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Can You Leave Disneyland and Come Back?

Things happen. 

So, sometimes you’ll need to leave a theme park and re-enter later. 

But does Disneyland allow you to come back into the park?

Yes, you can leave a Disneyland park and come back later. You can return to the park the same day as long as you have your ticket. You can also come back to the park another day if you have a multiday ticket that is still valid or an annual pass. 

Can I Re-Enter a Disneyland Park on the Same Day?

People going through the gates of Disney California Adventure

Yes, you can always re-enter a Disneyland park on the same day you first entered. 

As long as you have a ticket that gives you entry to the park on that day, you can leave and return later. 

Can I Re-Enter a Disneyland Park on a Different Day With the Same Ticket?

Whether you can re-enter a Disneyland Resort park on a different day depends on the type of ticket you have. 

If you have a one-day ticket, you can only re-enter the park on the same day as you entered. 

Thus, if you wanted to return to Disneyland again, you would need to buy another ticket. 

However, if you have a multiday ticket, you can come back to the park with that ticket until it is no longer valid. 

And remember that multiday tickets lose their validity either 13 days after their first usage or once you have used all their days. 

So, for instance, if you have a five-day ticket, you can enter the park on five different days with that one ticket as long as those days are within 13 days of your first entry. 

But, after you have used that ticket to enter the park on five different days, it is no longer valid. 

Also, you can not try to re-enter the park on a multiday ticket 13 days after the ticket’s first usage, even if you still have unused days on that ticket. 

Therefore, if you have a multiday ticket, you need to make sure you use all of its days before the end of two weeks. 

Do I Need My Ticket to Re-Enter?

POV of a person holding up two Disneyland Tickets

Yes, you will need your ticket to re-enter the park. 

Disneyland, just like many modern theme parks, no longer uses hand stamps for re-entry. 

Thus, having your ticket is how you show that you can gain re-entry to the park. 

How Many Times Can I Re-Enter With an Annual Pass?

Disneyland’s annual pass, called a Magic Key Pass, gives you access to Disneyland’s parks for one year after activation. 

And while there technically isn’t a limit to how many times you can re-enter Disneyland with this pass, there are some rules. 

For one, Disneyland is now requiring that everyone make reservations to enter the park. 

So, when you can use your pass is limited to which days are available to make a reservation. 

You can see which dates are open for reservation by looking at the Theme Park Reservation Availability Calendar.

Furthermore, you should know that some Magic Key Passes have blockout dates, meaning you can not make a reservation with that type of pass on those days. 

However, you can buy the Dream Key Pass, a version of the Magic Key Pass with no blockout dates. 

But, the Dream Key Pass is quite expensive and will set you back $1,399. 

Can Someone Else Re-Enter With My Ticket?

Person handing over a ticket to another person sitting on a park bench

Back in the day, plenty of people came up with ways to have more than one person use the same ticket. 

Commonly, they did this by having one person exit the park and give their ticket to another person, who would then enter for the rest of the day. 

However, it is now practically impossible for more than one person to enter Disneyland on the same ticket. 

You can’t do this anymore because Disneyland takes a photo of the person who first enters the park with that ticket. 

Then, when someone tries to gain entry to the park later with that ticket, a Disneyland employee will check to ensure the photo linked to the ticket matches the person trying to enter. 

So, if a different person tries to get in with your ticket, they will almost always get turned away. 

And this same procedure applies to multiday tickets and annual passes as well. 

Thus, each person must buy their own ticket if they want to enter the park. 

Can I Leave the Disneyland Parking Lot and Return?

Aerial view of Disney World's parking area with a shuttle during sunset

Yes, you can drive out of a Disneyland parking lot or structure and return later. 

You can do so by showing the employee in the parking area your parking receipt when you re-enter. 

Just remember, though, that Disneyland parking receipts are only good for one day. 

So, you can only return to the parking lot on that same day. 

If you come back on another day, you will have to pay again to park. 

How Much Is it to Park at Disneyland?

Every day that you return to Disneyland, you will need to pay $30 to park your vehicle. 

Or, you can buy multiday parking permits online, but, sadly, you do not get a discount when you purchase several days at once. 

Can I Leave One Disneyland Park and Enter the Other?

You can only leave one Disneyland park and enter the other if you have a Park Hopper ticket. 

Thus, if you have this ticket, you can spend half the day at Disneyland Park, leave, and then enter Disney California Adventure Park with the same ticket and vice versa.  

But, with a Park Hopper ticket, you can not enter the second park until after 1 pm. 

Basically, the way the Park Hopper ticket works is that you have to make a reservation for the park you want to visit during the first half of the day. 

Then, you will enter that park in the morning, and you should stay there until after 1 pm when you can go to the other park. 

Also, after 1 pm, you can venture back and forth between the two parks as many times as you want until they close. 


Ultimately, you can always re-enter a Disneyland park on the same day. 

However, if you want to return on another day, you need to either have an annual pass or a multiday ticket.