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How Far is Royal Pacific Resort to Universal Orlando Parks?

Staying at the luxurious Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando? This tropical retreat is one of Florida’s best resorts located among the beloved Universal Parks.

If you’re planning a trip to this incredible destination, you may be wondering exactly how close it is to the main attractions.

Is the travel between the parks and resort time-efficient and easy?

In distance, Universal Studios itself is approximately 1.2 miles from the Royal Pacific Resort. It only takes a short three-minute drive to get to this exciting theme park. If you’re headed to Universal’s other attractions, such as Islands of Adventure or Volcano Bay, you’re looking at an even quicker commute, only around one-third of a mile away.

You can effortlessly make the most of your vacation with the ideal commuting options available to you at Royal Pacific Resort.

This guide will help you decide the best way to get to and from the resort and parks, making it easy to plan your days spent in Orlando.

How Can I Travel to the Universal Parks from Royal Pacific Resort?

Palm trees surrounding a pool with a huge hotel building in the background

The convenience of staying at the Royal Pacific Resort is undeniable – you have a plethora of easy options for getting to and from the parks.

After a long day in the Florida sun, you don’t want to worry about a long commute back to your hotel. 

Get back and forth effortlessly to Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, and the CityWalk, a popular shopping and dining attraction at Universal.

Traveling by car is one great option. You can get to all three theme parks with total ease and in a matter of minutes.

If you’ve driven to Florida or rented a car, this is a simple and practical way to get to your destination in no time at all.

You can also grab a Lyft or Uber that can pick you up at your hotel, if you prefer to travel by car but don’t have one accessible.

One exciting way to get to and from the hotel and attractions is the water taxi.

Head down to the dock on-site for an adventurous commute to your destination. 

The exclusive water taxi service starts thirty minutes before early admission to the parks and runs until 2:00 AM, 365 days per year. 

With the convenience and excitement factor, you and the family are sure to love this water experience as you travel from one park to the next.

What is a Florida vacation without a boating excursion?

If you’re not in the mood for a water experience, you can always make your way along the garden walkway.

Stroll along this quarter-mile radius, filled with beautiful landscaped grounds and breathtaking tropical flora and fauna. 

This spectacular walkway starts right on site. As you leave your hotel, you can find the walkway right beyond the pool gate.

This walkway will lead you to the CityWalk in no time at all if that’s where you’re headed.

Only a 10 minute walk and you’ve reached your destination!

Is There an Onsite Shuttle Available?

Interior view of a bus with empty seats

In short, yes there is! Another great option is to take advantage of the Universal Shuttle buses.

They operate a bus service that continuously runs between the resorts and Universal Parks.

While it may not save you any time, it is still just a short distance.

If you or someone you are traveling with is disabled, the shuttle serves as an ideal option for commuting.

Traveling with strollers and baby gear also makes the shuttle more appealing for those who don’t want to either walk or drive their own car with an excessive amount of cargo.

You can check at the resort’s front desk to confirm pick-up and drop-off times.

This free service is always available as a courtesy to resort guests.

How Can I Get to Volcano Bay?

Body of water near The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride at Universal Orlando

One of Universal Studios sister attractions is Volcano Bay.

If you’re staying at Royal Pacific Resort, you are in luck – the commute is just a short shuttle ride away.

The resort has a designated shuttle that specifically brings you to Volcano Bay.

This shuttle leaves approximately every fifteen minutes, traveling to the other side of Universal Studios and getting you to your destination with ease.

While this is the only option for getting to Volcano bay, this free service is not only easily accessible, but it is only a brief 5 minute drive between locations.

What Additional Benefits Are There to Choosing the Royal Pacific Resort?

Commuting to the neighboring parks doesn’t get any easier when it comes to staying at the Royal Pacific Resort.

You’ll be surprised that there are even more park related perks when you choose to stay at this spectacular Orlando retreat. 

In addition to easy access to all the parks, you will also get a complimentary Universal Express Unlimited pass, which allows you to skip the regular lines.

Save time in line with this pass and get to explore even more of the park.

 You can get early admission into the parks as well, thanks to the shuttle’s early arrival.

This perk is another timesaver, allowing you to get in first before the crowds. 

Royal Pacific Resort helps their guests make the most of their time in Orlando.

From early admission to skipping the lines, you are sure to get an incredible experience when you go to and from the resort and nearby Universal parks.

Is There A Parking Fee at Universal Park Attractions?

If you’ve made the decision to drive to the parks, you should plan on paying a parking fee.

While the parking after 6 PM is free for all parks including CityWalk, there is a cost to park your vehicle during the day.

The regular fee will run you around $27 USD but can go as high as $60 USD for prime parking spots.

This may help you decide the most efficient way to travel to your park destinations.

To avoid additional costs, you may opt for a shuttle, water taxi or take the ten minute stroll to your attractions.

How Many Days Does it Take to Explore the Universal Parks?

Plan on spending at least 2-3 days exploring all the magic Universal Parks have to offer.

Ideally, you may want to even spend four to five days, as there is so much to see and do. 

The CityWalk, Volcano Bay, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure are all worth the visit.

Purchase a multiple-day ticket to get the most out of your trip to Orlando.


From the spectacular water taxi to walking the beautiful path to CityWalk, getting to your destinations is sure to be a breeze.

In addition to Universal Parks, you will have easy access to the beloved Seaworld, Aquatica, and Volcano Bay as well.

Overall, if you’re staying at the Royal Pacific Resort, your commute between parks will be extremely easy.

With only 1.2 miles or less separating you from the various Universal Parks, you will be able to spend more time enjoying the attractions than worrying about your commute.