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How To Get To Disneyland Without a Car? (7 Ways)

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland and won’t have a car, you may be wondering about your options for getting around the park.

There are actually many ways you can get around the park without a car and we have put together a guide with all the best options. 

Some of the ways to get to Disneyland without a car include using a bus service or buying a train or airline ticket. When you arrive, there are many shuttles to get you from your hotel to the park and public transportation options are readily available.

While having a car at Disneyland or Disney World may make things more convenient, being without a car won’t put a damper on the fun. Here are some other transportation options. 

7 Ways to Get to Disneyland Without a Car

Greyhound Bus

There are many bus routes that go right into Disneyland or the resorts. 

You can find buses that will pick you up from the airport or drive you from almost anywhere in the country. 

In some cases, you may need to take more than one bus to get to your destination. 

Buses will drop you off at the depot nearest your destination, but you may have to make arrangements for other types of transportation to get you all the way to the park.


POV shot of a passenger in a plane

Many people choose to fly to Disneyland. Depending on where you live, this may be a short or long flight. 

You may be able to find direct flights from your nearest airport straight to Anaheim, California, or Kissimmee, Florida. 

Some airlines do not offer direct flights but do offer flights that have layovers along the way. 

Many hotels offer vacation packages that include your flight as well as your hotel stay and park tickets.


The Amtrak train will take you to the depot, where you can rent a car or take a shuttle to the park. 

Amtrak tickets are very affordable, and the ride there can be very scenic and enjoyable. Keep in mind that Amtrak trains do not take you directly to Disneyland or Disney World but can bring you to the right city. 

You will need to check the Amtrak routes to find out which trains run from your city to the park of your choice. 

Some run direct routes, but others may require you to change trains or even go from a train to a bus as part of the trip.


Depending on where you live and how far you are from the park, you may be able to hop on a shuttle and go straight to the park. 

This is an option if you have flown in and are staying at certain hotels or if you happen to be in an area where shuttles operate regularly. 

Many hotels also offer shuttle services to and from Disney Parks at no extra charge. You will need to know the schedule for drop-off and pick-up times before you plan your trip. 

Some shuttles stop operating long before Disney parks close, so if you want to stay at the park later than the hotel shuttle runs, you may need to find a different form of transportation to get you back to your hotel.


People walking around Disney World

There are many hotels that are within walking distance of both Disneyland and Disney World. 

If you are able to get from the airport to your hotel, you will be able to walk to the park or walk to an area of the park that has more transportation options. 

Both Disneyland and Disney World are in very safe areas with plenty of security nearby, so it’s safe to walk in this area, even at night.


Uber is always an option to get you to your favorite Disney park. 

Both parks are in areas where Uber drivers are plentiful, so you should have no problem finding a ride to or from the park, no matter what day or time it is. 

You can use the Uber app to schedule your ride and even Uber in between some of the parks if you choose.

Public Bus

Interior view of a bus with a few passengers

There are buses that act as public transportation and will take you right to the park of your choice. 

These buses are easy to catch at stops within the city, and while the bus can take some time to arrive at your destination, it’s one of the most affordable and dependable ways to travel. 

Some public transportation buses also take you from the airport to the park or even from your hotel to the park and back.

How To Get Around Disneyland and Disney World Without A Car

If you fly into Anaheim or take another form of public transportation, you may be stuck in Anaheim without a car and wondering how you will get to the Disneyland park. 

There are actually several ways to travel from your hotel to the park or get around the park.


One of the lesser-known ways to get around at Disney World is the Ferry. 

It doesn’t cover a lot of areas, but if you need to get from the parking lot to Magic Kingdom, the Ferry can get you there pretty quickly. 

Since fewer people use it, it’s not as crowded as a monorail or shuttle. It also adds a little extra fun to your Disney trip. 


Disney World shuttle with the castle in the background

Monorails are not only fun to ride, but they can also get you around the park quickly and with ease. You can find Monorails in several locations all over the park. 

They take you to and from the park entrance to different areas of the park and even to hotels and parking lots. Some monorails also offer transportation between parks. 

Monorails move a lot of people at one time, so even if there seems to be a wait to get on board, you will notice a lot of people can board it at once. 

They also make several stops along the way.


Just like you can find shuttles that take you to and from the hotel and airport to the park, you can also use a shuttle to get around the different parks or areas of the park. 

The shuttle will pick you up at one park and take you to another. Many of them are also from between parking lots. 

If you happen to park in a parking lot near one park but end up at another park at the end of the day, you can take a shuttle to the right parking lot.

Water Taxis

Much like ferries, water taxis are boats that travel the many waterways in and around Disneyland and Disney World. 

They transport people between parks and parking lots. You can find these taxis at different resorts and at the various park entrances. 

They do fill up quickly and can take a little longer than some other forms of Disney transportation.


Disneyland has trolleys that run every 20 minutes and transport guests from Disneyland to many of the nearby hotels. 

There is a cost for this service, but you can buy your passes ahead of time and save money and time. 

Drivers do not sell tickets for the trolley, but you can pay for a one-way trip when you get on the trolley, as long as you have the exact change.

How To Find Transportation In Disney Parks

The best way to find out which transportation options are available in the Disney park where you are located is to use the My Disney Experience app. 

The app will show you what options you are nearby and even give you an idea of the schedules for the type of transportation you need. 

The app has a feature called “Next Bus,” which will tell you when you can expect to catch the next bus and where it will take you. 

You see the time for all of the buses that are running, and you won’t have to hurry up to catch a bus just to find out you actually missed it and are stuck where you are until the next one comes along. 

This makes it easier to plan your trip and get where you need to be without stressing about your transportation schedule. 


There are many ways to get to Disneyland and Disney World without a car, and once you arrive at either park, there are plenty of ways to get around them both. 

You don’t need a car to enjoy everything Disney has to offer, and you may even enjoy trying the various types of transportation that are available to you at your favorite Disney park.