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How Scary Is Test Track At Disney World?

Disney World Imagineers work hard to create rides and attractions that give parkgoers new and interesting experiences – not the least of which is taking a customized car for a spin on EPCOT’s Test Track.

This thrill ride is every adrenaline seeker and car enthusiast’s dream – but some guests might have reservations about trying this ride.

Test Track is an exciting attraction designed for guests of all ages. In other words, it’s not meant to be scary. That said, the darkness, sudden jolts, pop-ups, and high speeds could frighten some younger riders or make motion-sensitive guests uncomfortable.

This article gives visitors all the info they need about EPCOT’s Test Track, including where it’s located, who can ride, its overall theme, and what to expect from the riding experience.

Where Is Test Track Located?

Entrance at the Test Track by Chevrolet ride at EPCOT at Walt Disney World.

Test Track is located in World Discovery at EPCOT.

Once guests arrive at EPCOT, they’ll find the Test Track near the front of the park past Spaceship Earth (EPCOT’s iconic silver ball).

After coming across a large fountain, turn left, and you’ll see the blue Test Track arches.

For turn-by-turn directions to anywhere at Disney World, parkgoers should download the My Disney Experience app.

What Is Test Track’s Theme?

Test Track’s theme is innovative, action-packed, and futuristic – and would not be classified as upsetting or scary.

The ride is set in a Chevrolet Design Center where guests can craft their own virtual concept car.

When creating their ‘SIM Car,’ riders choose aspects like the vehicle’s color, engine, and body, then these personalized attributes are geared up for an adrenaline-inducing test drive.

While testing the SIM Car, the ride records stats like speed and endurance, which are then ranked at the end of the ride.

After the test is complete, guests can make and share an ad that features their SIM Car, race their SIM again on a miniature virtual test, or take a photo with their vehicle.

What to Expect When Riding Test Track

The lines of people waiting to enter the Test Track by Chevrolet ride at EPCOT at Walt Disney World.

Although Test Track isn’t deliberately designed to be scary, there are some features that younger riders or motion-sensitive guests could find unsettling, such as the ride’s speed, stunts, and darkness.

How Fast Is Test Track?

It’s no secret that EPCOT’s Test Track is fast – it’s the fastest attraction at Disney World, reaching speeds of up to 65 mph (104.6 kph).

While this acceleration is intense, it builds gradually and only occurs during the speed portion of the test.

Nevertheless, children or uneasy thrill riders might prefer something a little tamer.

How Intense Are Test Track’s Stunts?

On the Test Track, guests can expect to rev through straightaways, tackle switchbacks during inclement weather, caress 50-degree angle curves, and climb hills up to 3 stories tall.

The drops are small and very manageable – the other stunts, however, do cause the ride vehicle to jolt, stop, and turn suddenly.

These chaotic maneuvers could be startling to younger guests or uncomfortable for those with motion sickness.

The stunts also come with some surprise pop-up elements and loud noises.

One stunt in particular – the near-crash experience – could be problematic for some guests.

While Disney never actually puts riders in danger, this close call could be disturbing for kids or triggering for others.

Is Test Track a Dark Ride?

Disney doesn’t formally classify Test Tack as a dark ride; however, many test components take place in the dark, accompanied by flashing lights and glow-in-the-dark settings.

As such, any guests with a fear of the dark might find Test Track scary.

Parents/guardians should inform children of what to expect during the ride and help them determine if the experience is right for them.

Videos depicting a Test Track rider’s full point of view are also available online and can be used as a helpful preview of the ride.

Who Can Ride Test Track?

EPCOT’s Test Track is intended for kids, tweens, teens, and adults at least 40” (102 cm) or taller.

On top of meeting height requirements, Disney recommended that riders be at least five years of age.

That said, riders younger than five may still enjoy the ride if they love cars or are budding thrill-seekers.

The only catch is that anyone under seven years old needs to be accompanied by someone 14 or older.

Guests with high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or who are pregnant should not ride Test Track.

What Is the Seating Like on Test Track?

Cropped photo of a woman wearing a seatbelt.

To comply with safety measures and make the experience more authentic, guests ride the Test Track in standard car seats fastened with seatbelts.

Each ride vehicle can hold up to 6 passengers in two rows of three.

Ride vehicles feature an open-top sports car design that enables riders to feel fully immersed in the experience. 

The installation of rear wheels treading the track also adds to the stunts’ overall authenticity.

When Can You Ride Test Track?

Test Track’s schedule is available on Disney’s website and mobile app.

The ride is typically active during EPCOT’s usual hours of operation. 

Disney Hotel and Resort guests can access Test Track before the general public when they participate in Early Theme Park Entry

Test Track is also often available to Disney Hotel and Resort guests during Extended Evening Theme Park Hours.

These exclusive admission opportunities are perfect for popular rides (like Test Track), which can be busy during regular theme park hours. 


EPCOT’s Test Track could be scary for young children or intense for those with motion sensitivity.

While the ride is not intended to be frightening, elements such as high speeds, jolts, and darkness could make riders uncomfortable or uneasy.

On the flip side, kids, tweens, teens, or adults who love cars, thrills, and futuristic themes will surely enjoy this beloved attraction.