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Can You Go to Disneyland Without a Parent?

Every kid likes freedom. 

But, can a child go to Disneyland all by themselves, or will Disney turn them away?

If a child is 14 years old or older, they do not need a parent to go to Disneyland. Children 13 and younger, though, can’t enter the park unless someone who is at least 14 years old accompanies them. 

When Can a Kid Go to Disneyland by Themselves?

Child standing alone looking at a crowd of people from afar

According to Disney’s policy, a person can not enter Disneyland by themselves until they are 14 years old. 

Does a Child Need Proof of Age to Enter Disneyland Alone?

Disneyland says they do not ask for proof of age from anyone. 

However, if your child looks young for their age, it may be a good idea to send them with a photo ID, just in case they run into any problems entering the park. 

US residents can easily get a government-issued photo ID from any DMV customer service center. 

Non-US citizens will need to obtain an ID from their country of residence. 

Does a Child Under 14 Need a Parent to Enter Disneyland?

Children holding their parents' hands walking in front of the Disney Castle

No, a child under 14 does not need a parent to enter Disneyland. 

Thus, if you are bringing a child that is not your own to Disneyland, you won’t run into any problems. 

In fact, children do not even need an adult to visit Disneyland. 

They just have to have someone 14 years old or older with them when they walk through the park gate. 

Should I Send My Teenager to Disneyland Alone?

Just because teenagers over 13 can enter Disneyland alone does not necessarily mean it’s a good idea to send them without an adult. 

Overall, if you are thinking about sending your teenager to Disneyland without a grown-up, you need to consider their maturity level. 

For instance, a good question to think about is whether your child gets overwhelmed easily. 

Theme parks are big, loud places, meaning someone who is prone to panic may need a parent or trusted companion with them when they roam the park. 

Also, you should consider your child’s level of street smarts. 

Even though Disneyland is a pretty safe place and there are tons of employees looking out for everyone, children who are going it alone should understand basic safety rules. 

If you are worried that your child doesn’t practice good safety, you should have a talk with them before they leave and/or send them along with someone you trust. 

Yet, for the most part, you know your child best, so you will be the best judge of whether they are able to go to the park without an adult. 

Is it Safe to Send My Child With a Teenager to Disneyland?

Disneyland’s rules implicitly state that they believe a 14-year-old is mature enough to look out for younger children when they’re in the park. 

But, let’s face it, some teenagers are more mature and responsible than others. 

So, if you are considering sending your child with, say, a teenage sibling or cousin, you need to think about the maturity and responsibility levels of both the teenager and the child. 

For instance, some kids are very capable of taking care of themselves in an amusement park well before the age of 14. 

Thus, these children will probably be OK with even a sort of absent-minded teenager. 

On the other hand, though, some young kids very much need a responsible figure who can watch them at all times. 

In this case, you need to be sure the teenager you are sending them with is mature and dependable enough to “parent” that child for the time they’re in the park. 

Yet, as I stated above, you are the one who will know best whether it is safe to send your child to Disneyland with someone. 

Is Disneyland Safe?

Person in a Mickey Mouse costume in the porch of a cabin

Overall, Disneyland is a very safe place. 

All guests must go through a security detector when entering the park to ensure no one brings in any weapons or other dangerous objects. 

Additionally, there are uniformed police officers in Disneyland’s theme parks that are always checking for suspicious activity. 

And even at night, the Disneyland Resort is very well-lit, and there are always families walking around. 

With that said, though, just like any public place, Disneyland isn’t immune to crime. 

Any child or teenager who visits Disneyland should know some basic safety rules to ensure nothing goes wrong in the park. 

Basic Safety Rules for Disneyland 

Whether a child or teenager is going to Disneyland with friends, a family member, or with you, you should ensure they know these rules about safety in Disneyland. 

Don’t Go Somewhere Alone With Anyone

Of course, stranger danger is the golden rule, but you should teach your child not to go off alone with anyone. 

When at Disneyland, there should be no reason for a child or teen to go into a place alone with anyone except their immediate family. 

Rules for Getting Lost 

Disneyland is a huge park and is often crowded, meaning that lost children are one of the most common emergencies in the park. 

Luckily, though, Disney outlines specific regulations that all Cast Members must follow if a child is lost. 

So, tell your children that if they get separated from the group, they should tell a Cast Member or police officer immediately. 

The Cast Member or officer will take them to the Lost Children center, which you’ll find at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., next to the first aid station. 

Protect Your Belongings 

By far, the most common crime committed in Disneyland is theft. 

Thus, remind your kids to keep their belongings within their sight at all times. 

Also, no one should ever keep expensive or essential items in their back pocket, where someone can easily grab them. 


Anyone over the age of 13 can visit Disneyland by themselves. 

But, children 13 or under must have someone who is at least 14 years old with them when they enter the park. 

So, children can go to Disneyland without their parents as long as they are with a person of proper age.