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Can You Sell Your Disneyland Tickets?

If you’ve bought Disneyland tickets but can no longer go to the resort, you may start wondering if you can re-sell those tickets. 

Unfortunately, Disneyland states that no one can re-sell their park tickets. However, you can give your tickets to someone else if you can’t use them. You can also hold onto the tickets until you can get to the park because Disneyland tickets don’t truly expire. 

Can I Re-Sell My Disneyland Tickets?

POV of a person holding up two Disneyland Tickets

I mean, technically, you can re-sell your park tickets online, but you will be doing so on shaky legal ground. 

Disneyland’s ticket terms and conditions state you can not re-sell your tickets in return for any kind of money, goods, or services. 

Thus, you really shouldn’t sell your Disneyland tickets. 

Yet, in most states, it is not illegal to simply re-sell your tickets at face value. 

Basically, what I mean is that you have to sell the tickets for the price you bought them. 

In some circumstances, though, it is legal to re-sell park or event tickets for a profit. 

Now, as you can probably start to see, current laws regarding this sort of thing can vary tremendously by state. 

So, if you are going to sell your Disneyland tickets, you really need to understand the laws that could apply to you. 

For example, in California, you can not re-sell a ticket unless you have the seller’s consent. 

And in this case, because Disneyland says you can not re-sell tickets, California law does not allow you to sell Disney tickets. 

You should also note that California hands out misdemeanor charges for those who sell tickets on the grounds of an event. 

Thus, trying to sell Disneyland tickets at Disneyland is pretty risky. 

Why Can’t I Re-Sell My Disneyland Tickets?

Of course, all these rules surrounding the re-selling of tickets make some people wonder, “Well, I bought the tickets, so why can’t I sell them?”

Yet, as I said, you can re-sell amusement park tickets in some cases. 

However, many states have laws about the re-sale of tickets because they want to prevent a phenomenon called “scalping.”

Scalping is when a person buys up tickets and then re-sells them at an increased price to make a profit. 

Many people see scalping as unfair because it forces people to buy tickets at an inflated price. 

Thus, several US states have created laws to try to ban the practice. 

What Else Can I Do With Disneyland Tickets if I Can’t Sell Them?

If you have some Disneyland tickets lying around and collecting dust, you have some other options to consider besides selling them. 

Gift Your Disneyland Tickets 

Person handing over a ticket to another person sitting on a park bench

If you know someone else who can use your Disneyland tickets, you can easily gift them to them. 

To do this, you and the other person first have to make accounts on the Disneyland app. 

Then, you just need to re-assign the ticket to the other person. 

To re-assign a ticket, you have to:

  • Open the Disneyland app 
  • Tap the three horizontal bars on the bottom right of the screen 
  • Choose “Tickets and Passes”
  • Select the ticket you want to give away 
  • Pick “Reassign Ticket”
  • Follow the prompts to reassign your ticket

Afterward, the recipient should link the ticket to their account. 

To link your Disneyland tickets to another person’s account, you need to: 

  • Open the Disneyland app 
  • Sign in to the recipient’s account
  • Click the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner of your screen 
  • Choose “Tickets and Passes” 
  • Tap “Link Tickets and Passes” 
  • Either scan the ticket barcodes or manually enter the ticket’s ID numbers

The tickets should now appear on the other person’s account. 

If they do not, you can always call Disneyland’s ticket line to get help transferring or linking your tickets to someone else’s account. 

And finally, remember that you can only link up to ten tickets to one account. 

If you want to give away more than ten, you will need to make more than one Disneyland account. 

Wait to Use Your Disneyland Tickets 

Calendar with an adjustable marker

Disneyland tickets are quite expensive, so if you can’t sell them, you might not want to give them away either. 

If so, you can always just hang on to your tickets until you can visit the park. 

And even if you don’t think you can get to the park soon, don’t worry. 

Although Disneyland tickets do expire, they are practically effortless to renew. 

To renew your ticket, all you need to do is call Disneyland’s ticket service number at (714) 781-4636. 

Or, you can go to any Guest Relations location on the Disneyland Resort to renew your expired tickets. 

You should be aware, though, that you will have to pay the difference in the price of a new ticket. 

What I mean is that if the price of the ticket you have has gone up by $5 since you bought it, you will need to pay that $5 to renew your ticket. 

If you aren’t sure if your tickets have expired, you can easily check the expiration date. 

On paper tickets, you will find the expiration date on the ticket’s bottom right corner. 

For eTickets, you need to open the ticket on the Disneyland app or in your confirmation email and read the fine print to find the expiry date. 

What if I Have a Used Multiday Ticket?

All of the above information has to do with tickets you have not yet used. 

If you have a multiday ticket that you have already used, you can not sell or even transfer that ticket to someone else. 

Basically, if you can’t use a multiday ticket, there really isn’t much you can do with it. 

You can’t sell or transfer that ticket because Disney takes a photo of each person when they enter the park with a ticket. 

Thus, when you leave the park and re-enter, whether it is on a different day or the same day, the Disneyland employee at the gate will check to ensure the photo on the ticket matches the person who’s trying to enter. 

If the picture and the face do not match, the employee will turn that person away. 

So, if you sell or give a used ticket to someone else, it is worthless to them because they can not get into the park with it. 

Can I Get a Refund on a Disneyland Ticket?

Unfortunately, Disneyland does not give out refunds for any tickets

Therefore, even if you haven’t yet used that ticket, you should not expect to get any type of refund for it.  

Can I Sell My Magic Key Pass?

No, you can not sell your Magic Key Pass. 

Magic Key Passes work on the same rules as Disneyland tickets, so once you use that pass, no one else can use it. 

You also can not get a refund for a Magic Key Pass. 


Disneyland’s ticket terms and conditions state that you can not re-sell tickets. 

However, you may still be able to sell them if your state’s laws allow it. 

But, if you can not legally re-sell your Disneyland tickets, you can always gift them to someone else or wait until you can make it to the park to use them.