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Is Islands of Adventure Good for Toddlers?

While some theme parks aren’t appropriate for toddlers and younger children, Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure has fun for the whole family.

When planning a trip to Islands of Adventure, understanding height requirements and which kid-friendly rides and attractions are available helps guests know what to expect.

Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando is a great theme park to attend with toddlers. Not only can they participate in a number of rides, but there are play areas, shows, characters, and more to keep a toddler entertained and engaged.

The following guide highlights the rides and activities available for toddlers and preschool-aged children visiting Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando.

How Many Rides at Islands of Adventure Can My Toddler Go On?

Several rides and attractions at Islands of Adventure are suitable for toddlers and young children.

Which rides your child can participate in depends on their height.

A handful of attractions are available for children under 36 inches (92 cm), while others have a minimum height requirement to ensure the safety of riders.

Which Rides at Islands of Adventure are Suitable for Toddlers Under 36 Inches (92 cm)?

People going through the entrance of Seuss Landing at Universal Islands of Adventure

Toddlers under 36 inches (92 cm) can enjoy a few exciting rides at Islands of Adventure.

Just keep in mind that all guests under 48 inches (122 cm) require a supervising companion.

Head to Seuss Landing and ride the Caro-Seuss-El – a traditional carousel with a Dr. Seuss twist.

Toddlers will recognize their favorite characters from Dr. Seuss’ classic stories and often adore this colorful hands-on attraction.

Keep the Dr. Seuss theme going with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. You and your toddler can step inside your fish of choice and listen to music as you gently spin around a series of fountains.

Toddlers can also have fun riding the Storm Force Accelatron, an X-Men-themed attraction found in Marvel Super Hero Island.

This spinning ride helps riders take down the powerful Magneto by spinning a generator as fast as possible. This kid-friendly thrill ride is great for children and adults alike.

Continue the adventure by boarding the Hogwarts Express at Hogsmeade Station in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This awesome ride is a scenic experience great for guests of all ages.

Which Islands of Adventure Rides are Toddler-Friendly if They’re Over 36 Inches (92 cm)?

Body of water near The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride at Universal Orlando

If your little one is just at or over the 36-inch (92 cm) threshold, they can enjoy additional rides at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

(Just remember that Universal Orlando requires all guests under 48 inches (122 cm) to be accompanied by a supervising companion.)

Here is a list of attractions that are perfect for toddler-aged tots.

The High in the Sky Trolley Train Ride is another great ride offered at Seuss Landing.

This small rollercoaster is a train of trolleys featuring all the familiar Dr. Seuss characters.

There are no big drops, but this attraction offers plenty of thrills for toddlers and young children!

The Cat in the Hat is an indoor, kid-friendly motion simulation ride experienced in the dark.

Your little ones can expect to see their favorite characters as they twist and turn through different rooms and scenes straight out of classic Dr. Seuss storybooks.

Another rollercoaster little ones will enjoy is the Pteranodon Flyers, found in Jurassic Park.

With a dinosaur theme and straightforward approach, this toddler-friendly coaster is certain to become a favorite.

Pteranodon Flyers is slightly different from other rides for small children as there is a maximum height restriction of 56 inches (143 cm).

What Other Activities Can My Toddler Participate In at Islands of Adventure?

While the rides are an important part of the experience at Islands of Adventure, toddlers can also enjoy various live performances at the park.

Check out the show, Oh, The Stories You’ll Hear, where classic Seuss characters, like the Cat in the Hat and the Lorax, retell a collection of Dr. Seuss’ best-known tales.

When visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, don’t miss the Frog Choir, where Hogwarts students and singing frogs belt out music loved by kids of all ages.

Stick around Hogsmeade for the Triwizard Spirit Rally, an action-packed live show filled with backflips and stunts that will leave you and your child amazed and enchanted.

Are There Playgrounds at Islands of Adventure?

Aerial view of Seuss Landing at Universal Islands of Adventure

There are a few great children’s play areas at Islands of Adventure.

Me Ship, The Olive in Toon Lagoon offers a Popeye-themed, triple-decker play area where kids can explore, climb, and even use water cannons to squirt innocent passengers aboard Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges.

At Seuss Landing, the If I Ran The Zoo interactive play area is one of the best attractions for toddlers at Islands of Adventure.

Seuss Landing, in general, has a few other hidden play areas for guests to discover as well.

In Jurassic Park, Camp Jurassic is a large outdoor play area for kids of all ages. The equipment might be too much for younger toddlers, but preschool-aged children should have a blast.

What Characters Will My Toddler Recognize at Islands of Adventure?

Seuss Landing is one of the best areas at Islands of Adventure for toddlers, hosting rides, play areas, and live performances geared to younger age groups.

It’s also here that children of all ages can meet their favorite Dr. Seuss characters walking around the area.

At Marvel Super Hero Island, your little ones will likely recognize a few notable faces like Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Captain America, just to name a few.

Toon Lagoon will also be a place where your little ones might recognize a few characters.

With the likes of Popeye, Olive Oyl, Betty Boop, and more, toddlers will love meeting and greeting these colorful characters.

Character encounters are subject to scheduling, so check the Universal App for appearance times.


Islands of Adventure is a suitable park for toddlers and preschool-aged children.

Not only are there a few exciting rides for this age group, but there are shows, characters, and numerous play areas for them to enjoy.

While keeping toddlers occupied all day at a large theme park can be difficult, Islands of Adventure makes it easy and fun for the whole family.