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How Scary Is Star Tours At Disney World?

Disney World not only offers guests a whole new world but also sends them off to explore a whole new universe.

Themed attractions like Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, based on the Star Wars franchise, throw parkgoers into hyperspace on an intense interstellar crusade.

Disney World’s Star Tours ride is not meant to be scary. However, small children or riders with motion sensitivity might find it moderately unsettling. The attraction’s quick tilts, jolts, and drops could cause queasiness, and confrontations between the audience and Star Wars antagonists may be startling for some guests.

This article explains where Star Tours is located in Disney World, what to expect from the experience, and who can board the ride. 

Elements that may make the ride frightening for certain guests will also be highlighted along the way.

Where Is Star Tours Located at Disney World?

Giant AT-AT Walker at the entrance of Star Tours in Disney World.

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue can be found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the Echo Lake area.

This intergalactic 3D space odyssey is a separate attraction from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, located past the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, in between the Backlot Express and Grand Avenue.

For a virtual map of Hollywood Studios, including turn-by-turn directions, parkgoers should download the My Disney Experience app

What Is the Theme of Disney’s Star Tours?

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is a 3D flight simulator centered around key characters and epic moments from Star Wars films and television franchises, including the most recent movie, The Last Jedi

While the cosmic theme calls for dark settings, flashing lights, and brief battles, the experience is designed to be more exciting than frightening.

Disney’s Imagineers carefully crafted the ride to present scenes based on various Star Wars installments.

What makes this layout unique is its constant evolution – as new Star Wars shows and movies are released, Imagineers add more scenes.

With over 60 interchangeable storylines, the attraction differs each time it’s ridden.

Each storyline sends riders on an exciting expedition, allowing them to experience a new adventure every time they visit. 

What to Expect When Riding Star Tours at Disney World

C-3PO standing in Star Tours at Disney World.

Even though Star Tours isn’t purposefully designed to be frightening, some elements of the attraction could startle certain riders.

The ride follows C-3PO as he is accidentally trapped in a Starspeeder’s cockpit while doing maintenance. 

Riders witness this mishap just before they receive their pre-flight instructions and are ushered into the flight simulator.

Before takeoff, guests are met by villains like Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, or Kylo Ren, who intend to abduct a rebel spy aboard the Starspeeder.

The rebel’s photo is revealed to riders as someone in the audience.

To protect the spy, the Starspeeder jets off, and the random sequencing begins.

Because C-3PO is the makeshift pilot, the ride is especially bumpy. 

However, the movement of the simulator, along with the 3D effects, accounts for all the motion that parkgoers experience throughout the ride.

How Intense Are Star Tours’ Ride Elements?

Since Star Tours operates on motion simulation and is not a roller coaster, its speed is moderate.

The ride does have some small drops, but they are short-lived and not intense.

Even though speed is unlikely to be an issue on Star Tours, some riders may feel nauseous as the simulator tilts, shakes, and jolts in time with cues from the 3D clips.

Younger riders may also feel uneasy during the ride, especially if they are afraid of the dark or any of the Star Wars antagonists.

Thankfully, any intense moments of the ride are quickly followed by uplifting feats.

The visuals also play a significant role in the intensity of the ride’s motion.

For temporary relief, riders can close their eyes during unsettling sequences.

Who Can Ride Star Tours at Disney World?

According to Disney, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is intended for kids, tweens, teens, and adults.

All riders must be at least 40” (102 cm) tall to board the spacecraft, and children under seven (7) must be supervised at all times and accompanied by someone at least 14 years old.

Due to turbulence, sharp turns, and unexpected drops, guests should be in good health before riding.

Visitors with high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, and motion sickness are advised against riding, as are pregnant parkgoers.

What Is Seating Like on Disney’s Star Tours?

An empty dark movie theater room.

The flight simulator for Star Tours is a dark theater room with padded seats that can hold up to 40 guests.

Each row can accommodate 8-10 visitors, secured in their seats by a lap belt.

The ride tends to be the most intense in the back; therefore, anxious guests should sit closer to the front or in the middle.

When Can You Ride Star Tours at Disney World?

Star Tours generally operates during regular theme park hours at Hollywood Studios, but guests can find the ride schedule on Disney World’s official website or the My Disney app.

Visitors staying at a Disney Resort hotel can access Star Tours earlier by taking advantage of Early Theme Park Entry, which allows them to enter the park before the gates open to the general public.

Star Tours is also a participating ride in Disney’s Genie+ Service, offering Lightning Lane access and a shorter wait time.

Guests can check wait times and access virtual queues (if available) through the My Disney Experience app.


Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is a moderately thrilling ride that the whole family will enjoy.

However, younger guests or riders with motion sensitivity might find some ride elements uncomfortable or startling. 

Guests uneasy about darkness, turbulence, or battles between infamous Star Wars antagonists might want to sit this one out.

Otherwise, this ever-changing and constantly improving attraction is perfect for Star Wars fans tall enough to ride.