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Is Space Mountain Scary? (Things To Consider Before Taking a Ride)

When you visit a Disney Park, it’s a good idea to know which rides you’re interested in so you can line up early and avoid long waits. 

While Disney is primarily geared towards children, not all the attractions in the parks are cute and slow. 

Space Mountain is one of the more thrilling rides, and while it’s also one of the most popular, it may not be suitable for all ages.

Space Mountain may be scary for young children who don’t do well with high speeds, darkness, or sudden twists, turns, or drops. It’s considered intense compared to other rides at Disney theme parks, but it is pretty tame compared to roller coasters elsewhere.

How Tall Do You Have To Be To Ride Space Mountain?

Sign at the entrance of Space Mountain ride at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Orlando

The height requirement for Space Mountain varies by Disney Park.

At Disney World in Orlando, Florida, riders must be 44” (112 cm) or taller.

For Disneyland California and Tokyo Disneyland, guests must be at least 40″ (102 cm).

At Disneyland Paris, Space Mountain was renamed Star Wars: Hyperspace, and the height requirement is 48” (120 cm) due to the multiple inversions and safety harness design.

The minimum height is also 40” (102 cm) at Hong Kong Disneyland, and the ride follows the same Star Wars theme and name (Hyperspace Mountain) as Disneyland Paris.

Is Space Mountain Suitable For Young Children?

Space Mountain can be a little extreme for some young children. 

If your child is tall enough for the ride, it’s important they’re okay with high speeds, darkness, and sudden twists and turns – otherwise, they definitely won’t enjoy the experience. 

It’s best to discuss the ride with your child, so they have a good idea of what to expect. 

Alternatively, you or another adult can ride it first and then decide if it’s appropriate. 

Is Space Mountain a Roller Coaster?

Yes, Space Mountain is a roller coaster.

Because it’s dark and has so many jerky movements, it’s considered one of the few thrill rides at the Disney parks and is a little intense. 

The appeal of this attraction is the quick twists and turns that go on in near-total darkness, which also gives riders the feeling of higher speeds. 

Compared to roller coasters at other parks, Space Mountain is fairly tame (the exception being Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Paris, which does have inversions). 

However, in comparison to the more family-friendly rides at Disney, this attraction is considered slightly more aggressive.

Is Space Mountain Completely Dark Inside?

View from a distance showing a large portion of the Space Mountain Structure

Space Mountain is a fully enclosed roller coaster, and because it’s meant to give the illusion that you’re going through space, it is completely dark for the most part. 

Parts of the ride have neon or flashing lights that add to its theme and make it seem faster and more dramatic. 

The few lights within the attraction do not illuminate the track or the enclosure enough for riders to see what’s happening or what’s in front of them.

Which Disney Parks Have Space Mountain?

Guests can visit Space Mountain at five of the Disney Parks. 

The attraction is unique to each park, but it maintains a similar feel and design. 

Space Mountain is found at Disneyland California, in Magic Kingdom at Disney World Orlando, and at Tokyo Disneyland. Hyperspace Mountain is located at Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Is There a Photo Op in Space Mountain?

One of the best things about Space Mountain is the camera inside that snaps your photo while you’re on the ride. 

If you’ve never ridden Space Mountain before, you won’t know where this camera is, so you may not expect the flash or have a camera-ready pose. 

This lack of knowledge makes it all the better, as your picture will show your honest (and probably hilarious) reaction to the ride. 

The images from Space Mountain always vary – some people are captured laughing and having a great time, while others are clearly scared or surprised. 

If you want to take your photos home, you can buy them through the Disney App, and they’re included with Disney Photo Packages available at the parks.

Does Space Mountain Have Long Wait Times?

People lining up to go into Space Mountain

Space Mountain is one of the most famous attractions at Disney theme parks. 

Because Disney parks do not have a lot of hair-raising rides, Space Mountain tends to attract thrill-seeking tweens, teenagers, and adults looking for something more exciting than the average Disney attraction. 

Certain times of day are busier than others, and the wait can be anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. 

I recommend getting to the ride earlier in the day to avoid long lines and big crowds.


Space Mountain is one of the most sought-after rides at Disney Parks, and it’s so popular that five different Disney locations host the attraction. 

This ride is more thrilling than other Disney attractions and appeals to adults, teens, and tweens who prefer something more exciting. As such, it may not be suitable for younger children. 

Additionally, there are minimum height requirements at Space Mountain, and they vary by park. 

Due to its popularity, this ride can get very busy, so it’s best to get there early to avoid waiting in long queues.