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Can You Use Multiple Disney Gift Cards to Buy Tickets Online?

Many people use Disney gift cards to pay for their tickets online because it’s fast and easy, especially if someone has already purchased the cards for you. 

But can you use more than one card to pay for Disney tickets online?

Technically, you can only pay for tickets with one Disney gift card. However, if you have multiple gift cards that you want to use to pay for your tickets, you can combine them into one card. To integrate tickets, you just need to visit Disney’s gift card website. 

How to Integrate Your Disney Gift Cards

If you need to integrate your Disney gift cards to pay for your tickets, you first need to navigate to the Disney gift card website

Then, you should create an account or log in to your account if you already have one. 

Now, you’ll need to add all of your gift cards to your account if you haven’t already. 

And don’t forget that to add a card to your account, you will need the 8-digit security code and 16-digit account number from your card, so make sure to have this information with you. 

After adding the cards to your account, you can then choose the primary card you want to transfer the money on your other cards to. 

Next, click the option that says “Add Funds from Another Card.” 

You can add up to $1,000 onto a single Disney gift card. 

How Many Disney Gift Cards Can You Combine At Once?

You can combine up to six gift cards at one time, meaning you can add the funds of up to five cards to your primary card. 

If you want to integrate more than six cards, you can just choose “Add Funds from Another Card” again to put their values on your primary card. 

How to Buy Disney Tickets Online With a Disney Gift Card 

Person holding two Disneyland tickets

First off, when buying Disney park tickets, you will, of course, need to navigate to the ticket page of the park you are going to. 

And because it can be a bit tricky to find the park ticket pages, let me point out that you can buy Disney World tickets here and Disneyland tickets here

Then, once on the ticket page, you will need to add the tickets to your shopping cart. 

To do this, you have to: 

  • Select the number of days you want your ticket to last 
  • Choose the type of ticket you want (1 Park Per Day, Water Park and Sports, etc.)
  • Pick the days of your trip 
  • Determine the number of tickets you need 
  • Add more options, if you want 
  • Continue to payment 

Now, from the payment page, you will enter some more personal information, such as your guests’ names and your phone number. 

Finally, when you make it to “Payment Info,” you should choose “Use a Disney Gift Card,” where you can enter your account number and EAN. 

And, by the way, the EAN stands for Extended Account Number and is the number on the back of your card listed under either “Security Code” or “PIN.” 

What if My Tickets Cost More Than $1,000?

As stated above, you can only put up to $1,000 on a single Disney gift card, and you can only use one card to pay for your tickets. 

These facts can create a problem if you want to pay with a gift card, but your tickets cost more than $1,000. 

Luckily, though, there is a simple way around this dilemma. 

You’ll just need to make separate payments so that you can use a different gift card for each transaction. 

You can make these individual payments by either purchasing each person’s ticket separately or only paying for a few days for everyone at a time. 

What if My Gift Cards Don’t Cover My Whole Ticket?

If your tickets cost more than the amount you have on your gift card, you can combine payment options to pay for your tickets online. 

To do this, you’ll just add both the information on your gift card and your other payment method when you check out online. 

What Other Payment Options Does Disney Accept?

Disney accepts the following payment options: 

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard 
  • American Express 
  • Discover 
  • Paypal (United States residents only)

You can also pay for Disney tickets by redeeming Disney Rewards dollars. 

To earn Disney Rewards dollars, you will need to get a Disney Visa credit card. 

Then, every time you use your Disney credit card, you will earn Disney dollars. 

Each Disney dollar you earn equals one US dollar, which you can use to pay for many Disney items, including park tickets. 

Is There Any Way to Pay for Tickets With Multiple Gift Cards Without Integrating?

There is a way to pay for Disney tickets with multiple gift cards in one transaction without integrating them, but you can’t do so online. 

If you want to use several gift cards at once, you need to call Disney’s ticket customer service line. 

The number for help with Disney World tickets is (407) 939-5277. 

Meanwhile, to discuss Disneyland tickets, you should call (714) 781-4636. 

Can I Use Disney Gift Cards to Buy an Annual Pass?

Multiple people in a circle holding Disneyland passes

Yes, you can use Disney gift cards to buy an annual pass. 

The rules for buying annual passes with gift cards are basically the same as purchasing park tickets with them. 

You can only use one gift card at a time, and the card can not have more than $1,000 on it. 

Also, again, you can pay for part of your annual pass with a gift card and the other part with another payment option. 

Or, if you are a Florida resident, you can sign-up for a payment plan to pay for your Disney World annual passes. 

If you choose this option, you can use a gift card to pay your down payment. 

However, you’ll have to have a credit or debit card to pay for the monthly installments. 

Can I Use Disney Gift Cards to Pay for Other Parts of My Disney Vacation Online?

You can use Disney gift cards to pay for hotels, merchandise, spa treatments, dining, and certain other Disney items and services. 

Yet, after park tickets, hotels and merchandise are the most common Disney expenses people pay for online. 

So, let’s take a quick look at how to pay for them with gift cards online. 

Paying for Hotels With a Disney Gift Card Online

Exterior of Disneyland Park hotel

To pay for your hotel rooms with a gift card online, you need to navigate to your online reservation and pay the balance using one Disney card, which can contain up to $1,000. 

To do this, you have to: 

  • Sign in to your Disney account 
  • Go to “My Plans” and click on “Resort Hotel” 
  • Select the payment link and enter your information, including the required numbers on your Disney gift card

After paying, you should see the updated balance. 

You can pay for the rest with another Disney-approved payment option or gift card. 

Paying for Merchandise With a Disney Gift Card Online

You can pay for Disney merchandise with gift cards at the following online stores: 

  • DisneyWorld.com
  • Disneyland.com
  • DisneyCruiseLine.com
  • DisneyBeachResorts.com
  • DisneyMusicEmporium.com
  • DisneyPhotoPass.com

And again, you can only use one card per transaction that contains less than $1,000. 


Technically, you can only use one Disney gift card to pay for your tickets online. 

However, you can combine up to six gift cards on the Disney gift card website as long as the total does not reach beyond $1,000. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to call Disney’s ticket customer service line for help to pay for your tickets with multiple cards.