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Why Is My Disneyland Ticket Order Pending?

If you just paid a bunch of money to buy your Disneyland tickets, a “purchase pending” notice could make you start sweating. 

In most cases, Disneyland ticket orders only stay pending for a short amount of time, typically less than 24 hours. By far, the most common reason that a ticket order will remain pending is that Disney’s servers are overloaded or their site is undergoing maintenance. 

Does a Pending Ticket Order Mean There’s a Problem?

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Normally, a “purchase pending” notice does not actually signify a problem. 

Most people get these emails because things are running slowly on Disneyland’s side. 

Site maintenance and server overload are the most common reasons your order won’t go through immediately. 

However, if your tickets remain pending for more than 24 hours, you should contact Disneyland. 

There may have been a problem with their system that caused their computers to overlook your order. 

Or, since technology isn’t perfect, the system may have held up your order for an insignificant reason. 

Thus, you should call the Disneyland ticket helpline at (714) 781-4636 if your order doesn’t go through in about a day. 

When you call, a Cast Member will be able to see why your ticket is still pending, and they will help you solve the issue. 

Should I Call My Bank?

As stated above, Disneyland tickets usually remain pending because of a problem on Disney’s end. 

So, it’s probably best to talk to Disneyland first to ensure that the issue isn’t coming from them. 

However, if the problem does have to do with your bank, a Disneyland employee may ask you to speak to your bank to resolve the issue. 

Location Discrepancies

Some Disneyland tickets are only for people who live in certain places. 

The most popular of these tickets are the ones for Southern California residents. 

And since Disneyland needs to ensure you live in Southern California for you to get these tickets, there could be a delay if you bought them with an IP address outside of the region. 

Also, if your billing or shipping address does not contain the required SoCal zip code, Disney’s system could hold up the purchase of these tickets. 

If you think your pending order notice could have stemmed from one of these issues, you should call Disneyland’s ticket helpline. 

How Long Does it Usually Take for Tickets to Go Through?

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How long it takes for a ticket order to go through largely depends on when you order your tickets. 

If you buy your tickets during standard business hours, they usually finish processing within 10 minutes.  

And, of course, remember that when I say standard business hours, I’m talking about the business hours in California time, which is the Pacific time zone (PST or PDT depending on the time of year). 

However, if you order your tickets outside of these hours, it could take much longer for them to finish processing. 

At night or on the weekends, it can often take up to four hours before your tickets finally go through.

Can I Make Theme Park Reservations if My Ticket Is Pending?

No, you can not make Disneyland theme park reservations if your ticket is still pending unless you already made the reservation when you bought the ticket. 

However, in some cases, your ticket may say that it is pending when it has actually gone through. 

To see if your ticket order has gone through, you need to follow these steps on Disneyland.com: 

  • Log into your Disney account on Disneyland.com
  • Hover your cursor on “My Disney Experience”
  • Choose “My Plans”
  • Go to “Tickets and Memory Maker”

If you can view your tickets, the order has gone through, and you can now make reservations. 

But, if you can not see your tickets, you can’t make a theme park reservation yet. 

For tickets that haven’t gone through, you can either wait longer to see if they finish processing or call the Disneyland ticket helpline to get the problem resolved faster. 

How Do I Link My Tickets to My Disney Account?

If you never linked your tickets to your Disney account, you will not be able to see them when you search them on Disneyland.com, even if they have gone through. 

To link your tickets to your account on the app, follow these steps: 

  • Open the Disneyland app
  • Choose the three horizontal bars in the bottom right corner of your screen 
  • Select “Link to Account”
  • Tap “Link Tickets and Passes”
  • Enter the ticket ID code you received in your confirmation email

If you can’t find the ID code for your tickets, you need to call Disneyland’s ticket helpline. 

What Do I Do After My Tickets Have Gone Through?

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After your ticket order has gone through, you will need to make park reservations for your trip if you haven’t already. 

Disney requires that everyone make park reservations before they arrive to ensure the parks don’t get too full. 

Thus, doing so is necessary. 

To make a theme park reservation on Disneyland.com, you will need to:

  • Log into your account on Disneyland.com
  • Select “My Theme Park Reservations”
  • Choose the tickets for which you want to make a reservation
  • Choose the date and park you want to visit 

To make a park reservation on the Disneyland app, you have to:

  • Open the Disneyland app
  • Select the “+” in the bottom center of the screen 
  • Choose “Make a Park Reservation”
  • Follow the instructions to make your reservation

And remember that to make reservations on Disney’s website or app, you first need to link your tickets to your account by following the instructions above. 

But, if you already made your reservations when you bought your tickets, you are good to go, and there’s nothing else you need to do except wait for your trip. 

When Is the Best Time to Call Disneyland?

Typically, the best time to call the Disneyland helpline is in the early morning when the line first opens. 

Most people don’t call until the late morning or afternoon, so if you call early, your wait will probably be much shorter. 


Normally, a pending Disneyland ticket order will resolve itself within a few hours. 

However, if it does not, you should call Disneyland’s ticket helpline to find out why your tickets haven’t gone through.