrilling rides like the West Coast’s longest, tallest, and fastest Ghostrider coaster, the attractions are geared towards families with smaller children.

To accommodate young visitors, Knott’s Berry Farm even has its own designated kids’ area called Camp Snoopy.

Camp Snoopy showcases engaging rides, productions, and play areas catered to younger audiences.

Guests can visit Knott’s official website for a complete list of the park’s immersive and family-friendly rides and experiences.

Attractions at Six Flags

When it comes to thrills, Six Flags cuts to the chase — and the chase is pretty intense.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is all about the adrenaline rush and less about whimsical ambiance, so this park is perfect for on-the-go thrill-seekers.

Some of the most exciting rides include the multi-sensory X2 coaster, the speedy Tatsu flying coaster, or The Riddler’s Revenge roller coaster that guests ride standing up.

Parkgoers can peek at the complete list of rides on Six Flags’ official website.

Knott’s Berry Farm vs. Six Flags: Admission Costs

Close up photo of a ticket that has been ripped in half on a wooden surface

Knott’s Berry Farm tends to have slightly cheaper admission costs than Six Flags, and this price difference may be an important factor for parkgoers traveling on a budget.

Knott’s Daily Admission tickets start at $69 and vary depending on guests’ ages and visit dates.

Visitors can explore Knott’s ticketing options on their Tickets and Passes page

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Single Day General Admission Tickets start at $70 per guest but vary in price depending on the date.

Guests can browse Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Tickets and Passes online.


Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags are both fun and exciting theme parks in the Los Angeles Area. 

Knott’s is better suited for families with smaller children – it’s more accessible from Anaheim Resorts and Hotels, and its rides and attractions cater to younger audiences.  

In contrast, getting to Six Flags is a mission in itself, as the park is over an hour away from downtown Los Angeles.

However, once thrill-seeking parkgoers arrive at the gates, they have a full menu of exciting, hair-raising rides and attractions that are sure to get their hearts pumping.