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Can Disneyland Tickets Be Used at Disney World?

Maybe Florida is closer to home, so a Disney World vacation would be better. 

Or, it might be you just decided you’d actually prefer Disney World over Disneyland. 

But can you transfer those Disneyland tickets you’ve already bought to Disney World?

Unfortunately, you can not use Disneyland tickets for a trip to Disney World. Although Disney owns both Disneyland and Disney World resorts, they are actually separate entities that run independently. Thus, you can not just transfer tickets from one to the other. 

Why Can’t I Use Disneyland Tickets at Disney World?

POV of a person holding up two Disneyland Tickets

Basically, you can’t use Disneyland tickets at Disney World because Disney’s policies do not allow you to. 

Now, this rule may seem strange because Disney owns both resorts, but, overall, Disneyland and Disney World are separate entities. 

Therefore, their tickets are not interchangeable. 

Can I Use a Disneyland Annual Pass at Disney World?

Sadly, just like tickets, you can not use a Disneyland annual pass at Walt Disney World. 

When you buy a Disneyland annual pass, you are only paying for access to Disneyland’s parks. 

So, to visit Walt Disney World, you would have to buy either a ticket or a pass that is specifically for that resort. 

Can I Use Disney Gift Cards at Both Parks?

Screenshot of Disney Shop website showing the page for purchasing gift cards

Thankfully, yes. 

You can use Disney gift cards at both Disneyland and Disney World. 

You can also use your gift cards at other Disney locations, such as: 

  • Any Disneystore site in the US
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Any of Disney’s Beach Resorts 
  • shopDisney.com
  • Aulani Disney Resort in Hawaii 
  • Adventures by Disney 

So, if you have already bought Disney gift cards for a Disneyland vacation but decide to visit Disney World instead, you can still use all of those cards. 

Can I Use a Disneyland MagicBand at Disney World?

As of now, you can not use a Disneyland MagicBand at Disney World. 

However, Disney only recently introduced MagicBands to Disneyland even though guests have used them at Disney World for years now. 

Thus, many people hope that Disney will integrate the two bands in the future. 

But, for now, the Disneyland MagicBand and Disney World MagicBand are different, so you can not use them at both parks. 

Can I Use Disney World Tickets at Disneyland?


There was a point in time (pre-2014) when Disneyland did accept Disney World tickets, but Disney has ended this offer. 

Where Can I Buy Disney World Tickets?

Screenshot of Disney World website showing the page to purchase tickets

Again, since you can’t use Disneyland tickets or passes at Disney World, you will have to purchase new tickets if you are heading to Florida. 

The easiest way to get Disney World tickets is online through Disney World’s website or the My Disney Experience app. 

Either way, to purchase a ticket online, you will start by selecting the number of days you want to visit the park, the type of ticket you prefer, and which days you wish to book your reservation. 

Next, you’ll choose how many guests you will bring and their ages. 

Then, you can pay for your tickets using one of Disney’s approved payment options. 

You can also buy tickets at the park, but I personally don’t advise this choice. 

Buying tickets at Disney World’s ticket booths is risky because you may get all the way there and find out that the park is full. 

Also, the lines to buy tickets can get quite long, especially during Disney’s busiest seasons around major holidays and in mid-summer. 

Yet, purchasing tickets online in advance will guarantee you can get into the park and will save you time. 

How Different Are Disneyland and Disney World?

If you are thinking about using your Disneyland tickets to go to Disney World, you may be wondering just how different the two resorts are, so you can determine which is better. 

Well, listing all the ways the two differ would be quite a long article. 

So, instead, I will give you some general distinctions between the two to help you decide. 

Probably the most significant difference between the two parks is the fact that Disney World is quite a bit larger. 

Disneyland occupies about 500 acres, which seems rather large until you hear that Disney World takes up 43 square miles. 

Secondly, each Disney resort has different theme parks and rides. 

Disneyland has places such as New Orleans Square, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland. 

Meanwhile, Disney World offers Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. 

And the last big difference, of course, is their location. 

Disney World is in central Florida, outside of Orlando, while Disneyland is in Southern California, not far from Los Angeles. 

Location is especially important to those who want to sightsee outside the park. 

How Far Apart Are Disneyland and Disney World?

Screenshot of a Google Map showing the distance between Disney World and Disneyland

If you are looking to use Disneyland tickets at Disney World, you may be thinking of splitting your vacation between the two. 

This plan may sound reasonable, especially to people who have never been to the US, because both parks are in the same country after all. 

Yet, the US is massive, and Disneyland and Disney World are actually about 2,500 miles apart. 

So, if you were to attempt to drive from Disneyland to Disney World or vice versa, it would take you about 35 hours of straight driving. 

And even if you took a plane, it would still be about a five-hour journey. 

Thus, unless you have a lot of time, it’s probably best to only go to one resort per vacation. 

Can Southern California Residents Get a Discount to Disney World Too?

Just about anyone who lives in Southern California knows they can get discounted tickets to Disneyland. 

But, can they get those same discounts for Disney World?

No, unfortunately, only Florida residents can access special region-based tickets to Disney World. 

All California locals will have to pay full price to enter Disney World unless they have discounted tickets for another reason, such as those meant for active military service members. 


Sadly, you can not use Disneyland tickets at Disney World because the two parks are not totally integrated. 

The same rule applies to those with Disney World tickets who want to visit Disneyland. 

Basically, you must have a ticket that is specifically for the Disney resort you want to enter.