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Can You See Magic Kingdom Fireworks from Disney Springs?

Fireworks shows at Disney World are some of the biggest in the world.

Most people can view the shows from outside of the parks at locations around the resort.

Disney Springs is a popular spot with plenty of dining and shopping opportunities, but can you see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from there?

While there are a couple of locations where you can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from Disney Springs, you won’t get a great view. If you’re looking for better free viewing locations, you should check out the Contemporary Resort, the Marina at the Grand Floridian, or the Ticket and Transportation Center. 

Best Viewing Locations for the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Show

View from the ground of the Aerophile flying in the sky

If you’re wanting to watch the show from Disney Springs, there are a few options available. 

Unfortunately, guess won’t get an amazing view of the show and will be catching glimpses of the fireworks going off. 

That being said, the top floor of The Paddlefish and the upper levels of the parking garages do offer an okay place to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks show. 

The best option from Disney Springs is to take a ride on the Aerophile. The balloon ride takes guests 400 feet up in the air and gives you an amazing view of the entire Orlando area. 

Tickets for the ride cost around $25 and the ride has a maximum capacity of 29 people. 

Weather conditions do affect the availability of the ride and this includes wind speed, not only rain. 

Better Spots Outside of the Parks

View from across the water of Disney Springs with the Aerophile on the ground

While it is possible to see the fireworks from Disney Springs, the view can be lackluster. You’ll likely have better luck heading to another spot on the resort that is free. 

The Ticket and Transportation Center is the hub every guest has to go through to reach Magic Kingdom. 

The center doesn’t require tickets and the only fee you may need to pay will be for parking. 

Its proximity to Magic Kingdom makes it an amazing viewing area for the fireworks show and guests can watch the fireworks from either the dock or from one of the ferryboats. 

The Contemporary Resort has an observation deck on its fourth floor that’s open to the public as well as resort guests. 

It’s another great spot to catch the fireworks show for free, but keep in mind that it hosts private events and may be closed. 

If you get to the Wilderness Lodge before the show starts, you can take a boat ride from the lodge to the Magic Kingdom entrance gate. 

This is a free ferry service that can be taken during the show. To get back to the lodge, simply stay on the boat. 

The Marina at the Grand Floridian is a beautiful spot to sit and take in a fireworks show. It’s situated right on the lagoon, is open to the public, and gives you time to explore the resort. 

The beach at the Polynesian Resort is another option that isn’t always open. 

It has a spectacular view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks but closes to non-resort guests during busier seasons. This is a great place to watch the show, but have a backup just in case. 

Inside the Parks

The best view you can get of the Magic Kingdom fireworks show is from inside the parks. 

You won’t want to pay the entrance fee just for the fireworks show, but the show is the perfect way to cap off a park day. 

After taking in all the attractions, head to the front of Cinderella’s Castle, Main Street USA, or watch the show from one of the rides. 

Cast members stop riding during the fireworks show in prime viewing locations, allowing guests to enjoy the show from their favorite outdoor rides like Thunder Mountain Railroad. 

While the best spots will be crowded, inside the parks you’ll also be able to see the projections cast onto the castle and all the accompanying music and pyrotechnics. 

Are There Fireworks Every Night in Magic Kingdom?

Fireworks display in the background of the Disney Castle at night

Weather permitting, Magic Kingdom puts on its fireworks show every night. 

The shows can have their schedule changed to accommodate passing weather or can be canceled if it is unsafe to put the show on. 

Generally, the fireworks shows are a great time for guests to hop on rides as many people flock to better viewing spots. 

It’s also the way Disney closes out their park day, though it doesn’t necessarily signal that the park is closing. 

What Time Does Magic Kingdom do Fireworks?

Magic Kingdom typically starts its fireworks show at 9 PM. 

They can shift it earlier or delay it slightly to ensure they can actually put the show on if there are weather systems moving through the area. 

In the winter, the show can begin at 8 PM instead, since it gets dark much earlier than in the summertime. 

The parks close around 9 PM or 11 PM during peak seasons, mostly depending upon the date and day of the week. 

If the park “closes” at 9 PM and the fireworks show starts at 9 PM, guests aren’t asked to leave until the show ends. Each show lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. 

Can You See the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From EPCOT?

Silhouette of palm trees near the base of the illuminated Epcot Sphere at night

You can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from EPCOT, though it isn’t the best view of that show. 

Head to the Disney Boardwalk at EPCOT and find yourself a spot near the villas. From here, both the EPCOT fireworks show and the Magic Kingdom fireworks show from one spot. 

This can end up being an amazing experience when both shows are going on simultaneously. 

The show at EPCOT is almost as large as the one at Magic Kingdom and no less beautiful. 

Like the Magic Kingdom fireworks show, there are plenty of spots to watch from outside of the park as well.


The fireworks show at Magic Kingdom is visible from Disney Springs, but unless you hop on the Aerophile ride, the view is pretty lackluster. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of other free spots to catch the fireworks show with better views.