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Does Universal Orlando Accept Apple Pay?

Contactless payments have become increasingly popular, and many iPhone users have fallen in love with Apple Pay.

Grocery stores, movie theaters, and even doctor’s offices all accept Apple’s fast and convenient payment system.

However, when planning a trip to a theme park like Universal Orlando, it’s important to know if you can use Apple Pay before you get there.

Currently, Universal Orlando does not accept Apple Pay. Instead, Universal has its own payment system, Universal Pay, accessed through its official app. Guests can use Universal Pay at most stores and quick-service restaurants in Universal’s parks, but not everywhere accepts it.

Keep reading to learn how to use Universal Pay and the other payment methods accepted at Universal Orlando.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Universal Orlando?

Visitors to Universal Orlando cannot use Apple Pay; however, Universal accepts several other payment options.

What Payment Options Does Universal Orlando Accept?

Person holding a wallet containing cash and cards

Guests can use the following payment methods at Universal Orlando:

  • Cash (US currency only)
  • Discover Card
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Personal Check (From US banks only)
  • Traveler’s Check
  • Money Order
  • Universal Pay

What Is Universal Pay?

Person using a mobile payment service to pay at a cafe

Universal Pay is very similar to Apple Pay.

With Universal Pay, you can add your preferred credit or debit card to the Universal app, which you can then use to make payments in the park.

However, you can not pay for everything at Universal with Universal Pay – it’s only accepted at specific shops and quick-service restaurants.

How Do I Set Up Universal Pay?

Paying for items with a Universal Pay account is almost exactly the same as paying with Apple Pay.

When you’re ready to pay, navigate to your phone’s virtual wallet and select Universal Pay. A QR code will pop up on your device.

Show this code to the cashier, and they will scan it, completing your payment.

After scanning the QR, payment is charged to your linked credit or debit card.

Does Universal Pay Keep Track of My Purchases?

Yes, Universal Pay keeps track of your purchases.

To view your Universal Pay purchases, open your device’s virtual wallet and select “Receipts.”

Which Universal Orlando Restaurants Accept Universal Pay?

Most quick-service restaurants at Universal Orlando accept Universal Pay.

Quick-service restaurants are like the theme park version of fast food.

These eateries typically only offer counter service as opposed to table service restaurants, where a waiter serves you at your seat.

Does Universal Orlando Accept Google Pay?

No, Universal Orlando does not accept Google Pay.

Can I Pay With My TapuTapu Bracelet?

A great alternative to Universal Pay is the TapuTapu bracelet.

With the TapuTapu bracelet, you can set up TapTu Pay so you and your family can easily pay for food and merchandise at Volcano Bay.

You can even set up a spending limit for each bracelet.

How Do I Set Up TapTu Pay?

To set up TapTu Pay on a TapuTapu bracelet, you need to:

  • Open The Official Universal Orlando Resort app
  • Sign into your account or set one up
  • On the main menu, choose the wallet icon in the lower right corner
  • Enter your credit or debit card information
  • Scan the bar code on your Volcano Bay tickets (you can scan multiple bar codes to link them all to the same payment method)
  • Enter a security PIN to use when paying for items with your TapuTapu bracelet

Does Universal Orlando Accept Cash?

Visitors to Universal Orlando can use cash to pay for tickets, merchandise, food, and more.

However, although Universal Orlando accepts cash for most transactions, certain places at the park may require an alternative form of payment, like a credit card.

It’s usually a good idea to bring at least two forms of payment (e.g., cash and credit/debit card) when visiting Universal Orlando.

Does Universal Orlando Have Gift Cards?

Screenshot of Universal Orlando website showing the page where gift cards can be purchased

Universal Orlando offers gift cards that guests can use just about anywhere in the park.

Universal gift cards can be loaded with amounts from $10-$500 per card, have no fees, no expiration dates, and, if you accidentally overspend, you can reload them in the park.

These gift cards are a great alternative to cash and work well for budgeting as you set the spending limit.


Unfortunately, at this time, Universal Orlando does not accept Apple Pay.

However, visitors to the parks have plenty of other options for payment, including all major credit cards, cash, Universal Pay, the TapuTapu bracelet, and Universal Orlando gift cards.

Universal Pay is the closest alternative to Apple Pay if you’ve gotten used to contactless payments and don’t want to carry a wallet when visiting Universal Orlando.

To set up your account, download the official Universal app, and link your credit/debit card using your device’s virtual wallet.