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Can You Go to Magic Kingdom Just For Fireworks?

Aside from the rides, food, and characters, Disney World is known for the spectacular firework shows they put on nearly every night of the year.

They go through so many fireworks, Disney is the second-largest buyer of explosives in the United States, coming behind only the U.S. military. 

Many guests schedule their park visits around firework showtimes, especially the ones at Magic Kingdom. 

While you can visit Magic Kingdom just to watch a fireworks show, it isn’t your best option. Park tickets start at over $100 per person, which is a considerable price to pay for a firework show. Thankfully, the fireworks are visible from quite a few, much cheaper places. 

Best Places to Watch Magic Kingdom’s Fireworks

Fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom Castle

While going to Magic Kingdom just to watch a fireworks show isn’t advisable, the park is the best place to view them. 

Most firework shows will start at 9 PM sharp, however, in the fall and winter, the shows will start around 8 PM since it gets dark earlier. 

The large, open area in front of Cinderella’s Castle is the absolute best spot to watch from. 

You’ll be able to enjoy projections on not only the castle itself but also on Main Street. The grassy areas by the castle are the best spot for first-time watchers. 

One thing most people don’t know about the parks is that you can still get on rides during the fireworks show. 

Not only that, the ride operators will frequently stop rides in amazing viewing locations for riders to pause and watch the show. 

Instead of going inside the park, try watching as you’re leaving. 

The Ticket and Transportation area is the way to get into and out of Magic Kingdom via ferry or monorail, but it’s also one of the best places to watch the show. 

Spending the day in Magic Kingdom and leaving before the fireworks show has some advantages. 

You can avoid the big crowds in the streets, avoid the crush of people leaving the parks, and watch from the ticketing center to avoid traffic and get to your car before everyone else. 

Free Viewing Locations

Two people watching fireworks near boats on a body of water

If you don’t want to pay to get into the park but want to see the fireworks show, the next locations will be your best bet.

The fourth floor of the Contemporary Resort has an observation deck that makes for great firework viewing. 

It’s free and open to both resort guests and non-resort guests. Check ahead that there aren’t private events that will lock you out of the space. 

You can view the show from boats that run both from the Transportation Center and Wilderness Lodge as well. 

Head to the Lodge and board a free boat that ferries guests to the park right when the show is starting. You can then just ride back without entering the park. 

The marina at the Grand Floridian is another amazing option for watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks. 

It’s open to non-resort guests as well as those staying on the property and is a free space to sit and enjoy the show. 

Special Event Fireworks

There are special firework shows that only happen on event nights during the holidays at Magic Kingdom. 

Without special event tickets, guests will have to find places to watch these shows from outside of the parks, since normally ticketed guests will be asked to leave before the events start. 

Many of the same free locations from above are ideal watching locations for guests, but you’ll have to wait around a while. 

The Ticket and Transportation Center is the best of those spots since you can not only see the entirety of the fireworks show but you’re also first in line to get to your vehicle. 

Does Magic Kingdom Close After Fireworks?

Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella's Castle at night

Whether Magic Kingdom closes after the fireworks show depends on the time of year and the park hours for that day. 

If the park is closing at 9 PM, guests can stay and watch the fireworks show until it ends. At that point, guests will need to make their way to the exits and leave the park. 

On days when the park closes at 11 PM, most of the park will remain open after the fireworks show. 

Firework shows last around 15 to 20 minutes, so as long as the show starts a couple of hours before the park closes, you’ll still have access to everything else in the park. 

Keep in mind that Magic Kingdom closes early for special events. 

To stay in the park and watch the fireworks show, you’ll need to have a special event ticket, otherwise, you’ll have to leave well before the show begins. 

Does Disney World do Fireworks Every Day?

Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios put on fireworks shows every night that they can. 

Animal Kingdom does not have a fireworks show so as not to disturb the animals too much. 

While these are scheduled events and typically have a set time to start, Disney can and will delay the fireworks show or start it early to avoid inclement weather. 

If you hear announcements involving heavy rain or the weather isn’t going to allow the show to go on safely, Disney will cancel the fireworks show for the night. 

How Much do the Fireworks at Magic Kingdom Cost?

The estimated cost for Magic Kingdom’s “Wish” fireworks show is between $40,000 and $50,000 per show. 

While this is a huge amount of money to cough up for a show every night, this is offset by the sheer volume of guests that go into Disney parks each day. 

Overall, it costs about $1 per guest to put on that show, which is a pill that’s much easier to swallow. 

The shows are some of the largest and most spectacular in the world and are well worth watching for any firework enthusiasts. 


Going to Magic Kingdom just for a fireworks show isn’t considered a worthwhile investment. 

Park tickets cost over $100 per person and missing out on all of the attractions in the park is hard to justify. 

Guests with a park hopper or those who have visited earlier in the day can always come back to the park for the show. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of great, free locations to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks show from outside of the park.