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Can You Park Hop Between Disneyland and California Adventure?

If you’re going to Disneyland, you want to make it count. 

So, why not see everything that Disney’s California resort has to offer?

With a Park Hopper ticket or a Magic Key Pass, you can park hop between Disneyland and California Adventure on the same day. Or, you can get a multiday ticket so that you can do one park per day. 

3 Ways to Park Hop Between Disneyland and California Adventure

Option 1: Park Hopper Ticket

If you’re only visiting Disneyland for one day, a Park Hopper ticket is your best bet to see everything in Disney because this ticket allows you to move between the two parks. 

However, there are some rules when you have a Park Hopper ticket. 

For one, you still have to make a reservation for the first park you want to visit. 

Thus, if you want to spend the first part of your day at Disneyland Park, for example, you will need to book a reservation for that park. 

Secondly, you can not enter the other park until after 1 pm. 

But, after this time, you can move between both parks freely. 

And the third limitation states that you can only enter the second park if it isn’t full. 

Option 2: Magic Key Pass 

The Magic Key Pass is the greatest choice for those who visit Disneyland often. 

The Magic Key Pass is Disneyland’s annual pass, meaning you can continue to visit Disneyland with it for an entire year. 

Plus, with most Magic Key Passes, you can park hop between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. 

You just need to make sure you follow the same rules as those with a Park Hopper ticket, meaning you must book a reservation, and you can’t enter the second park until after 1 pm. 

Option 3: Multiday Ticket 

Multiday tickets are ideal for those who are on a multiple-day Disney vacation. 

And the most popular options for multiday tickets are those that let you visit one park per day. 

Thus, you can spend an entire day at one of the parks and then switch for the next day. 

So, basically, each morning, you can pick which park you want to go to for that day until your ticket runs out of entries. 

But, just remember that a multiday ticket is only valid for 13 days after you first enter the park with it. 

Therefore, if you get a multiday ticket, you don’t want to hang onto it for too long. 

Which Option Is the Cheapest?

In short, standard multiday tickets are cheaper than Park Hopper tickets, but if you visit Disneyland a lot, the Magic Key Pass might be cheaper than either of these options. 

So, which choice will help you save the most money depends on how often you go to Disneyland. 

Thus, to figure out which option is best for you, let’s break down the prices for each ticket. 

The multiday ticket prices are as follows: 

  • 2-day ticket: $255 for an adult and $240 for a child 
  • 3-day ticket: $330 for an adult and $310 for a child 
  • 4-day ticket: $360 for an adult and $340 for a child 
  • 5-day ticket: $380 for an adult and $360 for a child 

Meanwhile, the Park Hopper tickets cost: 

  • 2-day ticket: $315 for an adult and $300 for a child 
  • 3-day ticket: $390 for an adult and $370 for a child 
  • 4-day ticket: $420 for an adult and $400 for a child 
  • 5-day ticket: $440 for an adult and $420 for a child 

So, as you can see, the multiday tickets are cheaper, but they do not allow you to visit both parks in one day. 

Instead, you have to stick to one park per day, but you can switch for the next day if you’d like. 

Meanwhile, Magic Key Passes cost quite a bit of money upfront since they sell for between $399 and $1,399. 

Yet, as I said, if you visit Disneyland a lot, the Magic Key Pass could be a cheaper choice in the long run. 

Magic Key Pass Options 

Disneyland currently offers four different Magic Kay Passes, and they each give you the ability to hop between parks. 

But, each pass allows you slightly different benefits, so if you are thinking about choosing this option to park hop, you should know the differences. 

Imagine Key 

The Imagine Key is the cheapest Magic Key Pass, but Disney only offers them to Southern California residents who live in specific zip codes (90000 – 93599). 

At only $399, you can visit both theme parks with a reservation on select days of the year. 

You can also hold up to two reservations at a time. 

Plus, you get 10% off of select merchandise and dining. 

Enchant Key 

The Enchant Key is the second cheapest Magic Key Pass and is the most affordable if you’re a non-Southern California resident. 

The pass costs $649 and lets guests visit either park with a reservation on certain days of the year. 

You’ll also get 10% off select merchandise and dining with this key, just like the Imagine Key, but you can make up to four reservations at a time instead of two. 

Believe Key 

At $949, the Believe Key is the mid-grade annual pass. 

This pass gives you the ability to make up to six park reservations at a time. 

You also, of course, get 10% off on select dining and merchandise. 

Plus, having the Believe Key means you only have to pay 50% on parking, except for on certain blockout days. 

Dream Key 

Finally, the Dream Key is the most expensive Magic Key Pass since you’ll have to give up $1,399 for it. 

But, if you love Disneyland, you can get quite a lot out of this pass. 

For instance, you can make reservations and park hop any day of the year since the Dream Key has no blockout days. 

What’s really great about this pass, though, is that you don’t have to pay for parking, and you get 20% off specific merchandise and 15% off select dining. 


If you want to hop between Disneyland and California Adventure, you have three options: a Park Hopper ticket, a Magic Key Pass, or a multiday ticket.

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