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What Can You Bring To Volcano Bay?

Volcano Bay is Universal Orlando’s epic water park offering guests a full day of fun on its rides, slides, and in its pools.

Guests visiting Volcano Bay will want to maximize their experience, so they should plan ahead and know what’s ok to bring to the park.

Volcano Bay permits visitors to bring up to two liters of water, small snacks, foods required for medical or dietary reasons, baby food/formula, towels, water shoes, extra clothing, and swimming goggles. People cannot bring alcohol, marijuana, glass containers, folding chairs, swim fins, offensive clothing, weapons, illegal substances, explosives, or meals that require refrigeration or heating.

This article explains what items guests can bring to Volcano Bay so there are no unpleasant surprises when visiting the park.

Can You Bring Food and Beverages into Volcano Bay?

Guests visiting Volcano Bay can bring certain food and beverages, but the bottles and containers cannot be hard plastic or glass.

Beverages Allowed in Volcano Bay

Three bottles of water

Visitors to Volcano Bay can bring up to two liters of bottled water and any specific beverages they require for medical or dietary purposes.

Baby formula, breast milk, or any other liquids needed for a baby are also permitted.

Guests with reusable water bottles or refillable cups from other Universal Orlando parks can bring them into Volcano Bay.

The refillable drink cups help to cut down on plastic waste while saving visitors money on each refill.

Outside alcohol is prohibited at Volcano Bay, including any beverages purchased at CityWalk or other Universal Orlando locations.

Small quantities of store-bought drinks can enter the park in cans or plastic bottles.

Foods Allowed in Volcano Bay

Sandwich inside a stainless steel lunchbox

Guests visiting Volcano Bay can bring any food that does not require refrigeration or heating, including sandwiches or other packaged food.

Guests can bring a soft-sided cooler, but it must be smaller than 8.5” wide x 6” tall x 6” deep (21.6 cm x 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm).

Hard-sided coolers are not permitted.

Visitors can bring small bags of store-bought snack foods, including pre-packaged items, such as chips, popcorn, pretzels, candy, etc.

While many guests bring their own food and beverages to Volcano Bay, the park does offer a wide variety of unique dining options for parkgoers to enjoy.

What Items Does Volcano Bay Prohibit?

Person's hand holding a green and yellow plastic water gun or squirt gun

Visitors to Volcano Bay can bring various items to make their day easy and enjoyable.

However, Universal Orlando prohibits certain things, including:

  • Weapons and explosives
  • Marijuana and cannabis products
  • Illegal substances
  • Offensive clothing
  • Clothing that could create a hazard, like zippers or buckles
  • Clothing that could misrepresent a person’s identity as an emergency worker or Universal employee
  • Power-driven vehicles (e.g., scooters)

Guests of Volcano Bay (or any Universal Orlando property) may not bring weapons or explosives.

Things that look like weapons (e.g., water guns or toy guns) are also not allowed.

Marijuana, cannabis-containing products, or other illegal substances are prohibited at Volcano Bay.

Guests of Volcano Bay cannot wear clothing that may be deemed offensive, including items with vulgar or obscene language or imagery.

For safety reasons, clothing that could create a hazard is also prohibited.

These may include items with bulky zippers, large buckles, or loose objects.

Visitors cannot wear clothes or accessories to misrepresent themselves as emergency workers or Universal Orlando employees.

Power-driven devices like scooters and hoverboards are prohibited, as well as radio frequency-controlled devices.

Universal Orlando security has the final say on what visitors can and cannot bring into the water park – prohibited items will be confiscated, and guests may be barred from entering.

To avoid uncomfortable interactions with security personnel, guests should familiarize themselves with these rules in advance.

Can You Smoke at Volcano Bay?

Designated Smoking Area sign nailed to wooden railings

There are three smoking areas available at Volcano Bay, and outside of these areas, guests may not smoke, vape, or use e-cigarettes.

Smoking guests can confirm where the designated smoking areas are using the Universal Orlando mobile app.

Can You Bring Towels or Beach Chairs to Volcano Bay?

Visitors to Volcano Bay can take their own towels into the water park but cannot bring towels from Universal Orlando Hotels.

Guests who do not have towels can rent them from the park.

People cannot take beach chairs, folding chairs, or beach umbrellas into the park.

Guests can use the chairs provided or reserve a cabana or premium seats in a specific area of the park.

What Can I Wear at Volcano Bay?

Three pairs of flip flops on concrete near a body of water

Visitors can wear water shoes or flip-flops while visiting Volcano Bay – the sidewalks get hot in the summer, so shoes are necessary.

Guests can wear their shoes while riding some attractions (but not all), and there are nooks for flip-flops/water shoes at the entrances of many rides.

Everyone can wear swimwear throughout the park, but wetsuits are only permitted on certain rides.

Guests may have to remove their swim shirts, coverups, non-swimwear clothing, sunglasses, prescription glasses, and hats at some attractions, and ride attendants have the final say on what visitors can and cannot wear.

Guests of Volcano Bay can (and should) wear sunscreen.

They may want to reapply often since the rides and slides rub it off throughout the day.

Parkgoers should leave their life jackets at home, but those who need them can borrow one from the park.

Can You Bring Inflatables into Volcano Bay? 

Guests cannot take inflatable devices, rafts, or blow-up toys into Volcano Bay.

The rafts, tubes, and slide mats used on the park’s slides and rides are a specific size, and Universal Orlando has plenty for all.

Volcano Bay allows parents to bring water wings or puddle jumpers for their babies and toddlers, and guests can wear swim goggles and ear/nose plugs while they enjoy the park.

Visitors who forget their own can purchase them inside the park.

Snorkels and snorkeling fins are not allowed in Volcano Bay, but snorkeling goggles that cover the nose are fine as long as they fasten snugly around the head.


Guests visiting Volcano Bay can expect a full day of water slides, rides, and poolside fun.

To prepare for their visit, parkgoers should review what is and isn’t allowed inside the park, as security will confiscate all prohibited items.

Generally speaking, Universal Orlando is quite generous with allowances for food, beverages, and personal items, mostly forbidding things that are dangerous, offensive, illegal, or may disturb other guests.

Understanding the rules in advance can help guests plan their trips and make the most of their experience at the Volcano Bay water park.