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How Much Is Parking At Volcano Bay?

Volcano Bay is Universal Orlando’s amazing water park, offering visitors a fun-filled day of sliding, splashing, and working on their tans.

Guests staying at a Universal Orlando Hotel can use the complimentary shuttle service to access Volcano Bay (and the other theme parks). 

Those who wish to drive themselves will have to park in the dedicated area for Volcano Bay guests on the first level of the Universal Orlando Parking Garage. 

Parking at Universal Orlando starts at $27. Guests who wish to park closer to the exits can upgrade to Prime Parking for an additional $13 to $33. There is only one parking garage at Universal Orlando, shared by all three parks. After parking their vehicles, visitors will have to board the complimentary shuttle to the entrance to Volcano Bay.

This article will discuss parking costs for Volcano Bay, how to avoid paying for parking, and the best ways to get around the Universal Orlando resort.

Where Do Visitors Park at Volcano Bay?

A photo of a parking lot.

Universal Orlando doesn’t have a main transportation center or individual parking lots like other parks in the area. 

Visitors to any of the Universal Orlando theme parks or CityWalk must park in the main parking garage, which features moving sidewalks, escalators, and elevators to help guests get around. 

To get to Volcano Bay, parkgoers will leave their vehicles on the garage’s first floor, then catch a complimentary shuttle bus to the entrance to the water park. 

Regular Self-Parking costs $27, and Prime Parking costs between $40 and $60. 

Guests looking for a better parking spot can upgrade from Regular to Prime anytime, and since prices are daily rates, visitors can come and go freely without paying more than once.

Universal Orlando does offer free parking after 6 pm, although this is subject to change without notice.

Visitors with a Preferred or Premier Annual Pass also receive free self-parking, and anyone going to matinee movies at Universal Cinemark can be reimbursed for their parking fees. 

Pickups and drop-offs are also free, even if it’s necessary to stop and wait for passengers.

Is It Possible to Avoid Parking Fees at Volcano Pay?

The only way to avoid parking fees at Volcano Bay is to attend the park after 6 pm (which may be impossible in the winter months), have the right kind of Annual Pass, or not drive at all.

Some may think taking a cab or an Uber to the park is a good way to save money – unfortunately, this will likely be more expensive than the parking fees. 

The best and easiest way to reduce parking fees at Volcano Bay (and the other two theme parks) is to stay at a Universal Orlando Resort hotel. 

Universal Orlando offers brightly lit and safe walkways running from all their hotels to CityWalk and the theme park entrances. 

If a visitor wants to save on parking, it may be possible to park at one of the hotels or somewhere off-site nearby and walk in. 

Unfortunately, guests who drive to Universal Orlando need to pay to park at their hotel, but it’s usually cheaper per day than in the parking garage at the parks.

Complimentary transportation from the hotels is readily available, which also helps avoid parking fees at the parks.

What’s the Best Way to Get Around Universal Orlando?

Universal has made getting around their Orlando theme park resort as simple as possible. 

Walkways crisscross the entire property, running from the hotels to the parks, between the parks, to the parking garage, and through CityWalk. 

No matter where guests find themselves at Universal Orlando, they can follow signs and walk to where they need to go. 

Walking from a resort hotel to the parks takes no longer than 30 minutes, and in addition to walking paths, Universal provides complimentary transportation around the resort. 

Shuttle buses run constantly to and from the resort hotels – the schedule depends on the park and the hotel, but generally, a bus is available every 15 to 20 minutes. 

Some hotels are also waterfront and provide complimentary water taxis to ferry guests between their hotels and the main dock at CityWalk.


Standard parking rates at the Universal Orlando Parking Garage start at $27 for the day. 

Upgrading to Prime parking can vary day-to-day and costs anywhere between $40 and $60. 

It’s not really possible to avoid paying for parking if you bring your own vehicle, though Universal Orlando does provide complimentary transportation around the property.