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Are Disney Springs Boat Rides Free?

Disney Springs is Disney World’s shopping and entertainment district and is one of Disney’s main hubs for water transportation and tours.

The Sassagoula Boats dock at the Marketplace and shuttle guests between Disney Springs and four Disney World Resorts.

Additionally, Disney Springs visitors looking for an unforgettable adventure can cruise around Lake Buena Vista on a Vintage Amphicar – a retro vehicle that can maneuver on land and in water!

The Sassagoula Boats are complimentary for guests; however, the Vintage Amphicar costs $125 per car. The Sassagoula Boats can accommodate twenty to thirty passengers and run every 15 to 30 minutes. The Amphicar can be booked from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm at The BOATHOUSE BOATIQUE and comfortably seats three or four people.  

Disney’s watercraft are some of the most unique aspects of the park experience and operate daily, weather permitting.

This article discusses the boat rides at Disney Springs and provides a few details about the area itself.

What Are the Free Transportation Options at Disney Springs?

People riding the Water Taxi at Disney World with colorful buildings in the background

Disney Springs offers two free transportation options – water taxis and buses – that take guests to and from Disney’s theme parks or resort hotels. 

These complimentary transports usually begin operating 45 minutes before the parks open and stop one hour after the parks close. 

Visitors may not find a direct route to and from Disney Springs to other Disney World locations, but it depends on where they’re headed.

Disney Cast Members or the My Disney Experience app can help plan the most efficient or scenic routes to other in-park destinations.

Water Taxis

Disney World offers complimentary water taxis and ferries to and from several Disney Resorts to various locations on the property, including Disney Springs.

To get to and from the Marketplace dock at Disney Springs, visitors can board the Sassagoula Boats from the boat launches at the following resorts:

Weather permitting, these water taxis run every 15 to 30 minutes daily and can accommodate around twenty or thirty people.

Passengers on Disney’s watercraft cannot carry luggage or alcohol on board and must fold up their strollers to avoid blocking the aisles.

Disney Buses

Disney buses provide air-conditioned vehicles that can fit around fifty people, although some riders may have to stand. 

Buses are the most popular mode of transportation at Disney World because they offer the most direct routes between Disney Springs, Disney Parks, and all the Disney Resorts. 

While visitors can use buses to get to and from any place at Walt Disney World, they may have to transfer to a different route or transportation method to reach their final destination.

Disney buses run every 20 mins or so, and guests heading to Disney Springs will disembark at the stops outside of Town Center.

What Are the Attractions at Disney Springs?

People enjoying the vintage amphicar tour in Lake Buena Vista at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs has four sections containing attractions, shops, and restaurants. 

The Town Center is at the entrance to Disney Springs and is the main retail area of the district. 

Guests looking for fun and games can visit The West Side of Disney Springs and eat a meal, catch a film, see live music, or go bowling with friends.

At the Marketplace, where the Sassagoula Boats dock, visitors will find a nice mix of shops, restaurants, and family-friendly attractions. 

The Landing is the waterfront area of Disney Springs, offering a wide variety of dining options and the Vintage Amphicar boat ride. 

For more information on each area, guests can visit the Disney Springs website, peruse the My Disney Experience App, or download the full guide map here.

Vintage Amphicar Tours

The Vintage Amphicar Tours at The Landing gives visitors a laid-back boat ride around Lake Buena Vista in a classic car from the 1960s that operates on land and in water.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a car drive into a lake and float – this amphibious vehicle was built for you.

The captain steers the Amphicar from the shore into the lake, taking three to four passengers on a safe, relaxing, and family-friendly cruise to see part of Disney World from a different perspective. 

When this 20-minute tour of the lake is complete, the captain drives out of the water and back into The Landing. 

The Amphicar costs $125 and can be booked daily at The BOATHOUSE BOATIQUE from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. For a little extra fun, adult guests can grab a craft cocktail or glass of wine from The BOATHOUSE restaurant to sip while enjoying the tour.

Additional Rides and Attractions at Disney Springs

In addition to the movie theater, bowling alley, and live music venue, the West Side at Disney Springs also hosts the ride, Aerophile – The World Leader in Balloon Flight.

The Aerophile gives guests an unparalleled view of Disney Springs and the surrounding areas in a hot air balloon tethered to the ground.

This hot air balloon is the largest hand-painted balloon in the world and costs $25 per adult and $20 per child for an eight-minute ride. 

The Marketplace has two rides, the Marketplace Carousel and Marketplace Train Express.

Both rides cost $3 per person, and these low-key attractions offer younger children and their parents a fun and easy-going experience while they visit Disney Springs.


Visitors to Disney Springs can find two types of boat rides – complimentary Disney water transportation and the Vintage Amphicar Tour.

The Sassagoula Boats are water taxis that shuttle guests between Disney Springs and four of Disney’s resorts.

These water taxis run every 15 to 30 mins and are typically less crowded than the Disney shuttle buses, seating only twenty to thirty people. 

Complimentary transportation at Disney World starts operating 45 minutes before the parks open and stops one hour after the parks close.

The Vintage Amphicar Tour takes three to four guests on a 20-minute cruise around Lake Buena Vista in a restored vehicle that floats in water. 

Guests can book an Amphicar at The BOATHOUSE BOATIQUE in The Landing at Disney Springs for $125 per car.