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How Scary Is Splash Mountain?

Out of the three iconic mountains in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain is the second most exciting. 

The thrills on this water ride are tamer than Space Mountain but are a tad more intense than Big Thunder Mountain.

Splash Mountain may be scary for young children or guests uncomfortable with big drops. Although this attraction is intended for all ages, everyone is different, and not all visitors will enjoy Splash Mountain’s vintage animatronics, darker scenes, and the 5-story (16.5 m) drop at the end.

This article covers where to find Splash Mountain, what to expect during the ride, and how to determine if Splash Mountain is too scary.

Where Can You Find Splash Mountain in Disney World?

People at the entrance to the Splash Mountain ride wearing face masks and social distancing at Walt Disney World.

Disney World guests can find Splash Mountain in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom

For directions and park maps, visitors should download the My Disney Experience app

What Is Splash Mountain’s Theme?

Even though Splash Mountain is meant to be a fun and whimsical ride, some guests may find its production unsettling.

Splash Mountain is based on the controversial 1946 movie Song of the South and is centered around the carefree Br’er Rabbit escaping the clutches of Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear.

As Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear chase Br’er Rabbit through the bayou, some scenes allude to violence and could be startling to younger riders.

The darker settings mixed with aging and unfamiliar animatronics could also make Splash Mountain a little creepy for kids.

Luckily, Splash Mountain will undergo a more modern and family-friendly redesign starting in late-January 2023.

The renovation will transform the ride into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, inspired by the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog.

The upgraded attraction is expected to open in 2024.

What to Expect When Riding Splash Mountain

People are having fun riding Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

For the most part, Splash Mountain is a slower log-flume ride.

As riders glide through a dim watery passage, they can expect a few splashes and dips – all of which hint at the ride’s grand finale.

Once reaching the climax of Br’er Rabbit’s journey at the end of the Southern bayou, guests plummet five stories (16.5 m) down the mountainside into the Briar Patch below.

Who Can Ride Splash Mountain?

Splash Mountain is intended for kids, tweens, teens, and adults.

Disney World recommends that riders be over the age of 5 and that their guardians prepare them in advance for the intense moments.

To board Splash Mountain, all guests must be 40” (102 cm) or taller, and children under 7 must ride with someone at least 14 years old.

Pregnant visitors are advised not to ride, and all parkgoers should ensure they are in good health and free of conditions like high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, or motion sickness.

Splash Mountain also features a play area called the Laughin’ Place for children who are too small for the ride but still want in on the fun. 

Laughin’ Place is located near the exit to the attraction and requires adult supervision.

What Is the Seating Like on Splash Mountain?

People on the Splash Mountain ride at Disney World Orlando

Splash Mountain’s ride vehicles resemble hollowed-out logs that can fit approximately eight riders.

Each row can fit two adults or one adult with two small children, and passengers are secured in their seats by a single pull-down lap bar.

Where parkgoers are seated will affect how wet they get during the ride. 

Riders in the back might experience some splashes or sprays, while those seated in the front will most likely get soaked. 

To keep their personal items dry when riding, park guests can store their belongings in rental lockers by the Main Entrance to Magic Kingdom.

When’s the Best Time to Ride Splash Mountain?

Splash Mountain typically runs during Magic Kingdom’s regular hours of operation, and the schedule is posted on Disney World’s website and mobile app.

Since this attraction tends to get parkgoers wet, the best time to ride is during the warmest parts of the day. 

That way, guests can cool off if visiting in the summer, and won’t get too cold while riding in the winter. 

However, future Disney visitors should remember that Splash Mountain will be closed as of January 2023.

How to Determine Whether Splash Mountain Is Too Scary

View from a distance showing people riding Splash Mountain.

Splash Mountain is an iconic big drop ride at Disney World and whether it’s too scary for certain riders depends on individual preferences.

Small children may feel uneasy about the ride’s theme and setting, and some older guests may be wary about the turbulence, speeds, heights, and sudden drops.

Additionally, parkgoers who are nervous about motion sickness should avoid the attraction altogether.

Is There a Tamer Alternative to Splash Mountain?

If this mountain is too intense for parkgoers, Disney World offers a tamer, more family-friendly thrill ride with the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This attraction is a great beginner coaster with small drops, twists and turns, and a similar nostalgic atmosphere to Splash Mountain. 

The theme behind Big Thunder Mountain revolves around a haunted railroad in an Old Western mining town; however, the ride itself is pretty low-key and doesn’t dwell on the eerie backstory.

It has the same height requirements as Splash Mountain, requiring riders to be at least 40” (102 cm) tall.

Is There a Thrilling Alternative to Splash Mountain?

View from a distance showing a large portion of the Space Mountain Structure

Space Mountain is the perfect choice for riders who want to increase their adrenaline while visiting Magic Kingdom.

This indoor coaster incorporates big drops amid the darkness, encouraging riders to hang on tight.

Space lovers will adore blasting off into the galaxy while encountering shooting stars, comets, meteors, and satellites. 

This thrilling mountain is intended for guests of all ages who are at least 44” (112 cm) tall.


Splash Mountain could be scary for small children or parkgoers who fear big drops.

While the attraction is mostly a tame water excursion, the iconic 5-story (16.5 m) drop, jerks, or dark scenes could frighten or upset sensitive riders.

Guests looking for a milder mountain to ride should consider the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Thrill-seekers looking for more action after Splash Mountain’s epic plunge should head to Space Mountain to continue the rush.