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Can You Get Pizza Delivered To Disney Resorts?

After a long day of venturing through Disney World’s magical parks, guests may find themselves in need of some rest and relaxation.

Not only this, but a visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth also works up quite the appetite.

The best way for visitors to kick their feet up and still soothe their hunger is to order a crisp, cheesy pizza straight to their Disney Resort hotel.

Pizza can be delivered to the lobby or directly to the hotel room of Disney Resort hotels. Various resorts offer pizza delivery options from Disney food locations. Otherwise, guests can order pizza from local eateries using apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub. Prices and delivery times vary based on time of day, demand, and location.

This article discusses how guests can order pizza to their Disney World Resort, where they can order from, how much deliveries usually cost, and how long they typically take.

What Places Deliver Pizza to Disney Resorts?

Pizza in a box on the table.

When staying at a Disney World Resort hotel, guests can have pizza delivered from either an on-site eatery or a local restaurant.

For the best recommendations, guests should discuss their options with Disney Staff Members at their hotel’s front desk or concierge.

On-Site Pizza Delivery Options

Deluxe Disney Resorts that offer in-room pizza delivery include:

Various room service menus at other resorts also include pizza as an option.

Off-Site Pizza Delivery Options

Popular pizza places near Disney Resorts include family favorites like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Dominos, and deep dishes from Giordano’s.

Local options like Flippers Pizzeria, The Pizza Press, and Bella Napoli Pizzeria also deliver to Disney Resorts.

The best way for guests to gauge which pizza places deliver to their Disney Resort is to browse options on food delivery apps.

This method is much more convenient than calling up every pizza joint in Orlando.

How Can You Get Pizza Delivered to Disney Resorts?

For on-site pizza delivery options to Disney Resort hotels, guests can place orders via their hotel’s room service.

Many in-room phones will even have a convenient “Pizza Delivery” button.

Off-site ordering will require guests to either call a local eatery or order online.

For convenience’s sake, it is recommended that visitors order pizza using food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub.

To use these apps and start scrolling nearby options, guests will need to download one to their mobile device, create an account, add a payment option, and set their location.

Guests can often add their room number to the order info so their pizza comes straight to their door.

If this isn’t an option, guests will likely need to meet the delivery carrier in the hotel lobby.

How Much Do Pizza Deliveries to Disney Resorts Cost?

A woman wearing a mask pays the delivery man for the pizza.

The cost of a pizza delivery to a Disney Resort will vary based on location.

How Much Do On-Site Pizza Deliveries to Disney Resorts Cost?

On-site pizza delivery prices can be confirmed at Disney Resort hotels.

The All-Star Pizza delivery service is available at Disney’s All-Star Movies resort, Disney’s All-Star Sports resort, and Disney’s All-Star Music resort.

This service has a $15 minimum order, an 18% gratuity, a $3 delivery charge, and adds a 7% sales tax to all delivery orders.

The other resorts with in-room pizza delivery also charge an 18% gratuity, a $3 delivery charge, and an additional sales tax.

Just keep in mind that pizza menus and prices are always subject to change.

How Much Do Off-Site Pizza Deliveries to Disney Resorts Cost?

Off-site delivery costs are confirmed on food delivery apps.

The apps will provide guests with their total before they place their order.

How Long Do Pizza Deliveries to Disney Resorts Take?

Delivery time to a Disney Resort depends on where the pizza is going and how busy restaurants are at the time of the order.

When placing an order with a Disney Resort in-room delivery service, guests can always ask for an approximate wait time.

Apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub will conveniently display how long an order should take and allow users to track their food.

When Is the Best Time to Order a Pizza to Your Disney Resort?

To avoid any hangry group members, it’s best to order a pizza before everyone is starving.

Visitors should expect certain pizza delivery services to be busy during peak lunch and dinner hours.

In other words, ordering in advance is always a good call.

For guests staying at a resort close to the theme park they’re visiting, ordering a pizza while making the quick trip home might also be a good idea.

Can You Order Pizzas to Disney Resorts From Disney Park Eateries?

Cropped photo of a woman holding two boxes of pizza.

Sadly, guests cannot order pizzas that are made in-park for Disney Resort delivery. 

This makes indulging in pizzas from fan favorites like Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria in EPCOT worth (and reliant) on a dine-in visit.

That said, some in-park restaurants offer pizza for carry-out, but schlepping a pizza back to a resort might be tricky.

Not only can pizza boxes be awkward to carry, but the quality could also be compromised if the hotel is more than a five-minute walk away. 

Unless, of course, you’re a fan of cold pizza!


Guests can get pizza delivered to Disney Resorts from on-site or off-site eateries.

On-site pizza orders can be made using hotel room service.

Alternatively, off-site pizza orders can be made by phone or online.

Food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub are great options for ordering off-site pizza to a Disney Resort hotel.

These apps allow guests to view the total cost of their order alongside the expected delivery time.

Costs and wait times for all Disney Resort pizza deliveries fluctuate based on location and time of day.