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How to Walk to Disneyland Entrance?

You’ve finally made it to Disneyland!

But, *gasp*, you don’t know how to get to the main entrance so that you can start enjoying your trip. 

Well, the directions to walk to the Disneyland entrance depend on how you are entering the park. If you come in from the west, you will take Disneyland Drive to the Downtown Disney District. Or, if you enter from the east, you need to follow South Harbor Blvd to the bus depot. 

Where Is Disneyland’s Main Entrance?

Exterior of the main entrance of Disneyland

You will find the main entrance to both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park at the esplanade in the center of the two parks. 

You can enter the esplanade from either the east or the west. 

Disneyland’s West Entrance

Disneyland’s west entrance is off of Disneyland Drive, on the other side of the Downtown Disney District. 

Typically, most people refer to this entrance as the primary route into the park. 

You can identify this entryway because it is across from Disneyland Hotel. 

Disneyland’s East Entrance 

Disneyland’s east entrance is off of South Harbor Boulevard. 

You will walk through the bus depot and then follow the path to the security checkpoint to gain entry. 

Walking to the Main Entrance From…

In the following sections, I’ll explain how to walk to Disneyland’s main entrance from some of the most common areas of the resort. 

The East Entrance Bus Depot 

Walking into Disneyland from the bus depot is very simple and quick. 

You just need to venture straight down the paved pathway to reach the esplanade, where you will enter either Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park. 

The easiest way to make sure you are going the right way is to follow the crowd of people as they walk westward toward the park. 

A Hotel on South Harbor Blvd 

There are plenty of off-site hotels on South Harbor Blvd, and it is plenty easy to walk to the east entrance from any of them. 

To do so, you first need to make sure you exit your hotel on the side that faces South Harbor Blvd. 

Then, if you are staying at one of the hotels close to the Santa Ana Fairway exit (such as Howard Johnson or Tropicana Inn and Suites), you will walk south on South Harbor Blvd. 

Next, when you reach Cold Stone Creamery, you will turn right into the bus depot. 

Once there, you will continue straight into the park. 

Or, if your hotel is next to or south of West Disney Way (such as Hotel Indigo or Hotel Lulu), you should walk north on South Harbor Blvd. 

Then turn left at Cold Stone Creamery and continue to the ticket booth. 

Anaheim GardenWalk Parking Structure or Toy Story Parking Area 

If you are walking from either the Anaheim GardenWalk Parking Structure or the Toy Story Parking Area, you will need to head west on West Disney Way toward The Anaheim Hotel. 

At the end of the street, turn right onto South Harbor Blvd. 

If you are going the right way, you will quickly pass a bar called The Fifth and a Denny’s. 

Then, turn left when you reach Cold Stone Creamery. 

You will find yourself in the bus depot, where you just need to continue straight until you reach the esplanade, which houses Disneyland’s ticket booths and entrances. 

The walk will take about 10-15 minutes. 

Downtown Disney District Simba Parking Lot 

If you parked at the Downtown Disney District Simba Parking Lot, you first need to head toward the front of the lot, where you will see Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. 

You will then turn left at this hotel onto Disneyland Drive. 

Next, turn left into the Paradise Pier’s entranceway until you make it to the roundabout. 

Then, go right and continue past the Disneyland Hotel. 

After, turn right at the next pathway, which will take you to the Downtown Disney District entrance. 

This walk will take 10-15 minutes. 

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

From Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, you need to exit from the back of the building and then turn right. 

You will continue straight through the roundabout and beyond Disneyland Hotel. 

Afterward, turn right at the next pathway and make your way straight over the bridge until you reach the entrance to the Downtown Disney District. 

This walk will take you about 10-15 minutes. 

Disneyland Hotel 

Wide view of the front of a hotel owned and operated by Disney

The Disneyland Hotel is one of the closest structures to Disneyland’s west entrance. 

To get to the entrance, you need to begin at the front of the hotel’s main building. 

From this point, begin walking northward (left if you’re coming out of the hotel’s front door) down the walkway in front of the hotel. 

Then, turn right on the path that is immediately past the hotel. 

Follow this pathway to the Downtown Disney District entrance. 

It will only take you about five minutes to complete this walk. 

Mickey and Friends Parking Structure or Pixar Pals Parking Structure 

If you are coming from either the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure or the Pixar Pals Parking Structure, you will need to enter the park through the west entrance. 

To make it to this entryway, you have to turn right on Disneyland Drive after you come out of the front of either parking area. 

Then, as soon as you pass the Pixar Pals Parking Structure, you will see a path that follows the road. 

Take this path and continue down it until you reach the first left. 

This left will bring you to the Downtown Disney District entrance, where you can continue onward to enter the actual Disneyland parks. 

You can complete this walk in about 10-15 minutes. 

Where Are the Disneyland Parking Lots and How Do I Reach Them?

Aerial view of Disney World's parking area with a shuttle during sunset

Disneyland has five parking lots and parking structures, three of which face the west entrance and two which are near the east gate. 

The Anaheim GardenWalk Parking Structure and Toy Story Parking Area are the eastern lots, and they face each other on West Katella Avenue. 

The other three, called the Downtown Disney District Simba Parking Lot, Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, and Pixar Pals Parking Structure, are on Disneyland Drive. 

They are all about a 10-15 minute walk away from the park. 

Entering Disneyland From I-5

If you are entering Disneyland from I-5 (Santa Ana Fairway), you need to take exit 11A onto Harbor Boulevard. 

Then, drive down South Harbor Boulevard before turning left on West Katella Avenue and parking in either the Anaheim GardenWalk Parking Structure or the Toy Story Parking Area. 

Entering From the South 

If you are coming into Disneyland Resort from the south, you need to head north on West Street. 

West Street will then become Disneyland Drive. 

You can choose from one of the three parking areas on that road. 

Entering From the West 

If you are heading to Disneyland from the west, such as from Long Beach, you can easily enter the resort from West Katella Avenue. 

You can then either turn left onto Disneyland Drive to park at a west entrance structure or continue past Disneyland on West Katella to the east entrance parking areas. 

Can I Walk to Disneyland From Downtown Los Angeles?

Street sign in downtown Los Angeles

Technically, you can, but you would be walking for quite a long time. 

The walk to Disneyland from Dodger Stadium, which is about in the center of Los Angeles, will take you about 11 hours. 

So, no. 

Disneyland is not within walking distance of downtown Los Angeles. 

However, you can get to Disneyland from downtown Los Angeles by car in about 35 minutes. 

You can also take a bus from L.A. to Disneyland, but I personally don’t recommend this plan because a bus trip on this route lasts about three hours.


Basically, if you are going to walk into Disneyland, you have two main options. 

You can either come in through the west entrance on Disneyland Drive or the east entrance on South Harbor Boulevard.