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Is Universal Studios Orlando Worth Visiting For 2 Days Only?

If you’re short on time but still dying to spend a couple of days at Universal Studios you may be concerned you’re not going to see everything your family hopes to see while you’re there.

We’ll discuss what you can expect during your visit to the parks, how to get the most out of a limited amount of time, and what an ideal itinerary looks like.

Universal Studios Orlando Resort is massive. It’s the second-largest theme park resort in Orlando behind Disney World.

To do and see everything, guests should expect to spend at least two days in the parks, if not more. But even if you can only devote one or two days to Universal, the parks are more than worth visiting. 

Here we’ll answer some common questions about how much time each park takes to get through to help you make your plans for Universal Studios. 

Can You Do Universal Studios Orlando in Two Days?

Panoramic view of an area in Universal Orlando where hotels are located

Universal Studios Orlando is a resort with two major theme parks, a water theme park, and a myriad of hotel and entertainment options. 

Focusing on the two theme parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, is it possible to experience the best of both the parks in two days or less?

It’s definitely worth visiting the parks, even if you only have two days to do it. 

Two days is generally agreed upon to be the minimum amount of time you’ll need to experience most of the parks. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Universal Studios Orlando is just as much an experience as it is a place full of exciting rides.

Both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure have distinct Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter and each of those can take an entire day to fully experience. 

Shows in the park run on a set schedule. Guests can begin entering before a show starts, but the capacity for all of them is limited. 

You’ll need to balance getting there early enough to grab a spot with losing time for other attractions.

The parks are huge and if the rides and themes suit you, Universal Orlando can take a week to truly immerse yourself. 

Two days is generally the bare minimum you need to do Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, but more time will help you feel less rushed. 

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip

Screenshot of Universal Orlando website showing the page for purchasing express passes

There are plenty of things you can do to help avoid feeling rushed or feeling like you’re missing out if time is limited. 

These tips will help you get the most out of your visit to the parks and aid with prioritizing the attractions you absolutely can’t miss. 

Buy park-hopper tickets. Buying a two-day, two-park ticket will not only save you a little money, but they’ll also give you free rein to jump between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. 

Along with other add-ons, these tickets make it easier for guests to prioritize attractions and save time in the parks. 

Speaking of add-ons, if you can afford them, Express Passes are more than worth their price tag. 

They allow guests to skip the normal lines and use an expedited queue for rides and attractions. It may not seem like a big incentive, but it can cut an hour-long wait time to under fifteen minutes. 

Queue time adds up throughout the day and Express Passes can save hours of valuable park time. 

Create an itinerary. Before visiting Universal Studios Orlando, be sure to spend some time on their website checking out the rides, attractions, and shows. 

Make a list of the “must-do” attractions and be sure to hit those before anything else. 

Check out theme park crowd calculators when planning your trip. 

Whenever possible, visit the parks on days with lower than expected crowd numbers. 

The fewer people are in the park the better since lines for attractions, shops, and dining will all be shorter. 


Do Universal tickets have to be used on consecutive days?

Tickets for Universal Studios parks don’t have to be used on consecutive days

The way the tickets work is that they become active on the first date printed on the ticket, which is the first day you’ll need to visit the park.

Multi-day tickets allow guests entry for a number of other days within a set period after the activation day. 

To simplify this, the tickets have an expiration date on them and you can use the additional days at any point before the expiration date.

Keep in mind that unused days will not be refunded and expire when the ticket expires. 

Can Universal Studios be done in one day?

It is possible to do Universal Studios in one day, but you’ll likely be skipping a lot of attractions. Adding in Islands of Adventure will make the day even more rushed but still doable.

To do this you’ll need a two-park ticket that allows for entry into both parks and a set plan of which attractions you’ll want to hit. 

The Hogwarts Express Train Ride ferries guests between the Harry Potter Worlds of each park, so there’s no need to leave and come back.

Express Passes are almost a must if you want to do both parks or even a single one in only one day. Cutting the wait time for rides at least in half is what will let you hit everything you want to. 

When are the least-crowded times to visit Universal Studios Orlando?

Diagon Alley in Universal Orlando with a small crowd of patrons

January, February, and September tend to be the slowest times of year for the parks. January is one of the slowest because it’s right after the holidays. 

September is when kids have gone back to school and fewer families will be headed to the parks for vacations.

These three months tend to be the best times to go to the parks since the daily attendance during the week is at its lowest points.

Weather-wise, January and February tend to be very mild in Orlando, and even the water park is usually still open. 

September is much harsher, with hot and humid weather that will make a trip on the water rides feel necessary. 


Even if you can only devote two days to Universal Studios Orlando, the parks are more than worth visiting. 

There’s something for everyone in the parks, from heart-pumping thrill rides to the slower-paced experiences like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or one of the many shows in the parks.

If you have a limited amount of time for the parks, take advantage of any and all time-saving tips that you can. 

The more time you save waiting in lines, the more you’ll be able to do while you’re in the park.