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Can You Get Into Universal Studios Without An ID?

Universal Studios may request to see your ID when you enter or re-enter the park. 

Your ID will need to be a driver’s license or another valid photo ID.

Planning a trip to Universal Studios can be exciting, but you need to make sure you have everything you need so you are not turned away unexpectedly at the gate. 

Universal Studios parks may request that adult ticket holders present a piece of photo ID for security or authentication purposes. 

When you’re an Annual or Season Pass holder or have a multi-day ticket, Universal Studios takes a scan of your fingerprint at the entrance the first time you use it. 

On your next visit, they rescan your finger to confirm that you are using the same ticket, which helps enable re-entry and prevent fraud.

If the system is working as expected, you won’t need your ID. 

However, if you don’t wish to provide your fingerprint – or have a single-day pass – and don’t have your ID, you will likely be denied entry or re-entry into the park.

Regardless of your pass or ticket type, it is highly recommended to bring a valid piece of government-issued photo ID to avoid any headaches or hassles. 

Will Universal Studios Ask To See My ID?

Entrance gate of Universal Studios


Universal Studios staff may ask to see your ID when you present your annual pass or ticket for entry into the park.

Some parks will accept college IDs or even work IDs, as long as they contain a photo and all the information included on your driver’s license. 

You could be denied entry if you do not bring a photo ID when attending Universal Studios. 

Some parks may be willing to accept a piece of mail or a utility bill with your full name and address in place of the ID, but this is a risky move.

Do You Need An ID To Get Into Universal Studios With A Pass?


Even if you have a Universal Studios Annual or Season Pass, you may still need your ID to access the park. 

To collect a pass you ordered online or to buy a pass from the park’s box office, you will need to present photo ID. 

Your ID will contain all the information needed to authenticate your pass and permit your entry into the park. 

You may also still need to show your ID at the entrance gate to verify that your pass matches your identity.

Do You Need An ID To Get Into Universal Studios With A Regular Daily Ticket?

Person holding a Universal Studios ticket with the park as background


When you plan to attend Universal Studios with a daily ticket you bought online, or at the park, you will still want to have your ID with you. 

If you leave the park and want to return, you may need to show your ID to prove you were already inside or have a valid ticket to reenter.

Do You Need An ID To Get Into Universal Studios With A Resident Ticket?


You are more likely to be asked for an ID if you are trying to enter the park with a resident ticket

Resident tickets are discounted for residents of the same city or state where the parks are located. 

To buy this type of discounted ticket, you need to prove that you do indeed live in the area. 

Your ID shows your address and acts as proof. 

Why Do You Need An ID For Universal Studios?

The most common reason you’ll need to show your ID at Universal Studios is to prove that you are the legitimate pass or ticket holder. 

You may be surprised by how many people try to share their passes or lie about being residents to get discounted tickets. 

To prevent fraud and protect the integrity of the ticketing process, Universal Studios simply check IDs to ensure that nobody is trying to game the system. 

This helps keep prices lower for everyone and doesn’t hold up the entry process. 

Do Children Need An ID To Get Into Universal Studios?

Two children accompanied by an adult walking at a theme park


Children do not need to show an ID to get into Universal Studios. 

Since most children do not have IDs, the park simply requests that their parents or the adult accompanying them present their IDs. 

When you register for a pass or if you purchase a daily ticket, your child will also not require ID. 

Your ID will be connected to their pass, but they may attend the park with other adults or attend by themselves if they are old enough.


Universal Studios requires an ID to pick up tickets and may request your ID when you enter the park using an annual/season pass, resident ticket, or a daily ticket. 

IDs help ensure you aren’t using anyone else’s ticket and nobody else is using yours. 

If you’re using an annual/season pass or a multi-day ticket, your ID can be requested if the fingerprint feature at the park cannot read your fingerprint. 

Only adults are required to show their ID at the park, and children can enter without an ID when accompanied by an adult or attending alone.

Failure to show your ID can prevent you from accessing the park, so always remember to bring it with you!