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Can You See Magic Kingdom Fireworks From The Plaza Restaurant?

Select restaurants at Magic Kingdom have a great view of the nightly fireworks show.

It’s a wonderful display, but know that the pyrotechnics won’t be in your line of vision from every corner of a restaurant.

You can see Magic Kingdom fireworks from the Plaza Restaurant, but it requires a window seat, and you may only get a partial view of the show. The crowds also gather outside the restaurant’s windows, so sometimes, you’re better off joining them outside.

Disney Enchantment is the current fireworks show, and it commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Unlike the previous Happily Ever After fireworks show, Enchantment projects down Main Street, so you still have a decent chance of seeing more of the show than usual.

Which Restaurants Have a Good View of the Magic Kingdom Fireworks?

Fireworks display at Cinderella's Castle in Disney World

Three restaurants have good views of the Magic Kingdom fireworks: California Grill, ‘Ohana, and Narcoossee’s.

1. California Grill

California Grill has one of the best views of Magic Kingdom fireworks shows.

The restaurant is on a rooftop, so you have a higher sightline than most spectators, but the view isn’t as direct as being close to Cinderella’s Castle.

In my opinion, it’s absolutely worth it – you get to see a good part of the show while enjoying a nice meal in a pleasant environment.

The restaurant also has a lovely deck, though most guests are likely to use it as their viewpoint.

2. ‘Ohana

The view from ‘Ohana is likely the most centered.

Ideally, you’ll sit at a window, though they’re difficult to come by as the restaurant caters to larger groups and families.

Your best bet is to get there ahead of time and stay as long as possible.

‘Ohana is at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, so if the view from your table isn’t great, head over to Sunset Point (also at the resort) for a better one.

3. Narcoossee’s

The view at Narcoossee’s is not as dead-on as the above two, but it’s the most unique as the restaurant is located across the water.

Narcoossee’s has a verandah that provides a stunning view of the show, so most guests are likely to go there when it starts.

I highly suggest getting there early before it’s packed.

What’s the Best Place to Watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks?

Colorful fireworks display at Disney World

The best place to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks is in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

It’s pretty simple – if you want to see a show first-hand, get as close to it as possible.

However, the castle hub fills up in minutes, so most guests look for alternatives.

Main Street, U.S.A is the second-best place to watch the fireworks.

The show isn’t as in-your-face as at the castle, but it’s still solid as it projects to the street.

I recommend getting to either location as early as possible to find a good spot.

Magic Kingdom Cast Members set up the area before the show to allow enough space for foot traffic.

They tape off sections for people to stand in, so make sure to position yourself within the designated areas, or they’ll ask you to move.

Disney World also throws Fireworks Dessert Parties, offering guests delectable desserts while they watch the show. 

This dining event is hosted at the Tomorrowland Terrace, and you need a reservation to partake in the experience. 

The view from the terrace is spectacular, so for a relaxing and enjoyable time, I recommend booking a table in advance. 

How Can I Avoid Crowds at a Magic Kingdom Fireworks Show?

Crowd of people at Fantasyland in Disney World

You can’t really avoid crowds during the show, but you can reduce the number of people around you by arriving early and finding some kind of object to stand beside.

Alternatively, you can head to Fantasyland, which is close enough to the castle to provide a good view but has smaller crowds than the hub or Main Street. 

The train station or the entrance/exit gates on Main Street also provides a great view without as many people around.

However, the good places go fast, so scope out your spot during the day and get there as early as possible.

Frontierland is also great, while the entrance to Tomorrowland is worthy of mention. 

It’s all a matter of being creative, and if you run out of options, you can always watch the show from the rides.

Can You See the Magic Kingdom Firework From Outside the Park?

Yes, you can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from outside the park.

The Transportation and Ticket Center is the best out-of-park location to watch the fireworks.

The view near the ferry dock is slightly off-center, but you still get to see a good part of the show while the music plays in the background. 

The Fort Wilderness beaches are also decent, though the sights there are the least panoramic.

I recommend only going to Fort Wilderness if you’ve already seen the show and you just want to enjoy the music.

What Time Do the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Start?

The Magic Kingdom fireworks show starts around 8 pm in the fall and winter and around 9 pm in the spring and summer. 

To confirm the time for your visit, Disney World provides reliable schedules on its website and the My Disney Experience app.

What Time Should I Arrive for the Magic Kingdom Fireworks?

If you want a spot at Cinderella’s Castle, arrive two hours before the show starts. 

That gives you ample time to scout it out and determine which areas provide the best view of the show.

If you’re not interested in the castle but still want a good view (like from Main Street), get to the location an hour before the show.

Usually, guests claim the final spots at the castle by then, so set yourself up elsewhere before there’s spillover into the secondary locations.


The fireworks at Magic Kingdom are the most magical at Disney World, and with the arrival of Disney Enchantment, the show promises to be more spectacular than ever before.

Familiarizing yourself with the best vantage points gives you a better chance of maximizing your experience.

If you decide to watch the show at a restaurant (especially ones I haven’t mentioned), check out the reviews to see whether the fireworks are visible.

The fireworks happen nightly (weather permitting), so even if you miss something, you’ll have another opportunity to enjoy the show.