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Can You Smoke At Islands Of Adventure?

Before visiting a theme park like Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure, reviewing the rules and regulations is always a good idea.

By familiarizing yourself with any restrictions, especially those around drinking or smoking, you ensure you travel responsibly while still enjoying yourself.

At Islands of Adventure, guests can smoke in designated areas. Islands of Adventure caters to all visitors, offering a smoke-free environment at restaurants and attraction sites while also providing spaces for smoking. These assigned areas allow guests who smoke to enjoy their visit without disturbing others or missing out on the action.

The following provides more information on the designated smoking areas at Islands of Adventure, including how to find them and the amenities they offer.

Where is Smoking Prohibited at Islands of Adventure?

Three birds perched on top of a no smoking sign

Smoking is prohibited anywhere at Islands of Adventure not marked as a designated smoking area, including rides, attractions, and onsite restaurants.

Why are there Smoking Restrictions at Islands of Adventure?

Smoking restrictions are in place at Islands of Adventure in accordance with Florida law that designates certain areas, including restaurants and bars, as smoke-free environments.

These restrictions are also in place to ensure the comfort of everyone visiting the theme park.

Designated smoking areas are a compromise that allows smokers to enjoy their visit without disturbing others.

Where are the Designated Smoking Areas at Islands of Adventure?

Designated Smoking Area sign nailed to wooden railings

Islands of Adventure has six designated smoking areas; however, locating these areas on a map can sometimes be tricky.

Recent reports have identified designated smoking spots near Ripsaw Falls, by Marvel Superhero Island, behind Mythos, and near the front of the park.

The best way to find up-to-date information on the location of smoking areas is to download the Universal Mobile App. The app is free to download and is easily accessible via the park-wide free WiFi.

Once you download the app, search for “Smoking Areas” in the search bar, and the locations should appear.

Are E-cigarettes and Marijuana permitted at Islands of Adventure?

Nowadays, smoking can mean more than just smoking tobacco.

The following will quickly break down the different types of smoking and whether they’re permitted.


Close up of a person's hand holding an electronic cigarette with a little smoke in the background

Electronic cigarettes, including vape pens, are still considered smoking.

Guests can bring e-cigarettes into the park but can only use them in designated smoking areas.


The consumption of marijuana is strictly prohibited at Universal Orlando Parks and Resorts.

Are The Designated Smoking Areas Convenient?

Even though the smoking areas at Islands of Adventure are limited to specific places, they offer a few conveniences.

They Help You Plan Ahead

A lot of preparation goes into a visit to Universal’s Islands of Adventure – planning when and where to smoke is no exception.

Understanding (in advance) where the designated smoking areas are, guests can plan their itineraries accordingly.

They’re Nearby

When traveling with a group, guests don’t want to miss out on the fun by having to search far and wide for a designated smoking area.

Luckily, most designated smoking areas are only a few minutes away from any given attraction.

They Still Have Views

By being nearby, designated smoking areas still offer a view of the attractions, allowing smoking guests to remain connected to the excitement.

They’re Comfortable

At Islands of Adventure, in particular, designated smoking areas provide spaces for guests to kick up their feet and avoid the heat.

These smoking areas have plenty of benches and tend to be more shaded than those at other parks.

Do All Universal Orlando Theme Parks Have Designated Smoking Areas?

According to the Universal Orlando Resort website, there are eight designated smoking areas at Universal Studios Florida and three at Universal’s Volcano Bay.

Visitors can use the mobile app to locate these areas at each park.

Staff can always answer additional questions directly, either at the park or through the information on their contact page.


While Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure is mostly a smoke-free environment, guests who smoke are welcome to use designated smoking areas found throughout the park.

These areas are readily available for park visitors and blend seamlessly into an activity-filled day.

The easiest way to locate a designated smoking area at any Universal Orlando theme park is to download the Universal Mobile App.