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How To Get From EPCOT To Hollywood Studios?

Not only does Disney World provide endless adventures within their theme parks, but visitors can also enjoy the same magic when moving between them.

Whether guests are spending one day or one week at the parks, knowing how to get from one area to another can help streamline a visit. 

Luckily, Disney makes this easy with in-park transportation services that offer numerous ways to travel between destinations, all for free!

To get from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios, parkgoers can walk, drive, or take the Disney Bus, Friendship Boat, or Skyliner. Which option is best depends on how quickly guests want to travel. Ultimately, the Disney Skyliner is the best combination of efficiency and experience.

This article explains the many ways to travel from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios, including how long each mode of transportation takes and the benefits of each option.

How Far is EPCOT From Hollywood Studios?

Panoramic view of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT at night.

EPCOT and Hollywood Studios are located back to back, with their entrances facing away from each other.

There are five ways to hop from park to park, and travel time varies depending on the method. 

Ultimately, getting from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios is fairly simple and which option is best depends on the amount of time visitors want to spend on the journey.

For detailed directions and in-park maps, guests should use the My Disney Experience app.

Walking Path

It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to walk between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios along the scenic lakeside EPCOT Resorts-Hollywood Studios Connector path that links the two parks.

The Connector’s route curves around Crescent Lake, taking visitors through the Disney BoardWalk entertainment district. 

This short promenade is an attraction in itself, featuring dining, shopping, midway games, street performers, and nightlife. 

While on their leisurely stroll between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, guests can take a detour to have a drink on the water, play a few games, or shop for souvenirs.

When they’re finished on the BoardWalk, parkgoers can continue walking or choose another mode of transportation to their final destination.

Disney Bus

Red and white bus that is part of Disney World's transportation system parked on the side of the road

Due to its convenience and accessibility, the most popular transport option at Disney World is the Disney Bus Service

It takes 15-20 mins to travel the 4.4 miles (7.08 km) between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios via the World Drive. 

Bus stops are located just outside each park’s entrance, and buses run approximately every 20 minutes, depending on the time of day.

The Disney Bus Service starts running 45 minutes before park opening hours and ends one hour after closing.

Disney Buses are air-conditioned, wheelchair and ECV-accessible, and many offer free WiFi.

Friendship Boat

As part of Disney’s Water Transportation fleet, the Friendship Boat offers a truly unique experience.

This watercraft follows roughly the same route as the EPCOT Resorts-Hollywood Studios Connector and makes several stops along the way, including at the Disney BoardWalk and Yacht Club. 

Once onboard, the trip between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios takes around 30-40 minutes.

Visitors leaving EPCOT can catch a ride on the Friendship Boats at the boat launch to the left of the International Gateway. 

Boats arrive every 15 to 30 minutes and the hours of operation depend on water and weather conditions.

The Friendship Boats are wheelchair accessible, but strollers must be folded and kept out of the aisles. 

Additionally, no alcohol or luggage is permitted on any Disney watercraft.

To find out when the next Friendship Boat is scheduled, check the My Disney Experience app or ask a Cast Member at the dock.

Disney Skyliner

The Disney Skyliner at Pop Century

Taking the Disney Skyliner from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios is an out-of-this-world experience where passengers get an aerial view of the parks while gliding toward their destination.

Visitors begin their Skyliner journey on the EPCOT Line, leaving from the International Gateway and arriving at the Caribbean Beach Resort. 

Guests then need to board the Hollywood Studios Line and jump off at the first stop. 

The ride takes 16 minutes, not counting the time it takes to transfer cars.

Skyliner gondolas can hold up to 10 guests, are wheelchair and ECV-accessible, and have enough space so that strollers do not need to be folded.


Guests always have the option of driving themselves between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, and depending on traffic, taking your own vehicle can be the quickest way to park hop. 

Drivers take the same route along World Drive as the Disney Bus, but without the stops the bus has to make, the journey only takes about 10 mins.

Fortunately, parkgoers only have to pay for parking once – their parking passes are valid all day at all four Disney theme parks.

Standard parking for a car or motorcycle costs $25 per day, while preferred parking is $45 to $50 per day, depending on the season.

Oversized vehicles such as shuttles, limos, or RVs are $30 daily to park.

Visitors without their own vehicles can also travel between the parks using taxis or a rideshare, like Uber or Lyft, but they might not be worth the expense when there are excellent – and free! – in-park options to choose from.

Which Transportation Option Is Best to Get From EPCOT to Hollywood Studios?

A family is riding in a black car.

The Disney Skyliner is by far the best way to get from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios. 

The trip takes around 30 minutes (including transferring gondolas at the Caribbean Resort) and is easy to navigate. 

More importantly, however, guests enjoy incredible views of Disney World from above while they travel in comfort between the parks.

That said, it’s impossible to go wrong when selecting any of Disney’s complimentary transport options. 

Each offers its own unique experience, whether it’s by land or water or sky, and choosing the best option comes down to the interests and time constraints of guests and their groups.


Getting from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios is fairly straightforward – the difficult part is deciding between Disney World’s wonderful transportation options. 

Guests can decide between walking, traveling by boat, bus, or Disney Skyliner, or driving their own vehicles.

Each option offers different views and ways to experience the park. 

Plus, all of Disney’s in-park transportation is free for parkgoers!

Some options take longer than others, such as walking or taking the Friendship Boat, but both are leisurely, scenic, and definitely worth considering.

Driving or taking the Disney Bus are efficient options, but the former requires finding parking, and the other may come with crowds, stops along the route, and long waits between buses.

Ultimately, the Disney Skyliner has all of our hearts. 

It’s simple to ride, comfortable, and has plenty to see along the way.