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How Wet Do You Get On Jurassic Park River Adventure?

At the heart of Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure lives the Jurassic Park River Adventure, a water ride through gentle (and not-so-gentle) herds of dinosaurs.

On this thrilling prehistoric attraction, guests are chased by Velociraptors and daringly escape a T-Rex, all before plunging down an 85-foot (25.9 m) 51º drop into the river below.  

When it was built in 1999, this drop was a record-breaking splash (literally), leaving prospective riders wondering if they leave the ride dry.

The Jurassic Park River Adventure splash zone covers the entire boat, so guests tend to leave the attraction with their hearts racing and their clothes dripping wet. However, riders sitting in the interior of the raft won’t get as soaked as those in the front row and sides. To keep clothes and bags dry, visitors can purchase ponchos and rent lockers to store their belongings.

This article explains what to expect from Jurassic Park River Adventure, how to avoid getting wet, and the best way to protect valuables while riding.

What Kind of Ride is Jurassic Park River Adventure?

Dinosaur animatronic peeking through some plants at trees at the Jurassic Park in Universal Orlando

The Jurassic Park River Adventure is an adaptation of Steven Speilbergs’ 1993 hit movie and is a fan favorite at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

This water-based ride takes guests down a seemingly tranquil river in the infamous Jurassic Park through fields of grazing herbivores – but just like in the film, things take a turn for the worst. 

Suddenly, riders float into the Raptor Containment Area just as the park’s power goes down. 

The rafts then sail downriver, trying to escape carnivorous dinosaurs on the loose. 

No Jurassic Park ride would be complete without a T-Rex, and this attraction is no exception. 

As the boat drifts through raptor territory, riders are nearly eaten before they escape over an 85-foot (25.9 m) waterfall.

The raft safely evades danger, but the splash at the bottom leaves some passengers drenched – a small price to pay to escape the clever raptors and the large-toothed predator.

As guests hurdle down the falls fearing for their lives, Universal snaps photos, leaving them with a purchasable souvenir of their trying river adventure.

How Wet Do You Get On Jurassic Park River Adventure?

How wet parkgoers get on the Jurassic Park River Adventure depends on where they sit.

The biggest cause of soaked clothes is the splash at the bottom of the 85-foot (25.9 m) drop. 

Riders sitting in the boat’s first and second rows can expect the worst, but guests in the center or towards the back might be protected by others around them.

It’s safe to assume, however, that everyone leaves the Jurassic Park River Adventure at least a little bit damp.

Where Can You Sit to Stay Dry On Jurassic Park River Adventure?

People riding the Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal Islands of Adventure

The back center of the raft is the best place to sit on the Jurassic Park River Adventure if you’re trying to stay dry.

On top of selecting the right seat, guests can do two other things to avoid getting wet. 

The first strategy for staying dry is to keep your arms down. 

When going down a spectacular drop like this, it’s natural for riders to raise their hands and cheer (or scream). 

Guests who don’t mind sacrificing this ritual can stay dry by holding their arms at their sides.

The second way to avoid the deluge is to bring a rain poncho or purchase one at Jurassic Outfitters before heading into the attraction. 

Ponchos are a great option for guests who wish to protect their phones, wallets, and keys while on the ride. 

Can You Store Your Things While Riding Jurassic Park River Adventure?

The Jurassic Park River Adventure does not provide free lockers for riders. 

Instead, guests can rent a standard or large-sized single-use locker at the kiosks located at the ride’s entrance. 

Standard lockers are 14 in x 5.5 in x 16.9 in (35.56 cm x 13.97 cm x 42.92 cm), ideal for small personal items like phones and wallets. 

Large lockers are 12 in x 13 in x 16.9 in (30.48 x 33.02 x 42.92 cm) and can be used for oversized items. 

Guests can also rent a large locker for the day by visiting the main locker location at the entrance to Islands of Adventure. 

The cost of locker storage varies, so check with the staff at the rental kiosk for up-to-date pricing.


It’s difficult to say exactly how wet you get when riding the Jurassic Park River Adventure.

To avoid getting soaked, the biggest factor to consider is where you sit on the boat. 

Riders in the first and second rows risk getting the wettest, whereas passengers in the center or back of the boat could potentially remain dry. 

Visitors can bring a plastic poncho or purchase one at the park to keep their clothes dry and protect any items in their pockets.

Single-use lockers are also available at the ride’s entrance for a fee, or guests can rent one for the day just inside the gates of Islands of Adventure.