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Can You Wear Crocs To Islands Of Adventure?

When planning a day of fun at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, footwear is the last thing anyone wants to worry about.

Most visitors opt for sneakers or tennis shoes when heading to a theme park, but Islands of Adventure is partially a waterpark, so some guests wonder if Crocs would be appropriate.

While there is no rule about wearing Crocs (or sandals) at any Universal Orlando theme park, the official website recommends against them. The ideal footwear for Island Adventures is tennis shoes or sneakers. However, depending on your comfort level, you could wear Crocs to the park.

This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wearing Crocs to Islands of Adventure and will offer tips on maximizing your comfort if you do decide to wear them.

Are Crocs Allowed at Islands of Adventure?

close up of person's feet wearing grey Crocs stepping on fallen leaves

Universal Orlando has no restrictions on wearing sandals, slip-on shoes, or other loose-fitting footwear, including Crocs.

However, their website states that wearing sandals to the parks is not recommended because, depending on the style, they may not fit securely to your feet, and you run the risk of injury when wearing open-toed shoes.

Since classic Crocs are closed-toed and have a backstrap, they could be considered appropriate footwear for a day at the parks.

Are Crocs a Good Idea for Islands of Adventure?

One benefit of Crocs is their comfort, especially in Florida’s hot and humid climate.

Crocs allow your feet to breathe and, unlike flip-flops, can be secured for a long day of walking and enjoying different attractions.

Moreover, since Islands of Adventure has water rides, wearing Crocs can be advantageous because guests won’t be stuck walking around in wet shoes.

Should You Wear Socks with Your Crocs?

If you decide to wear Crocs to Islands of Adventure, you should also consider whether to wear socks.

Socks can help protect your feet from fatigue or injury. However, if you wear Crocs to avoid wet feet on water rides, you risk soaking your socks.

If you do wear socks, you may want to remove them before riding a water ride or bring an extra pair with you.

Can You Wear Crocs on Roller Coasters?

People riding the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Studios

Some roller coasters may ask you to remove your Crocs, sandals, and other loose footwear before the ride begins so you don’t lose your shoes or harm others if your shoe flies off during the ride.

Some visitors report removing their shoes on most rides, whether it was required or not. They chose to sit on their Crocs rather than risk losing them.

Are Crocs Comfortable to Wear All Day?

Whether Crocs are comfortable to wear all day depends on your personal level of comfort and familiarity with Crocs.

Regardless of the shoes you choose to wear to Universal Orlando, you should walk at least 10,000 steps in one day to prepare.

This will let you know ahead of time if those shoes will give you blisters or sore feet during your visit.

You can also experience a range of weather conditions while at the park, including sunshine, rain, humidity, etc.

Taking your shoes for a test run will better equip you for your day at the park.

How Far Can You Walk in Crocs?

On average, a typical day at Islands of Adventure involves 8-10 hours of walking and up to 10,000 steps. 

While Crocs are nice to wear while running errands, you may regret your decision after wandering around Universal for a full day.

Crocs are a better choice for walking around your hotel room, going to breakfast, or other easy treks through the parks.

What Shoes are Recommended for Islands of Adventure?

Multiple different colored sneakers on a white floor

A good pair of tennis shoes are the most recommended footwear for visiting Islands of Adventure.

Ideally, your shoes will be broken in, allowing you to walk all day comfortably without getting sore feet or blisters.

Tennis shoes or sneakers also protect your toes from injury and are made with athletes in mind – meaning, if your feet sweat during the day, you’ll likely still be comfortable.


It is not recommended to wear Crocs during your visit to Islands of Adventure.

While Crocs have some benefits, you may not be permitted to wear them on some rides as they can fall off.

That said, whether you choose to wear Crocs ultimately depends on your personal comfort.

Practice walking long distances in your Crocs to prepare for the 8-10 hours of activity expected during a day at Islands of Adventure.

Overall, Universal Orlando’s website recommends against wearing sandals or slip-on shoes of any kind.

The best way to ensure your comfort all day is to wear tennis shoes or sneakers.