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Is My Universal Studios Pass Expired? (4 Ways to Check It)

Visiting a Universal Studios Park is fun and exciting, but it takes some planning before you can enjoy your visit.

If you already have a pass you may be wondering if it’s expired. Checking out the ways to determine if a pass is expired, we came across the answers you need. 

If you have a pass to a Universal Studios park, you can make sure the pass is not expired by either contacting the park by phone, checking your confirmation email at the time of purchase for the end date, and going to the park website to log into your account. 

There are several ways you can check to see if your Universal Studios pass is expired and here we will explore exactly what you need to do.

4 Ways to Check If Your Universal Studios Pass Expired

Call The Park

Person speaking on phone while reading on a laptop

One of the fastest and easiest ways to check if your pass is expired is to call the Univeral Studios Park directly.

You will be connected to a customer service agent who will be able to tell you when your pass expired or if it is still valid.

You will need to provide some information to the agent to confirm your identity and to help them look up the information associated with your pass.

This information may include your full name, address, date of birth, and phone number.

If they are not able to look up your pass information with these details, you may need to provide the credit card you used to purchase your pass.

Email Confirmation

When you purchase your pass, you should receive an email confirmation email that includes information associated with your park pass.

This email will come the same day you buy your pass and will have the expiration date included on it.

If you need to check the date when you purchased your pass to determine if it is still valid, you will simply need to find the email and check out the date.

You can also open the email to find the expiration date of your pass. You may want to print these documents for your own records.

Physical Pass

If you have your physical pass with you, you can simply look at it to find the expiration date.

This information will be on the front of your card. If you do not have a copy of your card, you can get a replacement card from the park.

You can also check the paperwork you signed or received with your pass to see if it contains the expiration date.


You can check the Universal Studios website you visited when you purchased the pass and log in to your account.

Here you will be able to pull up all the information about your park pass. You will easily be able to figure out when it expires or how much longer you can use it.

You can also renew your pass on the website.

When Do Universal Studios Passes Expire?

A Universal Studios pass is good for one year from the date you first use it. No matter when you buy your pass, it won’t be activated until you visit the park for the first time.

Once you have used your pass on the first day, you will have one year or 365 days to continue to use it before it expires.

This includes blackout days when you aren’t able to visit the park with your pass. Adult and childrens’ passes are all valid for the same amount of time.

4 Ways How To Renew Your Universal Studios Pass

Universal Studios passes are good for one year from the first time of use.

If you find out your Universal Studios pass is expired, there are plenty of ways to update it quickly and easily so you can still stay on track with your planned trip.


Woman using a laptop in the living room

If you are in a hurry to renew your pass and want to do it from the comfort of your own home, you can easily do so online.

Simply log into your account and check to see if your pass is expired or if it is still valid.

If it is about to expire or if it is already expired, you can easily renew it with the payment method you used to buy the pass initially, or with a new payment option of your choice.

You shouldn’t have to update your information, as it will already be filled in the form. Once you renew your pass, it will be ready to use.

Over The Phone

You can call the Universal Studios park where you plan to visit to upgrade or renew your season pass.

Simply provide the required information over the phone and choose the payment method of your choice.

Your pass will be updated and you can either pick up your physical pass at the box office, have it mailed to you, or you can print off your documents at home.


You can stop by the Universal Studios park of your choice and visit the box office to renew your pass.

You can bring your old pass if you have it so the process is much faster. You will need to provide some basic information about yourself and the payment for the pass.

You can buy your pass and go to the Universal Studios park on the same day.


If you purchased your pass with FlexPay and it is about to expire, you won’t have to do anything but let it renew on its own.

FlexPay passes will automatically renew each year with the payment method you used to purchase the pass.

If you decide that you don’t want your pass to automatically renew, you will need to write to FlexPay and request that they cancel your pass.

Why Should I Renew My Universal Studios Pass?

If you already have a Universal Studios pass and are wondering if you should renew it, there are many advantages to consider.

Every year, Universal Studios add new perks and benefits for pass holder to enjoy.

You can expect to receive many of the same perks you enjoyed with your previous season pass and more. Some advantages include,

  • Free or discounted parking
  • Unlimited park access (blackout dates apply)
  • Invitations to special events in the park
  • Discounts at park restaurants
  • Discounts at park shops

What Are My Payment Options When I Renew My Universal Studios Pass?

Person holding a wallet containing cash and cards

When you renew your Universal Studios pass, you will need to pay for it before it can be processed.

Universal Studios parks have many different payment options you can consider. You may choose to pay for your pass in full the day you renew it.

This can give you an even bigger discount off the purchase price, sometimes up to 25%, depending on the promotion the park is running at the time.

You can use cash or a debit or credit card if you are renewing in person and if you are renewing online or over the phone, you may use a debit or credit card to cover the cost.

If you would prefer to break up the price into smaller payments that you can pay monthly, you can use the FlexPay option.

This option will split up the payment and Flex Pay will charge your debit or credit card every month until the pass is paid off.

Keep in mind if you choose the FlexPay option when your purchase or renew your pass, it will automatically renew each year when the pass expires.

You will only be able to cancel the renewal if you contact FlexPay in writing and request to cancel your pass.


A Universal Studios Park pass has many perks. Not only does it allow you to visit the park of your choice multiple times for one low price, but it also comes with special discounts to use in the park.

Your Universal Studios pass is valid for one year from the time you first use it. If your pass is expired or is about to expire, it’s easy to renew it in multiple ways.

If you choose to pay with the FlexPay option, it will automatically renew each year until you cancel in writing.

You can check the status of your pass and renew it online, at the park, or over the phone.